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  1. Not surprised really. I guess they didn't want to hear the backlash from all the sellers with the glitches and changes

  2. I'd DEFINITELY attend a Florida meetup! It's a great idea! 💡 I'm up in NJ. Much less costly option than ebay open.

  3. For you to plan something like this would take quite a bit of work and expense–my guess is that you could arrange a large meet-up and let a few other be responsible of some of the program and planning that goes into it and it has always been my experience that if other people participate in the activities they have more meaning. Make a plan and divide it up so several folks get involved. As always your videos are super!

  4. EB is ready to be put up for sale. In Downdetector there was a very good opinion about where this is going. Quote: I have a feeling that when they get the cash for stub hub they will use it to buy ebay shares. Then they will look for a buyer for the company, or set it up for a take over. I think this may be the real reason Devin was fired. The one investor Paul Singer (elliot Mngmt.), is known for these types of moves. He bough a big enough interest in ebay last year to put himself on the BOD. So………?

    He recently did this with Cabella's (got sold to bass pro shops), and tried to do it with Pacific Electric and gas, after all the wild fires. There was a German company that he was trying to take over where the Ceo Threatened his life and had x SAS following him. He had an Argentinian Naval ship seized because the Argentinian Govt owed him money. Not a nice guy.

    If this is true then Ebay will be gone in a couple of years.

  5. Casey If you could do july in Florida ( near Tampa) im definitely in! Yes to paying for ourselves! But I will help 💜

  6. I think a 2 day in Orlando mini conference would be a great idea. You have the platform to do it. I would suggest the Friday / Saturday that way folks can potential fly out Thursday evening and have Sunday free for fun or travel back home . If you are only doing 4 to 5 hours each day just find a place with lots of nearby food options and only provide snacks(get in bulk at costco or sams club) which can be included in the cost.

  7. With that said. Since I had prepared the wife for a trip to Vegas. I'd be up for an Orlando event. Probably will end up being cheaper with no slots to Temp me. Lol

  8. If they're wanting to meet us in "our neighborhood", they why is the nearest one to me 9-10 hours away? Not to mention they "don't want to take us away from our business", yet all of these meetups are during the week.

  9. I went to the eBay upfront in NYC this past November. It was very similar to eBay Open just more jam packed in a few hours. I think sellers would get more out of a half day event at future eBay upfronts. It was nice but not as much of a learning or networking experience that eBay Open was. Thanks for the video!

  10. Diane is a certified meeting and event planner. She might be able to assist if you like. How is the weather there that time of year? Would possible hurricanes need to be a consideration?

  11. So bummed!! Went last year for the first time and was looking forward to this year again 🙁
    I do like the Orlando idea!!

  12. I wish they would do more for us sellers, i also wish they had some kinda pull with PayPal every dealing I've had with PayPal has been bad, I'm almost a top rated seller and I'm still having PayPal hold the put on my transactions by paypal not ebay and ebay is like we cant do anything about it smh the worst part about the whole thing is i don't even want to use PayPal but i have no other choice

  13. DM me if you want help with logistics. I was the Pres of a non-profit for 3 years. We meet monthly with a couple large events every year.

  14. I left a similar comment earlier this week. Thank you for always keeping us informed on current events. You are a great “reporter!” ❤️

  15. My theory is that ebay Open is not happening because the activist investors who bought their way on to the board of directors just want to wring as much cash out of ebay as quickly as possible and leave a dead carcass behind after they move on to their next target company.

  16. I am very interested. Since this is my last winter in Pennsylvania. Love Tampa. Everyone can take care of their own lodging and food. This would be wonderful Casey!

  17. Cruise!?! Just pick the particular cruise ship and time and it is our responsibility to book it through our agent…Then it would include our food and board…

  18. I haven't been to Open but I know how bummed so many must be about this. I'm bummed that things were looking up with Wenig around and the positive things he wanted to do for sellers. For the first time in a long time it seemed like Ebay was rising again. When he left it seems like it's on the decline again. That said, I totally understand why they don't want to have Open this year after everything that has happened. Imo though it's just one more dodgy thing that inspires no confidence or trust.

  19. A mini Ebay Open in Orlando is definitely doable. Back in the early 90's my wife and 3 friends who were Beauty and the Beast TV series fans organized a 2 day convention in Orlando. I was only loosely involved. It was easier than expected. Most of this was planned in my living room with no social media. They used the telephone, fan zines and snail mail. They were able to get some major talent to attend. Ron Pearlman, Roy Dotrice, Jay Accavone and Armand Shimmerman. Linda Hamilton couldn't make it due to a previous commitment Approximately 2000 fans from all over the country attended. Special rates were negotiated at the hotel hosting the event. ( Hilton near Old Town) Pick a non peak tourist date like in June or September.
    You can do this. Get your team together and start planning. You have a strong following and would definitely attract some significant Ebay management. How big do you want this to be? It could take on a life of its own and be really BIG.

  20. That's what you get when the Elliot hedge fund takes over a company. Never forget what they did to Cabela's for no reason except that they wanted to rake in tons of cash on the merger. And Cabela's founding town's a ghost town now. Destroyed.

  21. Thanks for talking about this. I was so upset when I found out about eBay Open. I live in SoCal and guess what, no Upfront for us. We have 3 big counties here LA, OC and San Diego with so many eBay sellers and they left us out. But they have Upfront in San Jose which already have meetup every month. Guess SoCal sellers aren't as important.
    I really hope you can arrange a 2 or 3 days Meetup in Florida, I'll book my flight and hotel as soon as you have the date and location. I went to eBay Open for the 1st time last year because I watched your announcement and it was awesome.
    My suggestion is having a Facebook group for people that want to attend your event, it might be difficult if you have to do everything yourself but I believe that we can make it happen if all of us chip in ideas.
    Thanks for many great videos ❤️

  22. Ebay has to be going out… IDK this did not surprise me. You would be a great host for a get together in FL Casey

  23. If you have a number of people maybe wherever you do the meetings if you speak with the department of sales at the hotel they can arrange special prices for the rooms in this group.

  24. So did anyone else notice these are just the same meetup groups that happen normally in your area? :/ Not even an actual ebay thing, just a local seller meetup. A bit disappointed.

  25. Disney isn’t a draw for the people who live on the coast w Disneyland. Best bet would be to contact a Trade Show Management Company to fill the hole left, frankly, a consortium of resellers in general including all platforms would be a wiser move – let them scrap over the sponsorships.

  26. I would come into FL from AZ. But I’m most interested in reselling in general and other platforms. I would love to participate in round tables discussing the many platforms available.

  27. I clicked on Chicago register in Ebay, but every time I do this I get a message saying "bad getaway." Are other people having trouble signing up through Ebay in the seller dashboard link?

  28. I live on the east coast of Virginia. None of the Update locations are worth the travel time or costs. The closest one is in Weehauken, NJ (Never heard of it) which is over 6 hours away. 6 hours for 2-3 hours or info, no thank you. I suggest some of our TOP Ebay producers get together with sales vendors, educators and more to provide an event in a location worth attendance for all.

  29. They're not really losing money because it's all tax deductible. Since they're having issues with the CEO they're probably just having a mini panic attack while they restructure.

  30. Just signed up for the Tampa event – great timing 3 days after my last Chemo treatment here in Gainesville Fl a long 6 months time to get my Ebay store moving again full blast

  31. Its always about $$$ but the question i have is how much of a benefit to ebay was this type of an event. Dod it actually cause more issues and liabilities by holding such a massive event??

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