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  1. Wow that goodwill is nice!! I wished I could source and list that many hours a day. Full time jobs get in the way of that 🙁

  2. I only buy clothes on dollar day, with over 50 goodwill's in my area I can get tons of clothes for $1 each week. I like it when they overprice stuff because there is a better chance it ends up going for a dollar.

  3. Our Goodwill shops near me are just pathetic compared to that store. Plus the smell of all the used clothing really gets to me if I'm in the store longer than about 30 mins.

  4. Goodwill/Salvation Army and other thrift stores + garage sales and estate sales can be a great source of listed inventory on selling platforms.
    What is even more significant, in my opinion, is a constant education about what to buy (what sells.. or does not) and how much to spend to make a sensible net profit. This requires regular sourcing practice and research study.
    My wife and I get often surprised at how high or low we initially value our findings after researching them. The learning process never ends, and it should not.
    Great video/topic!

  5. That Gimble is QUALITY! Im going to have to look into getting one. I couldnt get over how crisp and smooth it looked man

  6. I just started a store my local thrift is cheap compared to all the ones I see on YouTube I picked up a pair of brooks brothers shoes for 4.99 sold for 135 within 10 minutes can find good stuff part of the time small town problems waiting for yard sale season.. but In the 2 weeks I’ve started selling part tome on eBay I’ve had 300 dollars in sales on 5 items about 23 dollars into them but it’s hard to get stuff to build my account when I’m only allowed to post 10 items a month new resellers have to be super picky when they first start until they can list more

  7. Great job Casey. Enjoy your new gimbal. $130 is resonable for a gimbal. Are you using your iPhone !!? The quality is very good.

  8. Can Someone Please Step Up To Kailua Kona Hawaii for Dumping (Manager Chris)So Many Clothes going into our small dump-im just a girl with a small business I have no money or influential people

  9. I enjoy seeing alternative sources for finding good inventory. We have been hitting the new Goodwill Outlet in Orlando a couple of times a week for around an hour each visit. It amazes me that we can find a few overlooked gems every time. Monday resulted in a Robert Graham shirt, FootJoy jacket and a Brooks Brothers wool pea coat along with a few more bread and butter items. $1.39 per pound.

  10. You should check out this article about Nordstrom's carrying second hand clothes: Old clothes, new customers: Nordstrom becomes latest big retailer to sell secondhand items (Wapo). So there's going to be more competition to find "quality" used clothing at GW and SA.

  11. That store is unbelievable organized. You should see my store. It's like downtown Beirut!!! I find all my clothes in the electronicss area.

  12. Clothing is deathly slow to list. Took me 1 hour to do 7 shirts. I can do 15 books or dvds in 1 hour with 90 percent sell rate. But you may have better success with clothing (listing and finding them) then me. That $20 average is not hard to obtain. Good numbers Casey.

  13. I only source Goodwill part time. Went to one garage sale last year. $59,000 in sales. Just think if I had more time to shop.

  14. Bravo ! This is an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC video ! Although I don't Retail arbitrage anymore, I would like to salute you on an excellent simple instructional video on how it is done. 👍😎

  15. Maybe I missed it do you have a workflow video for posting items I can't seem to post five items an hour I do sell mostly electronic and hard Goods

  16. can you do a video how you organize your items at home? do you use bins and shelves or what kind of system do you use?

  17. Hi, Casey I work a pt day job! Requires tons of walking 7 miles-9 those days I can’t move when I get home. The days I am off I list although my mother getting cancer and dying got me behind. It was a mess! Still trying to put her ashes in cemetery.
    Anyhow my days off I list and am doing well on Poshmark! I source weekends with my husband and have a huge death pile. Hubby loves the bins to! I take vacation days off to sell at a flea market several times a year. I love reselling and really want to make a decent income! I sold on eBay for 15 plus years as a stay at home mom and honestly it was more like a hobby! This time I need to make $. Change to good habits! Going to be a grandma in a couple weeks! Really want to go full time get organized. Struggle bad with book keeping. I just took Sydney elles course. She knows her stuff but I am not a beginner with reselling . I sold glass, Pyrex, etc. and was at an antique mall 12 yrs. I have bad organizational skills and I am 51!
    What courses of yours if any Casey can help me streamline my business! Thanks!

  18. I’ll I heard you saying was “you can do it!” And “It can be done!” Thanks for the inspiration to the baby level sellers out there like me

  19. Funny this is expensive to Florida people. In Oregon those prices would be a dream. Shirts minimum $6.99 for the cheaper stuff then up from there. Cheapest junk shoes $9.99 but anything worth anything can go up to $39.99. Still possible to make a profit but these prices would be a dream lol

  20. nice video 🙂 i just started uploading my journey as a uk reseller so nice to see others and how they do it. subbed

  21. Went to Goodwill the other day and their display cases were filled with cheap jewelry, I asked the manager what happened to all the good stuff they usually have in the display cases like the higher end shoes, handbags, watches and electronics. He said they no longer sell those items in the store and that they sell them on their eBay store now.

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  23. Let's not forget that some areas have Goodwill outlets where you can buy clothing by the pound. There is one of those in my area.

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