100 Replies to “$349 Hyperice Hypervolt VS. $65 Amazon Clone: Percussion Massage Gun Showdown!”

  1. I have a clone as well and a friend of mine has the Hypervolt. I agree with you – the Hypervolt has a stronger punch behind each stroke. If I really want to work out some knots, I prefer rolling on a PVC pipe or ball. And yes, I bought the clone so I can sit in front of my computer and listen to YouTube while working my legs and shoulders haha.

  2. Can you do a review on the plumbus? Also how many times a week do you recommend using one? Should I upgrade to the plumbus X is it worth it?

  3. Hey, the best thing is, there is no data to suggest these work so you don’t have to spend any $ on them and reap all the benefits!

  4. Phoenix A2 on Amazon includes carrying case, charger, 4 attachment heads and works well. My friend and I compared it to his hypervolt and it feels/works just as well. For the price point of the hypervolt and theragun the clones are definitely worth it.

  5. Summary – The cheaper one is "ok" – it works, hurts a bit more, its vibrations are not as tight, but its ok for the price.

  6. Hypervolts are great! We have one at my work(a gym) and I use it every morning. Its well worth the price, ill probably end up buying the knock off though, as I just dont have an extra $300 bucks for a massager tool. I would rather spend that money on more home equipment at this point and if I can get similar results for like 1/4 the price ill try it out!

  7. I have the jigsaw version and its just way to loud. Will be buying knock off one now after watching the reviewing knowing its pretty decent.

  8. Can you make a video on foam rolling? I have never got into it, but if anyone can sell me on it it’s you. I have co workers who swear by it, but I need the scoop, review, opinion and tips.

  9. I have same exact one as the Hypervolt except its an $80. Same housing same everything just $300 cheaper and no Hyper stickers .

  10. I’ve used all of the products in this video. I have two training partners with Theraguns, another with the imitation Hypervolt, another with an imitation Timtam, and my own homemade version just like the Worx jigsaw he showed and these are my personal findings. The jigsaw is loud but not so much that I’m miserable using it unless I’m trying to work my traps and shoulders. It also doesn’t have the ability to lock the throttle on which makes certain angles and reach impossible. On the positive side I can put in a blade and cut stuff. 👍🏾 The timtam and it’s imitators are also jigsaw loud but they do the job very well. The Theragun and Hypervolt are awesome quiet. The Theragun has a better handle but the Hypervolt has a longer battery life. As far as the imitation Hypervolt, I don’t know about long term reliability but I really couldn’t feel any difference, especially when you consider the price difference. With all the affordable products out there, the Hypervolt and Theragun just feel like a rip-off with prices running from $250 to $400. As far as the science and research, my 48 year old muscles and those of the older well worn soldiers I train with say that percussion massagers absolutely work without a doubt. Real world sometimes tend to trump the need for time consuming research.
    EDIT: These prices on the Theragun go up to $800. WOW!

  11. Theragun hits wayyyy harder than the hypervolt. I take the sound with the extra strength being the motor. These things stall out with barely any force

  12. There is a difference between vibration and percussion as far as the benefits.. I think thats what sets the Theragun and the Hypervolt apart in that respect. But, havnt done really much research on it.. It doesnt matter if Price is the barrier. People can spend 100 but 300,400, 500 is stupid unless you are an athlete and it makes a measurable difference between the 2… Or your business uses these. WIth that said, something as loud as the jigsaw while cheaper is almost unusable because of the level of sound alone.

  13. Thank you for this review. I’m not sure I would use this as much as I would hope, and contemplated getting a knockoff in case it does just collect dust. The Hypervolt does feel nice though.

  14. If you’re a serious athlete and aren’t super sensitive(and you have a lot of extra money) then get the Thergun G3 pro. It’s louder than the hypervolt but it works very well and packs more power.

  15. I have both the HyperVolt and TimTam and they're different.

    The HyperVolt is more of a vibration massager.

    The TimTam (my personal favorite) is a percussion massager.

  16. There are other brands that look just like the Hypervolt, but seems to have cheaper materials. It seems like an exclusive agreement with Hyper Ice ran out and now other companies can make them with the same design.

  17. I just received literally the exact same product for half price at https://vibrasurge.com/. 😍

    I tried it for a week, and it's AMAZING. My dad has the Hypervolt, but I heard about a budget version, so decided to buy it.

    It was only $140 at the place I bought it because they have this ridiculous discount going on.

    The case is even free there, and free shipping.

    Don't let these big brands rip you off!!!

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if the expensive one uses a DC brushless motor while the cheaper one uses a clumsy traditional brushed motor. It’s like a modern Dewalt/Milwaukee/Maketa vs Harbor Freight.

  19. Designed by American's and stolen by the Chinese.

    We spend billions on R&D and then the Chinese bootleg all of our hard work.

    When China becomes the #1 super power in the world maybe people will finally regret buy Chinese knockoffs and other China goods.

    People need to wake-up before it's too late.

  20. I am a massage therapist. I have a Pure Wave percussion massage gun. Every single one of my clients loves it. I watched your video because I am looking for one that is better and I was hoping that this other one by the ad company held up to the hyper volt and how quiet it is. Looks like I will be waiting for a sale on the hyper volt.

  21. I got the hypervolt for Christmas and it’s great. You get what you pay for, Just like everything else in life.

  22. I’m glad I saw this video. I opted for the Hypervolt as a gift for my wife this Christmas. She fell off a ladder and hurt her back a few years ago (only 24 years old) but still has bad pain in one spot. She deserves the best plus I was able to do 6 month financing with my BestBuy card so it worked out!

  23. got a compex one for 200, battery lasts long enough for a few days of use post workout. adjustable head, comes with a case, quiet enough for me as i usually have headphones in anyway. no complaints with it

  24. nah, the cheap one will stall when pressure is applied, its engine is the main difference and justify the price, now i m an athlete but for wannabees that goes to their local gym and never lost a pound in 10 years, its no difference.

  25. Nice review! Black & Decker jigsaw still wins for me. Cheaper, more power, full variable speed, manual trigger, corded so you won’t lose juice. And the massage tips I got off amazon were $15, assorted. Not to mention I now have a jigsaw. 🙂

  26. I bought two of the hypervolt hyperice, each were 350 and neither of them worked. They would both start up for about 1-3 seconds and cut off. Meanwhile my brother in law had the amazon knockoff and that thing worked great.

  27. My physiotherapist using this gun https://revitalgun.com/products/tissue-massage-gun , i just bought mine last week because it’s on sale very cheap alternative for theragun and very quality gun

  28. Apologize for language if mistake English not first language what machine you recommend for good pounding my backside

  29. DUEBEL massage muscle gun is almost the same as hyperice hypervolt, but Hypervolt is much more expensive! DUEBEL Quiet Back Massage Gun Muscle Deep Relaxation, Powerful Electric Massagers for Muscles Handheld Deep Tissue Massager Gun, Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun Pure Wave Massager Muscle Gun, well worth to have a look! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082HJ47FY

  30. Hyper Kraft .. all makes no sense only expensive. I made the great choice , it comes with warranty buying it from https://healanfeel.com/collections/all-products/products/massage-gun?variant=31260049735738

  31. I use a hypervolt at work. I have also had it used on me. Never tried any others. Some clients say it seems to work. Others just prefer deep tissue massage. I would also like to see some studies on it's effects on the muscle tissue. I think the short range of motion of the percussion is better than a longer range.

  32. Or you could look into a buffer.. : ) Both of which are both placebo for the most part.. They feel good at the moment though! Great review!!

  33. I got the Moolan Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage off Amazon for $119, its awesome, like your "cheapie", not as smooth, or as many speeds as the Hyperice, but I've used it every time I play soccer, ride my bike, or lift, (I'm 50, I'm old and need attention to sore muscles lol) and I LIKE IT!!!! I did a bit of research, and read many many reviews on each one I considered, and was happy with what I got. Find something within your budget, and go with it! oh, and to address a few questions about use… ANY TIME YOU'RE SORE, or need to loosen up BEFORE your exercise/sport! It won't hurt ya! lol

  34. All those massagers charging over 100 bucks are a ripoff they are nothing more than plastic formed around a reciprocating motor. Dont waste your money. The market is becoming flooded with these. Price points will drop drastically by summer.

  35. These guns are ridiculously over-priced. They basically have a similar mechanism to an electric saw which are cheaper! It’s the novelty of them that is being taken advantage of. However, my friend (massage and cupping therapist) bought one for around £40 off eBay. Her mum loved it so she bought her one, and told me about it. She raced so much about it I asked her to give me the link. However I chickened out from ordering it cuz the seller has some bad reviews. But the point I want to make is that there’s good massage guns out there for a lot cheaper.

  36. The DIY Worx jigsaw/percussion massager is my choice. I built one of these from scratch and it easily beats the other two in cost, performance and in battery life. It has variable speed as well, but it is in the trigger and takes a little getting used to. Instead of the hard golf ball sized attachment shown in this vid, I used a softer lacrosse ball which covers more area. After a long day at work, a session with it on my soles, quickly rejuvenates my feet and gets the blood flowing again. For the price of a few attachments (since I already had the cordless jigsaw) I can withstand the noise which isn't all that loud. The 20v battery lasts far longer than the more expensive 'quiet models shown here. [universal jigsaw adapter $11, lacrosse ball $6 and up, worx 20v cordless jigsaw $76, all from amazon.] tutorials on youtube, free.

  37. im actually glad you said one hurts more than the others, my wife actually perfers the hurt. she literally likes when i punch and pound her back and arms. do you think something like this would serve the same purpose and save my arms after a long day of work?

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