19 Replies to “eBay seller TOMTOP is a liar and a thief”

  1. I've seen potato quality video… But this camera, is dirt quality video. Everything is brown…….

  2. Had the same problem. Got a junk HD camera. Asked for a refund and was offered $3. I paid $24. This scammer really gives a hard time as I think that how they make their money by making it difficult to return. As I just gave up myself.

  3. I purchased from one of Tomtop's ebay aliases (they have changed the account name recently to try and cover this up). They never sent the item, and now are saying they did. They have received 700+ negative feedbacks this month alone, and are clearly trying to steal people's money by requesting they communicate via email and not use ebay messaging within the dispute (this way, if you don't reply to the dispute it will be closed in their favour).


  4. This website is fake .. I want GOogle to help me to stop this fake company and their promotions. I paid for the product which I didnt get yet .. and they overcharged for it. Plz reply me if you also faces the same so that we can have a community against these frauds

  5. This website is fake .. I want GOogle to help me to stop this fake company and their promotions. I paid for the product which I didnt get yet .. and they overcharged for it. Plz reply me if you also faces the same so that we can have a community against these frauds

  6. These people are a total SCAM — They had me send the broken phone they send me and after 6 months or so with 10s of emails back and forth and money spend sending the phone back they just stopped contact !
    THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED and I hope someone shuts this SCAM operation down!
    They also never show the BAD comments that people send to there FB page as they did earlier.

  7. It doesn't matter if you buy form ebay or straight from the TomTop site. You will get the same results when trying to return defective product. I just bought a 200 hundred dollar drone from them that was defective straight out of the box. Swivel camera broken, FPV monitor charging only half way, and one of the motor's just stopped working. Customer service has been running me around for a month and a half. The thing was broken out of the box, but they think that their tech help can some how magically fix it. So after almost two months of emails and video's, still no refund or return. Oh and good luck with expedited shipping from this company. It's hit and miss. I bought 4 items and payed 10 dollars extra for each item. One of the four items arrived within 2 weeks. The other 3 item's took a month, to boot no refund on expedited shipping. This company is a fraud and scam.

  8. What did you expect as quality from a 20$ action cam without even a brand name … i mean for that amount of money thats what u get , regardeless of that site being a scam or not …

  9. I bought a X380 drone.On 6 september 2017. I received the drone.
    on 7 september 2017. At his first flight the drone crashed. Tomtop Kelly asked me to send the drone back at my costs.(34,30€) Kelly wanted to pay back $140. I wrote that I wanted a new x380 drone.Kelly wrote that I could get a new drone for €40. I wanted to buy extra things for my drone .Kelly wrote me to pay 40 € extra. Then I received an invoice from Tomtop Hamburg that I have to pay €177,78 for a new drone x380.I wrote Tomtop that we have a deal. 40€ for a new X380 drone.
    A Mandy wanted to pay back 40 and later 50$. I wrote Tomtop send me a new drone X 380or my reoaired drone. Then Tomtop wrote that the manufactor don't have a x380 drone . I wrote Tomtop to send back my drone at costs of Tomtop.
    No answer. Almost 7 months waiting I had a good deal 40€ for a new x380 drone.

  10. Lucky for me I only lost $100 dollars to this scam company. They won't answer my emails and deleted my bad review. Yes, it's cheap Chinese crap, but I expect the product to last more than 3 days.

  11. Do Not purchase anything from this company. I purchased a  drone which cost me over $200 that was defective right out of the box. One motor was bad first time I turned it on.They offered me $15 to get it fixed on my own. After 2 months of going back and forth with this company that's all they would offer. Don't waste your time or Money….

  12. OK…Tomtop USA has been a good supplier to me for light tech equipment. zero problems. I actually think this company mostly does a good job. I find that sales agents EVERYWHERE are low on expertise and up on misinformation themselves…and I do a ton of research on just about everything because I don't trust salesmen in the USA or Singapore or anywhere to get it right, honestly or dishonestly. Hey, you don't buy the crap on TV, do you? (And Brian: you can be sore, but you have a good inexpensive lesson on becoming a better consumer in this hungry, fake economy..)

  13. TomTop is a scam. Bought a motorized camera slider. Did not work on battery or mains 220V. A useless piece of crap. 3 weeks of emailing does not help. No will to help what so ever………………… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hnqxl-Ltvzk&t=12s

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