hey guys what’s going on Joshua elder here welcome back to the channel in this video we’re gonna talk about Clickbank products and the top four products that you should be promoting here in 2019 so if you’re here for the first time on the channel we teach you affiliate marketing we teach you how to really build a life in business full of freedom passion and fulfillment so if you haven’t yet already go ahead click the subscribe button tick that Bell icon to be notified of all future videos that I upload when I upload them so before we get started hit that like button once again if you’re excited for the content if you haven’t already and let’s get into it so before we get into the top four products I want to explain to you exactly what I did to find these quality products on Clickbank and this is really going to help when you’re filtering through just thousands of products that are available in the Clickbank marketplace you’ll be able to cherry pick and choose the best product so the first thing that you want to look at when it comes to looking at different products in the marketplace is whether or not they have an affiliate page most products will have an affiliate page the second thing that you want to look for is do they give away good assets do they provide email copy do they provide video swipes do they tell you the demographics to actually target when you’re creating like Facebook campaigns or YouTube campaigns are they giving you you know the age range male/female are they actually doing testing in the trenches so the more assets they give you the more data that they give you the better chance that you’re going to have success with your campaigns so I took this information into account when I was looking for these top four products so without further ado let’s get into the first product the first product I have mentioned in a past videos to promote is the super affiliate system and by the way below each product it will list out the affiliate page right here then of course you have the initial sell amount that you’ll actually make on the front end of the funnel the average percentage of the sell that you get which is 50% and then if you know people go on a payment plan you’re going to earn you know a rebuild amount of two hundred ninety four dollars and eighty four cents until the total amount of the product is paid off okay so here is the actual JV page of super affiliate system and like I explained you know that the few things that you want to look for when it comes to a you know quality promotion you’ve got JV email promos right here so you got good quality email promos you’ve got Facebook Ads you’ve got YouTube ads and so when I click on Facebook ads right here it’s gonna jump down and it’s going to give you some examples of email copy or Facebook copy in other words that’s worked extremely well so you can see this millionaire laptop lifestyle you can see the copy here and you can use this as a model when you’re creating your own Facebook ads and then here’s another one right here another example yet again another example so what John is doing is he’s providing numerous examples and swipes that you can use in your own marketing and then he also gives you the top-performing videos affiliates are using on facebook ad so you got the first one right here you got the second one right here and you can get access to the downloads right here in Google Drive so he gives you access just to every single asset that he’s using inside of his own business along with which assets are converting the best so if we scroll down here to YouTube advertising he’s getting the best results from YouTube he gets a 500 percent ROI and you can actually see here’s his top performing YouTube ad again you can download that down here all you need to do is just simply click and then it’s gonna take you directly to his Google Drive and you can download any of these videos and personally upload them you know to your YouTube channel and then simply run them as ads so as you guys can see right here John just gives an insane amount of you know value when it comes to the assets that you can use to promote a super affiliate system so that’s a good example of the types of materials that a good you know JV partner will give you a good you know product owner will give you so that is the first product the second product is known as Cinderella solution this one is a little bit newer it’s got a super high gravity so this is selling a lot it gives you eighty four percent commissions and you’re gonna earn thirty three dollars and ninety cents again here is the affiliate page right here and you guys can see what you’ll need to do when you first come to the affiliate page is you’ll need to enter your email address when you do that they will send all your information straight to your email so you can see they give you good demographic information right here so it says Cinderella is primarily designed for women ages you know 40 to 65 we have a number of customers in their 30s too but the sweet sweet spot is obviously forty to sixty years old and they provide different landing pages right so no to traffic sources are gonna be the same what works with solo ads and you know email traffic might not work well with Facebook ads why well Facebook is pretty you know dang tough when it comes to compliance and so they actually explain to you that their standard VSL page isn’t very compliant with facebook and they seem to be cracking down on weight loss offers right now which is very very true so you don’t want to use the standard landing page or sales page you would send people to you can actually use this quiz style you know landing page or this no header style landing page in your facebook marketing so they give you particular assets good affiliate programs give you particular assets for particular traffic sources because once again two traffic sources aren’t the same so here’s an example of the first one right here you can see this Lander and then you have another example right here okay and what you can do is you can reach out to the affiliate manager and typically it’s within the email or it might be on the JV page and usually they’ll give you their skype information they’ll give you their email and you’ll be able to contact them directly if you need any help with their you know with your promotions sometimes they will give you the exact funnels and everything that they’re using that you can actually import in your own clickfunnels account so you can track everything so if you want to get the most out of a quality affiliate program then it is best to have a good relationship with the product owner whoever or whoever’s you know the affiliate manager so that is my number two recommended product on Clickbank the third recommended product is Commission Hero you’ve also heard me talk about this before why do I like Commission Hero it’s very exclusive you can’t just click the promote button and grab your affiliate links what you have to actually do is reach out to Robbie at Robbie Robbie Blanchard comm and you have to get manually approved why do I like this I like it because the product will not get saturated with Clickbank products a lot of times everybody can create a free account they can get access to the same products which creates a lot of saturation in the marketplace I like the fact that Commission hero has somewhat of a barrier to entry but they approve most affiliates but there’s less people promoting which is more opportunity for income so if we jump over here once again look at all these video assets I’m actually running a campaign right now with YouTube ads that’s performing really really well and I’m using these video ads on YouTube so you got video ads you’ve got if I scroll down here you’ve got little 30-second montages you can use on Facebook or YouTube as well you’ve got ad copy that you can actually use for like your Facebook ads you can use it for just Facebook organic posts you can post in groups you can use it for email follow-up and then once again you got Commission heroes Facebook targeting demographics right here super important so the age and gender is men 25 to 64 women 30 to 50 men convert 80 percent higher than women which is insane this is great information to have and then you got the top five you know tier 1 countries right here and then you have your targeting and interest that you should be targeting and then you’ve got even more email swipes that you can use and you can even import this is one of the things that I was saying you can literally import these same landing pages into your clickfunnels account if you have clickfunnels so you do not have to build your own opt-in pages and your own landing pages I can literally click here with a click of a button and it will go to my clickfunnels account as long as I’m logged in and it will import Robby’s funnel into my clickfunnels account and then I got to connect my autoresponder set up my affiliate link on the Thank You page and I am good to go and this is actually the funnel that I’m running with right now last but not least the last product and there’s a little bit of a caveat to this product I like this product because it pays really well it’s called Halki diabetes remedy and it pays 75% commissions the diabetes niche is absolutely huge so really when it comes to promoting Clickbank products anything in like the health and wellness niche or the make money online business emarketing you know categories and niches are going to be the two best to utilize and promote products within so if you were to pick the two categories once again if I go over here to Clickbank I would pick a business and emarketing and also health and fitness okay so I was mentioning that I like that seventy five percent commissions also alessandra the affiliate manager gives you the in their information here you can reach out to them directly so if you need like media for YouTube you can probably get that the only problem that I didn’t like with this program other than it converts extremely well according to Clickbank is that it doesn’t have like a ton of assets it’s got email swipes and creative it doesn’t have assets for YouTube and for Facebook which is like the the two best traffic sources right now but other than that if you are able to create your own resources or just plug into the affiliate manager I’m sure you could be highly successful with this particular promotion so let me just run through this real quickly you’ve got your affiliate links right here you’ve different types of via cells pop-ups no pop-ups you’ve got web banners which is great for blogs you’ve got product images you’ve got lead magnets that you can use you’ve got SEO keywords so if you’re big into ranking websites in Google or even doing video marketing this is a good you know asset to have right here and then once again like I said you can contact the affiliate manager I’m sure there’s some successful affiliates that are running on Facebook and on YouTube and they’re more than likely going to give you access to those assets if they have them so this is my last recommended product because they don’t have assets for Facebook or YouTube at this time but again I would reach out to the affiliate manager and see if they can help you with that so those are my top four Clickbank products to promote here in 2019 I hope you got value from this video if you did go ahead and comment below by letting me know like this video and go ahead and subscribe to the channel as you know we upload videos pretty frequently teaching you how to build a life and business full of freedom passion fulfillment and if you want to learn how to build a Clickbank business or just an affiliate marketing business from complete scratch in great detail go ahead and click the links below in the description those are all the resources that will help you get from A to Z in a very step-by-step fashion there’s Josh elder signing off and we’ll see you in the next video take care


  1. Right product with the right marketing will give you big profits! Time to learn how to do it, right guys!

  2. Hi Joshua, Can you make a video on making Facebook ads, because i keep getting my ads disaproved and a Result my account banned…need Some tips
    Plus how do you promote weight loss and diabetes products ? IF you dont have email list

  3. All 4 are great products to promote i have the cinderella on my fitness niche is taking a while to get going but i'm using mainly organic traffic, i will dive into Robby and Crestani's later on. Now that last one you showed peak my interest, really have to look that one up and create the campaing around it. Thanks Josh there is so many products on clickbank sometimes you overlook some great products 🙏🤘

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