AJS News 2/10 – Xbox vs. Amazon/Google, Geforce Now vs Stadia, Anthem, Rockstar, Coronavirus & More!

AJS News 2/10 – Xbox vs. Amazon/Google, Geforce Now vs Stadia, Anthem, Rockstar, Coronavirus & More!

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  1. LOL our skit talking about Demonetization got demonized! It got Claimed as a Cover Song! LOL. Welp, this is why we are doing this, thank you guys so much for the support, hope we made you laugh!

  2. For a company that is such in a good place to experiment on any cutting-edge ideas that they have AND has got the same kind of name recognition in the tech community as Bill Gates, Google seems to be very worried about beating people to the punch.

  3. When Joe says everyone will be trying fallout 76 when it's good does he also mean the angry army to if so I may be indicted for desertion

  4. He's right though when your that big you don't leave you quietly consult on games which is like you you come in a couple times just a month and do some phone conferences and nonstick drop

  5. As of February 2020 Apple and Microsoft are the 2 richest companies in the world with market capitalisation of $1Trillion. Amazon and Google are 3rd and 4th on the list. Sony only has a total market value of $88 Billion and is not even close to the list of the top richest companies. Microsoft is competing more with Apple, Amazon and Google in terms of services, software and hardware way more than any other company. Sony's main revenue comes from audio & video hardware and their main rivals for their revenue have always been the likes of Panasonic, Toshiba and Dolby etc. Microsoft for the past 2 years have made average quarterly profits of $7Billion from online services alone (includes Xbox Gold and Game Pass). Hardware sales has never ever been an important target for Microsoft. They have outright stated this on multiple occasions over the years. They are a software company at core and have always set targets for software (and now services) attachment rate per console as that is where the real profits are actually made. What Phil Spencer says is true. Why would they even say that Sony or Nintendo are their main competitors when they just aren't. Granted I did get that Joe was just poking fun and I enjoyed his reactions as ever. He always makes me laugh, even on my worst days 🙂

  6. AI Assist? "Hey, we noticed that we tuned this fight too hard to pull money out of your pocket. Would you like to pay to beat it?"

  7. the best thing about games in the past 5 years is the marketing…The versions of the products they sell look like fun games in legal false advertising

  8. I don't feel sorry for Bethesda "hackers" has always been a majority of their hardcore fans…they are called "moders" on their real games….fuck them and their paid mods

  9. You guys should watch AVDchina you tube channel for the real news on the coronavirus. Those hospitals are morgues. Nothing more then rooms with one way locks on them. Not tin hat stuff. Also their videos on biking through Asia and mostly mainland china are amazing. Really gives you a feel for what china is like without being censored by the CCP.

  10. "Its death ratio is less than the flu guys"

    China nervously cremates 700 bodies a day and workers find 1000s of bodies underground

  11. I have tried the Nvidia cloud gaming and its leagues better than google stadia and on the plus side you can link your steam games to it.

  12. This will probably be a badly downvoted post but I wouldn't even mind if they delay Cyberpunk into 2021 If it means it is in as good a condition as Witcher 3 was at launch.
    Yes there were a few bugs at launch but at least it doesn't rival anything as buggy as Bethesda has in the last title. But Kudos to ID and the teams creating the titles recently on running on The IDtech engine. Basically all those titles are normally rock solid at launch except uhmmm…. Wolfenstein Young Blood. Think it had a few bugs at launch. But nothing game breaking either. I'm just speaking out of my ass now anyway.

  13. 18:59 They have the power to change gaming world and if we believe there is even a one percent chance that they would use it for evil, we have to take it as an absolute certainty!

  14. They’re killing those people. They’ve shot people dead that tried to escape. All the smartphones getting swept up and people jumping from buildings killing themselves rather then being sent to quarantine.

  15. AngryJoeShow, read up on Microsoft's announcement. This was not the case of them taking their ball and going home. This was a case of them telling Sony and Nintendo that those companies are going to have to PAY THEM to play. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are the companies who have the server infrastructure to host the next step in gaming: Games as a service. The business model of buying software that YOU own died over a decade ago. It was replaced with buying a license to play a copy of a game. Now, that will be replaced with purchasing subscriptions to game services to access their games. Microsoft has seen the future, and decided (in Microsoft fashion) "Who cares who wins the content war…. as long as they use OUR software to deliver it to their customers." Sony and Nintendo are going to be their customers, not their peers.

  16. i think you guys are missing the point when you say xbox doesn't have any 1st party games. they're trying to pull a valve here by making a "platform" and focusing on being the place the games come to (cloud gaming). That's why they're not focusing on making games so much other than the big titles like halo, gears, etc. at least, that's how i'm interpreting what's going on here.

  17. haha they just keep talking while joe is laying there, =)

    Masks don't help with the virus, only of you already have it, then it will not spread as much, wash hands through

  18. hate to say it, as a consumer I will NEVER view cloud gaming as the future unless you want to call the future a capitalist dystopia…oh wait, the future is here :/

  19. Please stop encouraging exclusives. They're an unnecessary problem and a relic of the traditional console war. It's pretty obvious Microsoft is basically done with that, particularly evident by their "exclusives" now releasing on PC.

    Also to the whole "not our competition" thing, he kinda has a point. Microsoft as a company is so far above the heads of Sony and Nintendo in terms of market cap, that they don't need to rely solely on a single division to keep themselves above water. Prior to the PS4's success, Sony was struggling. If it had been a repeat of the PS3, Sony probably wouldn't be around, or at the least would've filed bankruptcy.

  20. Angry Joe is pretending that China isn't a totalitarian communist dictatorship. Totally is underplaying the threat of Coronavirus. FYI China killed tens of millions of its own people during the Great Leap Forward. Forced abortions and organ harvesting too. Foxconn factories with suicide nets.

  21. I'm just worried ubisoft is going to delay their entire existance till next year
    only for them to continue sucking. With the same shit every year.

    I am pretty excited for Quarantine though. I enjoyed Siege Outbreak.

  22. there… there's an anthem discord… with still plenty of people >.> okay well not millions but still. bout a few hundred or so. i think anthem needed more love than 76. anthem was the far more fun game XD

  23. you should look at the £200-300 microtransaction /loot box for star trek online their gif for their loyal players after 10 years

  24. Stopped 6 minutes in. Their analysis of the gaming market is so fucking off base and void of any critical thinking. Xbox was not "savaged in the console wars". They did have a rough start this gen but Phil Spencer turned that shit around and made one hell of a comeback. Microsoft is poised to absolutely dominate next gen. They have the best services, they have the cloud, they have the better hardware, and they have games now. What does Sony have? Some good 1st party games (which microsoft also has). That isn't enough to compete with Microsoft on any real level. And with the direction gaming is going Sony isn't going to be able to compete seriously for much longer, which was what Phil was saying.

  25. Have you guys seen the leaked video of the new “hospitals”. There’s no doctors, medical services, toilets are out of the building and there’s hardly any hot water.
    So they’re just there to get sick and that’s it.

  26. GFN doing things right? People touting GFN as the best model for cloud gaming, really need to read the EULA agreements they implicitly sign when they "buy" games on platforms like Steam or publishers' store fronts!
    Unless Nvidia have explicitly signed contracts with Valve and all the publishers and developers whose games/software they are accessing through GFN, both Nvidia and any gamer that accesses the games they have licensed access to on Steam or publishers' store fronts, may be at risk of being in breach of contract. Remember under contract law, person A can't contract with person B to benefit from the labour of person C. Steam is Valve's IP, the games under the EULA agreements attached to pretty much all games (regardless of what PC and console gamer and youtubers or tech press kid themselves into believing), are the IP of the publisher/develop. A gamer and Nvidia can therefore not contract through GFN that claims to be a gaming platform to access Valve's IP or publishers' IP.
    People should read a few of the EULAs attached to the games they play and they will see that the only thing PC gamers and console gamers are buying are licenses to access the game/software under conditions set out in the EULA. At no point do they own the game/software. So I wouldn't be surprised, given the licensing issues GFN is already facing, if publishers start issuing cease and desist injunctions against Nvidia to stop GFN accessing these games.

  27. What If they integrated youtube in with that ai you could have a dm sent to you with guide videos recommended for that game but thats like absolute best case scenario.

  28. Hey Alex you deliver real no BS news I want to hear about, keep it up guys. Question, could you look into this article I read about Sony putting there patented algorithms for in game monetization purchases, in game. They even talked about implementing these in single player games.. shit made me livid..seemed interesting, was wondering if you'd heard anymore about this shit.. that's if you read this. Thanks.

  29. 8:20 OJ is spot on here. Let the guy go, tell everyone he's on an extended vacation. Boom, 2 billion dollars, for tiny misinformations.

  30. ok I love this crew they are prolly my favorite youtubers but aj needs to let them finish points, he takes over all conversations, every sentence he makes sure you know he is the man. well aj we already know your the man but let alex complete a few topics atleast

  31. I don't understand why you all at AJS seem to enjoy making fun of XBOX. In terms of overall design, it's by far the superior choice out of the consoles. One of the reasons is it's american-made by an american company.The Switch? The Playstation? Those hulks of [email protected] trash aren't worth the plastic they're housed in.

    Now, before anyone calls me a racist, look at yourself in the mirror first. You all know you have the same perception in the back of your mind when buying any sort of product. You know stuff that's made in America has a well-earned reputation for being sturdier and lasting longer, which is why whenever you see a television advertisement they make sure to mention if it's designed/made in the U.S.A.

  32. I guess it makes sense. They don't see PS and Nintendo as competitors so they never see the asskicking coming their way.

  33. Well, Sony can now suck it, so can all the Play Station fanboys. Just ask Microsoft how I treat their consoles when they FUCK EVERYTHING UP for the sake of profit.

  34. Microsoft = Announces 3 great looking Next Gen games (Halo,Hellblade,Project: Mara)
    Sony = Only announces some crappy looking Looter shooter that is 100% going to be your typical throwaway Launch Title.
    AngryJoeShow = Hey Guys let’s make fun of Microsoft and say nobody will buy the Xbox Series X because they it will have no games even though they have bought a ton of Studios and announced 3 Big Triple A Games before they Even show everything off at E3.

  35. Love you guys, but sometimes you guys reallyyyyy stretch out some of the topics that could be done in under 5min instead of 8-10.

  36. Nvidia charging you £5.99 to play your own library but Joes eating that up, need to keep em sweet for more free video cards right Joe?

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