100 Replies to “Amazon’s New World MMO: Everything We Know So Far”

  1. Only thing that will bring me back to an MMO is a true evolution of the gameplay and next gen graphics. Any real gamer knows not to be fooled with these MMO cutscenes anymore.

  2. Haven’t watched an IGN video in ages. Decide to watch this one as I’m interested in New World. See Lucy O’Bryen’s mug and swiftly click away.

  3. Lost me at MMO, I just don't care about investing ungodly amounts of time into something that can get wiped out once the game isn't making enough money for the company to consider it worth it to keep it running.

  4. If it's not as complex and as difficult as final fantasy 11 I'm not interested all the MMOs on the market today are super easy single player experiences

  5. What happened to women having long beautiful hair? Everyone wants to look like a butch lesbian nowadays it looks hilarious.

  6. Like all this games, but if you don't have a big friends list to play this games you stock on your own and don't go really far

  7. giant faces look diffierent in real meso america https://www.google.com/search?q=olmec+heads&sxsrf=ACYBGNS-MQ-g7GD5gceGYiJ9-StQjx9MXQ:1581550243561&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiO2tjjlc3nAhUClXIEHZhqCNMQ_AUoAXoECA8QAw&biw=1920&bih=978&dpr=2

  8. When they show 0 second of gameplay it's usually a bad sign …
    I don't care about your cinematics and lore, show me the actual gameplay or it doesn't exist.

  9. Wait for it..Amazon Prime subscribers will get unique items or not need to buy it if they have a current subscription.

  10. looks boring and uninspired, with the kind of money amazon makes, they could make the next big thing, but instead they come up with another generic mmo

  11. It's like the dark souls of mmo with skyrim with guns 8/10 ign

    Edit : yo wtf I checked some gameplay and it's just a shitty early access survival game

  12. No criminal system really saddens me.

    I hope it comes back in later down the line, a PvP zone only high level players can enter should fix their low level handling issue.

  13. jajaja…. if its limited to 50 v 50 then A LOT OF PLAYERS WILL NOT be chosen… due to low gear score or "not being friends etc. " so much for inclusion

  14. Considering it's Amazon, they won't have crap servers which will then, in turn, cause thousands of players to queue for hours to join.

  15. What interests me in this game is Amazon. They have the money to constantly upgrade the game unlike some developers who are restricted by the money brought in from the player base. I only wish at this point, is wasn't another "Classic Medieval" type of game with archers, swords and boards.. There are enough of those around. I wouldn't mind something a little more futuristic.

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