💰 Top 5 Online Businesses In 2020 For BEGINNERS To Start Now 💪 (Low-Cost Online Businesses)

💰 Top 5 Online Businesses In 2020 For BEGINNERS To Start Now 💪 (Low-Cost Online Businesses)

100 Replies to “💰 Top 5 Online Businesses In 2020 For BEGINNERS To Start Now 💪 (Low-Cost Online Businesses)”

  1. here is my plan !

    i am heading to japan on 15th Feb.
    buy pokemon card at japan (Cheap as hell and rare if you are lucky to find 1, there is alot! it's like thrift shop), come back and flip the price !
    **I remember the last time i bought a few card each for 100 yen($1.20) and flipped it for $25 locally
    now i am selling it locally and ebay after i am back!

    ✔ do part time job while flipping
    ✔ join wholesale ted after japan trip

    make profit from cards

    start my 1st dropshipping store > learn > improve
    expecting my 1st store to generate 0 sales but never to give up!
    * HOPE i got beginner lucks.. if no sale it's okay ! $$ for experience
    no spill milk.

    Never listen to people saying dropshipping is dead until u try it ..
    not once not twice but until you are sucessfull

    my goal : $ 5k/mth profit (1st year)
    F**K the 8 to 5 job
    freedom to travel more !
    and hope i can be as successful as WHOLESALE TED !

  2. Discovered your Channel couple of days Sarah and I just love your contents plus I like your accent I could understand easily what you say 👍🏼 from 🇫🇷💕

  3. Hi. I tried Etsy for print on demand with Printful, but they closed my account without notice or email as to what i dd wrong 🙁

  4. It`s 1:30 in the morning. I could be watching netflix or playing a game but nooo….. Hooked on Sarah Vids. Sure learn a lot from you. This was a great one… inspirational.

  5. Why didn’t you mention creating a private label (with custom branding, product packaging, customer support, etc.) on Amazon FBA? If done properly, it can increase profit and sales quite a bit (if compared to just reselling products the way they already are from the manufacturer).

  6. 2:02 Start making money on Etsy
    9:30 Start your own Print on Demand store
    13:02 Use Amazon to sell copyrighted products
    19:02 Start a Dropshipping store
    22:04 Create and sell your own educational products

  7. Hey Sarah, I’m currently starting an original apparel company on Shopify, I’ve got original designs coming from artists and graphic designers I’m close with. My Instagram for my website is stoners.vibes. My website isn’t up and running yet but I’d love some advice on what to do about finding a supplier.

  8. Heyy everyone, I'm wholesaler and I'm not in China and my factory is not, I sell women clothes (t-shirts, sweatshirt… ), you can contact me in any time, thanks all🌹👍 I love your vedios Sarah, thanks so much 💕

  9. Just started watching, and as an experienced dropshipper in the e-commerce world, I can still say your videos are very helpful when it comes to in depth topics 🙏🏼

  10. Hello Sarah, when selecting items to drop ship on your own web store, do you use more than one supplier for your products or do you only select suppliers who have multiple items? Does it affect return business if someone buys multiple items and they are shipped and received individually at different times. Is there an intermediary service provider who combine items for you so that they are shipped as a single package? Regards Darren

  11. Hi,Sarah, tôi là người nước ngoài (Việt Nam) và là người mới. Vậy có cách nào giúp những người như tôi có thể tìm ý tưởng (ví dụ như web,hay cái gì đó đang hot ) một cách chính xác và kinh doanh hiệu quả trong thị trường trực tuyến hơn?
    Hi, sarah, i' m (việt nam) and new people. So there' s a way to help people like me can find the idea of (ví like web, or something that' s really hot and efficient in the online marketplace?

  12. Thanks Sarah. I'm more interested in creating digital products than selling physical products. I didn't know you could sell digital products on etsy.

  13. When working with RA, you have to double check your product to see why it is being discounted at your purchase point, and assess the resale value accordingly. For example, after a certain amount of time, vendors will allow retail to return unsold product. Sometimes they mail it all back, sometimes they send proof of destruction, and sometimes they allow the retailer to "damage" the product, say with a sharpie mark on a book edge, and let them sell it at a discount while the vendor writes down the loss. I've bought books like this from stores and don't care about the marks because I know what I am buying. Unfortunately, I have received numerous books over the years from Amazon retailers that are marked as new, yet the received product is clearly a marked down book. Due to this, I only buy books from Amazon because I know they don't sell marked editions. If I don't care if its used, I'll buy from the cheapest vendor. I've flipped some expensive books that I found in stores. I've also lucked out and gotten books that should have been marked, but were missed somehow.

    RA is great, but you don't want to destroy your seller rep by assuming you got a great deal when the product was marked down for a reason.

  14. Hi Asian population

    I have tried all of the above methods

    Do not try these methods and waste your time …you will get a quick ban for no reason …Etsy .. amazon .. ebay
    all not work for us

  15. I have a video request if I may lol. Maybe someday you can do a Day in the Working Life with how you begin/end your day…how you balance your day…how you stay on track…does Sarah work in her jammies…etc heheh

  16. I agreed with a manufacturer from alibaba to make my t shirts for $2 for each and send the address on demand. It was the cheapest ones i found with really good quality material. But after that virus thing i don't know if i should do it or not

  17. You can also make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a week on Etsy selling instant downloadable wedding/bridal invitations using Fiverr (My mom is successful on Etsy). I'm currently doing over $1k a day marketing CB digital products on autopilot! You just got to find your "niche" that you feel very comfortable with. Wonderful video 😉👍👍👍

  18. lost my job in 2018 it was so devasting….I had little $$$ in my savings,I invested part of it in an online forex trading platform were I earned double returns of the amount I invested in less than three days…I've been investing in the forex market ever since then I don't think I need a job ever again because I have all my side businesses established with the help of forex trading…

  19. Sarah What do you think about buying products in bulk from Alibaba after you have proof of concept using AliExpress? Have you had any experience using this technique and any advice?

  20. Can someone message how to get started. I’ve made 2 websites for 2 different products and only made 1 sale lol. The website I have right now looks good and I’ve had about 150 people come to it in 4 days buuuut nobody has bought yet. Please message me on Instagram @LightningSwiftly 🙁

  21. Hi Sarah, I can never download your ebook successfully, none in inbox nor junk mail….. it doesn't help even I'd write to your support…

  22. This is a really rewarding video! Thanks Sarah! I'll definitely try your method in Asian market.

    On a side note, did anyone mention that you bear a resemblance of Christian Bale?

  23. On Etsy, a lot of people also sell their art or designs as digital downloads! – this is something that I plan on doing w/ my art/wall art/graphic designs

  24. Also, I’ve recently found a USA based company that does “jewelry on demand” and it’s good quality, I plan on making a Shopify store for an online jewelry shop

  25. Shopify dropshipping is where i made my first $100k and still the model i go for when i need an easy cash cow.

  26. I did what you said and bought your stuff for about 18 months and didn't make a dollar, I tried to contact you but I didn't realise you just get the course and that's it.

  27. How about Delivering Products to Participating Retail Brick and Mortar Stores for the Customer to Pickup that increases traffic to stores in particular small businesses .

  28. Love these ideas! I quit my job last september and have been doing dropshipping full time ever since! If anyone has any questions about dropshipping feel free to hit me up! 🙂

  29. Hello Sarah. Thank you for your great content. However, I would not recommend Etsy. I created an account a few days ago and they deactivated it the very same day without letting me know why. I tried to contact them, I'm still waiting for their answer. I had the time to add just one product with Printful and I did nothing wrong. I read that they delete account very often, with no particular reason.

  30. I'm in Scotland and interested i trying Dropshipping. I wondered whether you could recommend alternatives to Aliexpress that were perhaps UK-based? With Brexit, who on Earth knows how any EU relationships would be affected? I quite like the t-shirt suggestion, or perhaps even individual pet centric niches…

  31. So, say I want to sell ( on Amazon) a certain board game? I should look into the particular board game and list it on AMAZON.?? am I making sense?

  32. There is one point missing for Amazon arbitrage. As you start to sell as Arbitrage on Amazon. You have to keep dropping price of your product. Because You are competing price reduction war against other sellers with similar product. so if you are selling at higher price than others. You might not be able to make sale. simply because of you price is higher than other seller.customers may not buy your item. Unless it was out of stock in Amazon temporarily. But only your item was available to make sale for yourself. I was thinking of arbitrage. But then I changed my mind not to go for it. simply because of price wars among sellers. As for Etsy concerns. I have not tried it. I am going for print on demand system. Simply because I am artist and do many designs myself. But I need to learn more about Etsy. I do have shopify store but have not made any sales. Because I am not doing any kind of advertising at the moment. Will do on Facebook soon. Here is my Shopify store and I got lot to add here. https://uniquedigitalprints.com/

  33. Canva is great! A HUGE timesaver for great designs instead of me struggling with GIMP. and I got started uploading on RedBubble right away! Wish you had a referral code for it. I would have used it! Canva alone was worth all the videos of you I have watched. Thanks!

  34. Just wanted to say thank you for making all of these videos. They have been very helpful to me as I'm just starting my drop shipping venture and you are certainly spurring me on to persist.

  35. Do you have a shopify affiliate link? I need to start a new store and thought it would be nice if someone was getting a benefit https://www.shopify.com/affiliates

  36. Hey Sarah! Isn't drop shipping unethical because we are just selling a low cost product on a high price? If we remain honest to ourselves then we should not do it

  37. I'm finding dropshipping very problematic. Not because I can't find the right products. Not because I find coywriting difficult and tedious. Not for not making sales.
    The problem is that I'm falling for Sarah and can't stop watching her videos! No guru warned me about that!

  38. Hi Sarah, I'm from South Africa, following your videos I tried Etsy and my country is not supported by Etsy, so I failed to link my PayPal with Etsy.. Any advice please, what to do if your country isn't listed on Etsy payments.

  39. You always give so much value!! In contrast with other you tubers that talk about "get a lot of money now!" and have no experience with the subjects they tell about, you done them all I believe that you talk about in your videos. So keep it up! I gonna buy your online course about shopify soon ;3

  40. I just found your channel. So refreshing to see a girl talk about these topics instead of a guy filming this from his Lamborghini.

  41. I want to start a print on demand store, but the payment hold scares me. What happens if 1,000 items get sold? I'd never be able to buy them first before I get paid.

  42. Two things I will say about retail arbitrage. It's really hard to source good products, and you have to be really careful of IP complaints on Amazon. Some Amazon sellers like to tank their competition by bogging them down in IP complaints.

  43. thanks for this video.
    I have a few questions:
    1. when I list my t-shirt on etsy and then a customer buys it will I have to give their address when I purchase it from the print on demand site?
    2. with tee spring for example will I have to buy the product at the sample price to then have it shipped to a different address?
    3. it doesn't concerns me yet but if someone makes a lot of money will they have to declare it or is it alreadytaed income?

    thanks a lot <3


  44. Hello Sarah, nice video I love the multiple ways of making money in 2020. I have actually shared this particular video with a few friends and a few relatives as well. I am in the process of learning to set up an ecomm business, however, your video just reminded me that I have a least two ebook ideas as well. Thank you again for being a resource of online value… Jazzy1

  45. Hej @WholesaleTed. Do you review danish stores too?

    I only get good feedback from people seeing the store, but no one buys anything.

    I have only been running for 2 weeks, but not a single buy yet, with decent traffic.

  46. Thank you Sarah your videos they are some of the best I watch on YouTube; You, Neil Patel and a few others are really passionate about their niche and offer true value.


  47. Super Sarah.. I love your videos.. full of useful tips, generally for FREEEEE😜 Just a very quick question.. as I am italian and I m not used at all to your accent (I ve learned english while I lived in London for a long while) I really don't get what u say at minute 26:17.. sorry but it s freaking me out.. 😂😂😂 I ve pressed back and forward too many times.. there's no way.. you speak ways too quick😜 please write it for me 🙏 just like that sentence and the other one after.. Thanks so much!! 🤭😊

  48. I have just started my print-on-demand shop (wearcityprints.com) and I'm creating and uploading the designs. I have to admit, it goes slowly and sometimes I struggle with keeping everything in that niche I have planned. Hope it will be better with time.

  49. Dropshipping = pass on someone else's info to a chinese guy without permission = customer discovers that they haven't purchased from a chinese store with a chinese invoice inside

  50. I’d like to get into one of these business models. However, I’ve lost so much time (Even had my own Shopify store with the darn LED dog collars and all kinds of wonderful jewellery from AliExpress ready to ship any never made sales). I’ve been burned so many times by business systems in the past that I’m gun shy now.

  51. Hi Sarah, could you please tell me which web browser are you using on Etsy to searching for "people added this to their cart". Or how I can do that on Chrome.

  52. then those company who list and make the shirts/products earn even more. talking about conscious selling: in this way these big companies kill the local shops around you. soon you will not find real shops anymore, and we are even nore at home, behind our machines or drinking and eating..not a good idea..

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