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  1. Hey, past days i feel depressed and sad so much. cuz in a week im getting 20 and i still got no idea what should i do in my life. im studying finance, i loveclearning about investing, programing and cooking also im very into sports. Could you help me to find out my real path to success?

  2. Watching your 7 videos! wow really imppressed by the details you put it!
    Thanks Stefan, its awesome getting mini courses for free!

  3. Thanks man! I'm an 18 year old college student writing my first kindle book now. Thanks for always providing a ton of value!

  4. Awesome!

    Great to see your progression, thanks for putting out so much quality content for so long. It's been awesome to follow along with the methods and being online for a while, understand that what you're selling is legit too

    Excited for the future! Keep up the great stuff

    – Evan

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