20 Replies to “Amazon Suspended My Account – Suspension Appeal”

  1. When you’re creating a shipping label for your item do u use the weight of just the item or it’s weight in the box with bubble wrap and stuff? If I do the weight of just the item is there any risk of USPS not accepting it?

  2. Everyone out there that is starting up Reez is the man..I was brand new to amazon.. up and running with a control center in 2 week all because of Reezys content…all I need is a scanner to feed the beast faster….but I'm telling you…this is for 100% a great way to change your life

  3. An easier answer for a second account is, after you get some traction on your "primary" account, file a dba, get an ein, open a merchant bank account under that ein and start a second AMZ account through that. And you don't need to go get a separate laptop, just snag a $10 usb wifi adapter and use a free domestic vpn.

  4. Why are people complaining about the title. Yes it is clickbaity, but he addressed literally right at the beginning. At the end of the day YouTube is a source of income more clicks= his video appearing on more people’s feed. Keep up the content Reezy!

  5. Clickbait is done by desperate creators – not professionals with integrity. There’s no need for someone of your caliber to clickbait to get views.

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