Don’t Start an Online Store Until You See This!

Don’t Start an Online Store Until You See This!

42 Replies to “Don’t Start an Online Store Until You See This!”

  1. I have sign in with shopofy just with curiosity as I'm starting online business. But didn't pay yet, at the moment just on 14 days free trial. Can I still use your link when deciding to go a head with it? As I would really like some advice from you with my new business. Thank you

  2. you are one of my favourite youtube's actor whenever I am seen you just doing muuuuuhhhh keep it are going awesome.

  3. Although this information is nice to know before launching, this is definitely a clickbait video and has turned me off from watching any other videos from this channel.

  4. Thankyou for your honesty about needing money to get started because theres alot of people with articles and videos that say "I startded a business with no money" but how? they are always so vague about it…

  5. Travis, that one piece of advice, where you tell people, in a Genuine Way, that they don't have to do your course and they can get a tonne of material for free on youtube, will benefit you tremendously as time goes on, so will your Sincerity and Non BS Presentations, as that is what people are really seeking today = "Non Scripted" and "Off the Cuff Sincerity". So far I am enjoying every minute of what you have to say and what you are teaching. Well Done and Great Work !

  6. Thanks. I have applied for an Shopify and have not paid yet. I have my url. I would have been glad to use your name.
    I still need 30 minutes. Help. Mary 928-566-7352

  7. my name is Williams from Kenya.planning to start baby online store to cover..Kenya country only,would like it to be like amazon or do hi go about it

  8. Travis, I find your videos very informative I myself am just starting out from the very basics and look forward to watching many more of your videos the way you explain things basically in layman's term makes me understand sometimes better than just reading. So once again wish me luck looking forward to watching you in the future. Sincerely
    Louis Montecalvo

  9. Please don't take this offensively, but i just needed to say,

    God that is one long neck.


  10. Hi, I make my own product and want to go Shopify…can I later add on a drop shipping element to my existing store if I go Shopify? answer my question and I will use your link for free trial..Thanks!

  11. What is the good amount to start an online store? That including buying the store from shopify, any extra for addons apps .. marketing etc

  12. I hate your fucking stupid ass click bait videos. Get a fucking job. Also…your video images are fucking dumb.

  13. This is only if your going to be selling someone a certain kind of product, but if your doing a dropshift ecommerce store you want all kinds of things, like if you start a shoe store you want all different kinds of makes,sizes,brands…. not like this guy is saying, he's saying if your promoting 1 product like a car and only that car then make people want that one car but if its a bunch of different things you sell go with everything mixed

  14. I feel like I am doing everything because I have a wide spread market. So selling only one product seems limiting especially coming from where I am coming from. Nigeria, every one wants everything and I want to spend time surveying what people can buy by putting out lots of samples. What do I do?

  15. hi dear i have my own store but i put the location in qatar so i lost some options like Instagram channel and payment methods. can i change the location to another country and what are the side effects will arrange on it

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