100 Replies to “Amazon Leaks Another Flagship Smartphone”

  1. I'd say most leaks are planned. I worked for many big name software publishers over the years and Marketing departments used planned leaks to help see how customers reacted to new features so they can decided what to keep and what they can drop and save for another version. It would cause issues now and then because people would see the leaks and get excited about a new feature, then that feature disappears in a later leak or in the actual product. So I's say most leaks are intentional.

  2. I remember a ways back on one of Steve Jobs' "'one more thing" announcements he commented on an accidental leak of a new Mac on their website and then going on to say that some were saying that it was too good to be true, or just true or just brilliant marketing on Apple's part, finally he just settled with what one of his employees named it…

    Premature Specification…


  3. Hey, Lew, where is the abundance of “Guy Like You” examples? Loved to hear a hint of that in today’s episode 08:04. 100% viewer (listener) here, love the podcast 🙂

  4. Being made fun of for having the name Alexa is like getting racial jokes, you just gotta suck it up when you get old enough, just don't get annoyed by it (yes im a minority so no bs)

  5. Nothing is a mistake. Every time a phone comes out dude it’s always a leak. So yeah that shit is purposely done. I mean come on. I can see it happening and being dealt with and not happening. But it happens every damn phone

  6. Willy Do says something
    Lew: how long have you been waiting and charged to say that
    Willy do: laughs
    Lew: Guy like you

  7. Alexa needs to learn some MMA. My lil mate is a massive unit for his age, he's 7 yr but the size of a 12 yr old. He got picked on and bullied. Kids calling him retard and things like that. But as soon as I started teaching him self defence him being bullied has stopped……. I also be sure he's not becoming a bully himself….

  8. All of the rumors are real. I've had everything confirmed to me but an insider from samsung.
    S20 Ultra
    108 MP
    100x space zoom
    120hz refresh display
    2.5D glass.
    6.9 inches
    $1,300 ultra
    $1,110 plus
    $1000 regular

    Like this so people see the price officially

  9. Can I just say how much I appreciate Lew for talking about the subject title immediately after the video starts, whereas most people wait until the end of the video to bring up the title topic.

  10. Flagship Smartphones are a Popular Topic because the Best Products will Set the Bar for Technical Interests.

    It's not a "bad" idea, but for instances: Imagine how many Clicks & Views ESPN would get if they had a Dedicated Highschool Segment…

  11. Well if my friend Stacy could go through high school and come out just fine with all the Stacy’s mom references I’m sure this girl will be fine.

  12. Well my favourite dialogue from Jarvis is :
    " Sir, I have made a list of safety precautions for you to completely ignore "

    My solution for the alexa problem is, make alexa give snarky replies like jarvis does

  13. As far as I'm concerned, the only reason I will never call my daughter Alexa is to avoid triggering my vocal assistant every time I want to call her 😂

  14. Lew……when you talked about how you used to confuse Kenny G and Michael Bolton…..
    …….you validated my entire childhood!
    If i'm being honest…..part of my adulthood as well!!! HAHAHAHA

  15. Lewis: “Alexa, tie my shoe”

    Echo dot: “Did you mean, play the song “Sand in my shoes?”

    Me: “No Alexa, cancel.”


  16. My name is Alex, and when I go to people's houses who have an Alexa device, it triggers when people say my name. It's a huge problem that goes ignored…. People with the name Alexa or Alex have to start going by some other name.

  17. But for real tough, do you guys still have limited data plans? Is North America still in the middle ages of telecoms? wtf 😀

  18. Bro every freakin leak out there at this point is a marketing trick. EVERY SINGLE ONE. How can u call this a conspiracy?

  19. How hard would it be to customize the name of Alexa, Siri, Hey Google? Settings, record name, apply..??? Willy Du, where's the Gold Bond brah… lol

  20. I'm so tired of the bullying stuff..
    Why don't we just get rid of bullying the old fashioned way…… KICKING THEIR ASSES!! like I had to do growing up. In all seriousness, if u beat up enough kids n school…they WILL stop picking on you

  21. Some locations at Walmart have them already. I do the phone contracts for the phones at Walmart and we got an update for our system and the s20 is there as well.

  22. Actualy, there is a caracter at Witcher series on Netflix named Siri, and she triggered a lot of iPhones for a while, there was a small topic about it

  23. You should check out the latest samsung value range its the samsung A51 and A71 they came out today they are a budget range with the new S20 Camera set-up 🙂

  24. Neurolink is a mark of the beast type of device. I would rather stay my autistic self rather than let companies, and the government control my brain through this device.

  25. honestamente, yo que uso casi siempre OK-GOOGLE- como profesional, o en familia, considero a este Ente virtual, un colega muy inteligente, que lo sabe todo, no considero sea alguien inferior, que recibe ordenes solamente. en verdad me ayuda, pero no piensa sea mi sirviente.

  26. It's the children who treated her like a maid, bullied her. It's them we should talking about. About why aren't they being scolded i.e thought you know manners and like how to respect someone. I was taught this when I was like 4. The teacher's and parent's are the one's to be blamed. No need to change your name just because you are being bullied cause of it. You need to change the mindset of the people doing the bullying.

  27. Really? She’s being bullied cuz her name is Alexa? Try being named Austin and born in the 90’s. People loved to call me Austin Powers. She is 6 years old. She will be okay.

  28. Could you"bleep" the assistant names in future uploads? I have many of them and i had to listen with headphones. Still funny though……lol

  29. Just change the name alexa to whatever voice assistant device it is, e.g. echo, sonos etc. Bezos not gonna get away fighting any lawsuits regarding against it. It'll be a severe pr disaster if he does

  30. Alexa, stop being so sensitive. Alexa, be proud to be named after a technological advancement. Alexa's parents, stop pro-creating.

  31. I guess the smart thing would be for these tech manufacturers to allow the tech owners to change the product name, to their liking, like you are doing with a pet.
    You name the pet as you feel and wish, right? So why preimpose names like Alexa, or Siri that could hurt others on the long run….

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