Amazon’s ⚖️NEW WORLD MMO In-Depth Territory System Revealed (Settlements, Forts, Faction PVP)

Amazon’s ⚖️NEW WORLD MMO In-Depth Territory System Revealed (Settlements, Forts, Faction PVP)

Finally finally finally,it’s time for another
dose of information in the world of Aternum. And it is about time we got ourselves even
more news about Amazon’s very own – New World MMO. Today we’re going to be jumping strictly into
the settlement system and how those mechanics work with the addition
of a bit of news regarding how the forts of new world will function. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and slide
right into it. [table of contents] So as many of you already know, during our
journey in aternum we will be coming across territory that can be claimed by us as the
players. These territories can be engaged in both a
player-vs-environment sense for things like the horde mode and upgrading system,
and also in a player-vs-player sense for the siege warfare. We just recently received a blog diving deep
into the mechanics of each of these aspects along with other details on how this is going
to play out. It starts off by describing a settlement as
a place of trade, work, crafting, faction missions, and a place of congregating between
the masses. It’s important to note here that alongside
the settlements acting as a re-spawn point for the players, we also have the ability
to place down our own campsites which we can craft various base items at or use for revival
purposes just like the territory. If you want to excel at exploring the land
of aternum it will be very important to use that placeable campsite in conjunction with
your settlement spawn point, just in case it’s too far away
for you to safely teleport back to. And personally I’m really glad that we at
least get multiple options for re-spawning although it does make me wonder if fast traveling
through intentionally dying might become a thing people
use as a result. If that ends up being the case, perhaps the
loss of loot on a player-vs-environmental death in certain areas may be a solution. We’ll have to see how that plays out to know
for sure. And the next part touches on how we would
go about claiming a settlement. During the early stages of gameplay, specifically
at level 10 – we as the players will have the option to visit between the three factions
as they describe and choose one to become a part of. Once we’re in our respective factions, we
will have the opportunity to either create or join different companies (aka guilds) within
that faction. And this also does play a part in player-vs-player
combat if you were wondering, but we’ll get to that in just a second. When a company goes through the creation period,
it inherits the faction of the person who created it. Which means that if your guild leader chooses
this purple faction for example, you will have to choose it as well if you want to join
them. It then goes on to
say that companies can gain and control a territory along with the settlement or fort
it contains. And both of those do in fact serve different
purposes throughout the game itself. If the territory is uncontrolled, this is
as simple as paying an undisclosed claim fee at the territory’s fort itself. But if a territory is already controlled by
a company, we will have to duke it out in the fires of siege warfare over control of
it’s area. And this – as confirmed here in the blog,
can only be done between companies that belong to different factions. Which means that
if your company is looking at a territory that is already controlled by someone within
your faction, you will have to consider another choice until that specific one opens up. I am very curious on this aspect because it
does mean that players will have to make careful choices on which faction they would like to
throw in with, and this ultimately could lead to a lot of espionage going on as a result. Players spying on faction choices within the
beta to determine how their choice will be influenced for launch, or we might even see
players completely switch their choice at the last minute to prevent competition with
a specific guild or another. They state here that they will delve further
into war and it’s other related mechanics in another article, however this does sound
like we will not be able to engage in open world PVP with our own faction
members as well. Which is starting to sound like the method
Blade & Soul had for their PVP system but also many other games as well including World
of Warcraft and of course, Elder Scrolls Online if we count Cyrodill in this example. This is something that I do think could work
depending on the incentives that you receive for opting into PVP, because it might promote
more teamwork between players and guilds within their factions but it’s also something that
might serve as a curse more than a blessing in some circumstances. I think
at the very least it might be better to at least have 3 factions as opposed to 2 because
at least then it’s less likely to lean so far in a specific direction like you would
see in factions like The Horde vs The Alliance. But no matter what there is a good chance
there will be a dominant faction over the other two at
least to some degree. I’m curious to see how that will balance out. And so they then go on to explain what the
difference is between a settlement and a fort. A settlement is where players own homes, craft,
refine items, trade, take faction missions, and socialize. While on the other side of that, they say
that a fort acts as a territories major point of defense. It is what comes under attack at during Siege
War time or – the Invasions of the Horde. And in terms of our companies it appears that
the leaders of the companies that we create are immediately named as Governors. Which makes total sense
but I must admit I was pretty curious about for the longest time. What I’m currently now even more curious about
is if the propped up ship in this picture might be a future hat tip to a naval system
later on down the line. But that’s another wish for another day. First we must master the world of Aternum
and then we can worry about making some fancy boats. So when a company takes control of a territory,
not only will the leader be the governer of the company but they will also become the
governer of the territory itself. Now ultimately, they state that the factions
these companies belong to are the true rulers of
a territory. While the company itself acts as a proxy for
the faction they are apart of. And as such, your responsibilities that you
would see being a governors would be as follows – maintaining control of your territory for
your faction, upgrading and maintaining the quality of life in your settlement by
starting town projects that result in settlement upgrades when complete. Ensuring that there are enough funds to be
paid towards the territory upkeep like we can see in this picture, and even more, including
adjusting taxes and fees in the settlement so travelers can
also assist with paying the upkeep. Taxes can be gathered as players craft, trade,
and live in their houses as the blog goes – but I believe the icons that we see in the
picture indicate a housing tax, a crafting tax, a refining tax,
and what appears to possibly be a trading tax in the top right corner. This might actually be the tax we would see
coming from the trading outpost, which for those of you who don’t know – it acted as
a sort of auction house during the alpha phase of the game as we saw in a few pieces of footage,
and it appears to be making it’s comeback in an even bigger way. It’s still unsure if these trading outposts
will automatically by default be supplied with gear, resources, and crafting items that
we can buy from the start, but if it isn’t then supplying these trading outposts will
then fall on us as the player. With
the tax coming into play to help with the upkeep of the territory. Also it’s really cool to see how we get to
have our own emblems for our companies as well. Keep in mind they did mention that players
of the beta test may get some type of reward relating to our
companies, and also of course that in the pre order bonus we do get access to a unique
guild crest set, that features different axes, muskets, and armor. Now alongside a governor we also have what’s
known as a consul, which is a governor’s second in command. A company can have as many or as few consuls
as they would like, and the rank comes with the same permissions that you would see from
a governor as well. Which means that when the governor of your
settlement is absent, that is when the consuls will come into play. I’d say that you’ll want to be sure to give
this rank only to people you trust however, I’d imagine someone could do some real damage
with over raising the taxes on everything while
the governor is on vacation for a week’s time. And ultimately that may even drive players
from your territory and into the arms of others. This sounds like something you will want to
consider when it comes to choosing the territory you want as well as the taxes
that come with it. And in terms of how or what you can upgrade
in your settlement, they state in the blog that both a settlement’s crafting and refining
stations can be upgraded. Upgrading these stations enables higher-quality
and more powerful items to be crafted by the players
that spend their time there. Which is a really important thing for us crafters
to remember because we may not be able to access the next tier of refining and making
gear until a settlement upgrades it’s stations high enough. It’ll be important for us to contribute
to the town projects and missions that we’ll be going into in just a second here. But it also states that we will actually have
our own Lifestyle buffs and fort upgrades that are controlled directly by the governor. Lifestyle buffs end up being powerful, long-term
bonuses for things like crafting and combat that only appear for the territory residents. And just as I was asking myself what classifies
someone as a resident, they state that to become a resident of a territory, you will
in fact need to be the owner of a house in these specific settlements. Which I have heard but cannot say much more
about, that these will require a bit of money-saving to obtain. One thing I’m really crossing my fingers for
is gather-able resource nodes that we can unlock to place in our homes or perhaps even
refining or crafting benches of our own, that we may be able to receive benefits for using
over regular ones. They also say about this that if we do not
own a house in a territory, we will not receive the territory lifestyle buff. Which means we’ll have to hope there’s enough
room for everyone, but they could also easily make the houses instanced
in a way like certain games do where you can have multiple people living at the same house
location. But then have some sort of system to show
off the best ones. For governors and consuls, the way you will
be choosing these lifestyle buffs will be through
the town projects menu like we see in this screenshot, along with the village upgrading
and fort upgrading buttons. We also see options for weakening invasions
and preparing for war, I cannot wait to see what kind of possibilities these give us. Especially against the horde itself. That sounds like it’ll be really cool. Now to really dive into these town projects
a bit, we have the following information about what they
are – these are large scale activities that people can work together on to upgrade our
settlements. However they do require a significant amount
of effort and investment from not only the controlling company,
but also the players that call the settlement home. Which is something I really like by the way,
just to interject here a bit. I’m glad that the game puts not only the opportunity
to contribute in the hands of the companies, but all of the playerbase themselves. That might serve them really well in the long
run as far as player interaction goes, at least on the player-vs-environment side. But to get back to it, they also say that
town projects get activated by the governors or consuls of the controlling territory, and
as we can see in the screenshot, these projects award not only contribution points but also
money and apparently experience. So if we wanted to try and weaken invasions
for instance we could take a mission to hunt down 20 corrupted in any village, or for upgrading
the carpentry station we could go out to hunt a total of 20 wolves. And since anyone in the territory is able
to contribute to these, if the experience incentive is good
on these missions I do think we’ll see a lot of interaction with this from the playerbase. So as a controlling company of a territory
the weight of the upgrades wont rest upon your shoulders alone. It’s also important to
note that alongside a settlement leveling up it does also have the ability to downgrade. this means that if players aren’t interacting
with the stations or conducting trading in your area, it’s possible that you may not
be able to make ends meet if you aren’t also putting in that work yourself. This hearkens back to how important the territory
location might be, if it’s a central hub that a lot of players tend to pass through for
trade, hunting, and more, you’ll definitely see a lot more activity as opposed to somewhere
like an end-game area. Certainly sounds like food for thought on
this one. And to finish off this blog post we get a
description of how we go about joining a settlement, the blog states that while you can use the
services of any settlement, to join one you will without a doubt need to purchase a house
there. Anyone is able to live in
a house in any settlement regardless of what faction or company controls the territory,
and if the territory were to change hands, the residents would still ultimately be unaffected
aside from of course the taxation, upgrades, and lifestyle buffs that a new
company might choose. But for the moment it looks like that’s all
the details we have regarding settlements, and the territory aspect. I’m glad they went through this information
piece by piece because it does paint a clearer picture on how some of these systems
are going to work when we get in-game. Now I’m very anxious to see what the housing
blog is going to look like, and the dev diary that is still coming to us in the form of
a video. Don’t forget to stay tuned for that one since
it’s still planned. So now it’s time to discuss it, what do you
folks think about the territory system we’ve talked about so far? Does it give you any new ideas about which
territory you would like to capture for your guild, or how you’re going to choose your
faction? Let us know
in the comments below. And as always, thank you all very much for
watching and I hope you have a wonderful night or day. And farewell.

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    P.S – some of the ambiance you see in parts is not from New World but it felt like it fit the theme of the topic today pretty well, never a bad time to take a visit to Novigrad!

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    The settlements aren't even faction exclusive so you can just be living next to your enemies, or upgrade your crafting benches so that your worst enemies can walk in and use them (yeah, there's tax, but it's blanket).
    Bases went from company based to now pretty much anyone. So you could log off, and a bunch of randoms finished your base for you. Really impersonal and not a fan.
    Also, how are they going to combat low-taxes-to-make-people-live-there, then after you have used the randoms to upgrade, jack up the taxes and make everyone leave? A douche move, but you have to plan for those things. (Don't say "Upkeep will be expensive", because the company shouldn't have a problem keeping up with that assuming competent players)

    The settlement upgrades could be cool if they are unique. About the only positive thing I noticed.

  13. I honestly am beginning to think they have no idea what they are doing, and in the short time since completely changing the focus of the game, they have not thought deeply about how all these newly-added systems and elements will work together. You have a a territorial conquest MMO where one of the goals is to control and leverage resources to upgrade a settlement, where you cannot kill people outside your company who are harvesting those resources if they have not opted in to PvP, cannot loot them if they have opted in to PvP, and cannot war a rival company competing in your region if they are in your faction. As if that were not bad enough, upgrading your settlement relies on the efforts of your settlers, but those settlers can be your enemy…it makes zero sense.

    Even if all of that through some miracle works, the 50-man limit on wars means people invested in housing in a territory would never be able to contribute to the defense of a settlement they have invested time and effort into, as most serious guilds will have at least 50 active players populating their Company. In addition to that, an elite company of 50 top tier PvPers could very realistically never lose, as traditionally, a dominating force is defeated by fielding superior numbers. This is not an option in New World, so unless the top dog company implodes, it should never lose or be pushed out of a region.

    With freebuilding removed, a company cannot even use clever and unique design to gain advantage over a superior foe. This system also empowers zergs, as they can keep valuable resources in your region farmed, and you cannot do a single thing about it. If these resources are limited and you needed for settlement upgrades, a group could potentially block that as well. Making PvP opt-in, eliminating looting, and restricting who you can war and how many can be involved in a war, completely breaks the fundamental dynamics by which any territorial conquest MMO functions…

    I love the engine, the non-mechanics design, the sound and visuals, are fantastic – but this thrown-together hodge-podge of rules simply cannot work. It is like a few things in alpha which were clearly broke at the design level, identifiable as such on paper before we even got to test it, with testing proving that out and requiring changes, eating up development time when it was absolutely not necessary. You have thousands of people with decades of experience playing these games – if the majority of them are telling you there is a problem, you might want to take it seriously.

    I haven't been this disappointed in a game's design choices since…UO Trammel. What happened in that case was due to similar reasons and there were lessons learned which it would appear have not been absorbed or understood by those making these decisions at AGS. Wanting to remove rampant preying upon of non-PvPers by PvPers is not a bad goal in and of itself, but doing so by creating this Frankenstein of a game with a turducken of terrible game mechanics is I fear doomed to fail. And that is a tragedy.

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    I want this game to be a success but the more i get to know about this game the more i am worried and the less i see it to success, sadly.

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