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  1. So you need to me a Amazon Go member to use the store? I guess the blacks will just jump over the glass gates grab their food and jump back over like the do to get on the subways.

  2. I wonder if there is a max capacity. Not for fire marshal reasons but the amount space needed between people for the cameras to be able to correctly identify the person and the item they are putting in their bag. Are there cameras on the shelves as well?

  3. I went to this one a few months back for the first time. I had to ask two or three times just to be sure I understood I could just go, I just couldn't wrap my brain around it.

  4. I went to an amazon go store in seattle. Some things were very expensive, and others, like 1.5 LITERS of water was only 79 cents

  5. could you use amazon gift card in the store since its paid through your amazon account and usually on an order online it’ll automatically put in the gift card as the primary payment instead of your normal card

  6. Happy for you to be in the new studio space but also kind of sad to see the old Casey stuff gone! Onwards and upwards Sam!
    From mostly cloudy & chilly Ireland! ☘️💪🏽👀👍🏽☘️

  7. I really don't like how Jeff Bezos and Amazon are eating up so much of the retail industry and becoming more and more of a monopoly with every acquisition they make. One guy owning a company controlling a huge chunk of the retail market, a spaceship company and a major news outlet is super fucking dystopian.

  8. Just this Thursday I have read a newspaper that in China is using your face value to pay your goods. Not using your phone with QR code. It is connected to your bank account.

  9. Watch out 7/11 👀 … What happens if you pick up an item, walk around the store, change your mind and put the item back, in the wrong spot? … I guess you have to go back and test it Sam 😂

  10. Shelves look pretty bare in some areas. I think this could cause shoplifting in other stores when you forget you are not in an Amazon store and just walk out with your goods 😬

  11. This is how large companies get everyones facial recognition with absolutely no hastle. Maybe instead of QR scanning it will get to the point of us swiping our fingers to get in or just smiling at a camera to walk in…

  12. What he should have done is picked up loads of stuff and then put it back on the shelf then picked others up and put it back down again and mixed it up and changed his mind several times to see if it could cope

  13. what if when you grb a small item and you place them perfectly aligned and facing upwards to the camera will it see both even though it might look as if youre taking one ? for example a choco bar thats small and you grab two but from deeper in so camera above doesnt see and then when you pull out its perfectly horizontal … bit of a long shot but i dont even have one in the uk but if i can help US people i might as well haha

  14. This is happening in grocery stores, fast food, meter reading. In other words I am seeing many of my neighbors loose their jobs. Thanks Bezo and Silicon Valley, NOT!! you younger people that don't have rocket science minds are going to be Obsolete. Look how many people are homeless now. Ya I know always been homeless, but now!!!!!! Bad idea for every one unless you own the technology.

  15. Honestly a lot of it looks decently priced. I think it said $1.50 for a bagel and $1.25 for a Luna bar? $15.99 for that meal prep kit tho is ridiculous.

  16. Amount of people who'll go jobless is really sad.
    There a lot of people that didn't have any option cause maybe their parents passed away and needs to raise their siblings or doesn't have any certificates and can only work at these supermarkets. This store isn't the future it's the start of many catastrophes about to happen

  17. I was looking at prices while you were walking around and being from Kansas that is so expensive to me you can get a two litter for a little over a $1!

  18. Well ..the problem was the queue and not the people.With this we have actually cut down the jobs .The problem is when we introduce the technology we forget about the people and imagine if once everything is automated we just require few people for maintenance of the software

  19. Great! Keep om supporting amazon and kill more retail jobs.when you cant find a job in retail you can thank your lazyness.

  20. if you try to "steal" you will be shopping normally, smh.. but in actuality i wonder if you made really quick, sort of unusual confusing movements with the items if that could mess up its tracking, just speaking out of curiosity

  21. Can you get in with your Family? I mean, do you have to show a QR code for each person? Me and my girlfriend, would both of us have to use the app, or just one of us (Amazon would recognize that we were thogether)

  22. Now you are enjoying this no cashier no queue technology, but when the new technology comes to replace common manual works in the future, those who are enjoying amazan go shopping will have no single dollar to buy a water bottle.

  23. If anyone thinks this is a great idea just check out what these powerful companies are doing to Laura Loomer someone they don't agree with then after you do that check out the social credit system in China……Hint this is a terrible terrible idea if you enjoy freedom.

  24. Amazon Go Cashierless Stores Will Soon Allow Customers To Use Their Palms To Process Payment As World Moves Closer To Mark Of The Beast https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/amazon-go-stores-files-patent-for-non-contact-biometric-identification-system-palm-reader-666/

  25. I so sick of smartass cashiers to the ones that talk too much especially when you are busy however I'm somewhat scared of what they do with all that data. Hope loss prevention does do any entrapment because they are so bored.

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