42 Replies to “‘Grocery delivery wars’ expected to create boom in online food shopping”

  1. Probably won't do as good in ratings as CBC "Drag Kids" outside Toronto because we know that's where Canada's most perverted degenerate pedophiles reside.

  2. This is a very old idea, grocers used to do home delivery decades ago. Next they'll be saying they can get milk delivered as well.

  3. I rather go to the store for groceries, but for items stores don’t sell any longer and still in existence, I’m FORCED to buy online

  4. The economic impact of this is huge convenience will eliminate jobs and bloat ceo salaries good sheeple just stay home avoid human contact live online help us make you dependant faster

  5. Might be useful for those who doesn't have a car. Otherwise, I would rather go to the grocery store. I'm not that lazy.

  6. I use to order from Walmart here in Toronto, and from 3 times I ordered, 2 orders where with bad products or missing products and customer service was really bad….I wouldn’t recommend anybody ordering online

  7. I would totally do this since I am legally blind and cannot drive to the grocery store. My husband works out of town so getting to the grocery store is incredibly difficult for me. However, in the city I live in, none of our grocery chains offer this service.

  8. I taught my 4 kids to behave. And rewarded their good help with a cookie at the end.
    Be prepared to leave if they act up. (They only fo it once then figure out Dads not screwing around)
    Let them help, get things off the shelf, keep track of the list, put things in the cart…..
    Or, do what this lady does and pay premium price plus a fee.

  9. We only had food delivered once. Food was poor quality. Also bread was stale and had to be thrown out. Never again. Also people who shop in store are paying extra for others getting deliveries.

  10. I come from a big family and used to love going shopping with my mum. It was the best way to get sustained one on one time with her. If we went downtown it could be up to 3 hours and it might include lunch. I could even choose which cereal we got as long as she approved so there was no Cap't Crunch etc.

  11. Gave this a Like but could equally give it a Dislike, for I do MY OWN shopping, not trusting others to make my choices, not even friends, unless I'm just asking for standardized prepackaged "foods", such as bags of frozen vegies, potato chips or tortillas, …, but even then prefer to choose for myself, for I also pay attention to " best before/by dates ", which I wouldn't readily trust store clerks to verify. For some things it could be ok, but NOT for fresh vegetables and meats, fish, seafoods, f.e. Store clerks know VERY little about the foods. Even several years ago, local large and also small or relatively small grocery stores were selling " rutabaga " while calling it " turnips ", so I told some these store workers that these weren't turnips but, instead, rutabagas, and this correction came to be commonly made within maybe 2 years, or sooner. It was quick enough. I personally inspect and won't rely on these store workers to do this for me. Get a 3lb bag of onions and the bag is see-through. Do the inspection yourself and you can inspect each of the onions, while a clerk would normally just grab the first bag without inspecting the onions. Similarly with potatoes, beets, carrots, …. Of course I much prefer to choose these INDIVIDUALLY, one by one, so that I can hold each in the hand and fully inspect, which is why I like buying loose vegies, onions, garlic, celery, lettuce, …. But, with see-through bags, I manage for some vegies Etc.. EVER SEE what people have in their grocery carts when coming out of these stores? A LOT OF JUNK.

  12. Come on lady….we all had kids and dealt with them in public places….get real,get your kids off the computers and get some exercise

  13. Who ends up really paying the cost in the end? My bet is the average customer that shops in the store as I feel that the delivery charges don't actually covers the full cost.

  14. I have not and would not have any restaurant deliver any meals to me. Though I had considered it, the delivery fees and tips to pay out just convince me to just get into my car or make something from my kitchen. While I did wished to have a way to get my last minute groceries delivered, I would do the same thing every time. open the app, collect items into basket, see total price plus fees, pause/debate in my head, grab my keys and get into my car.

  15. Think your saving cash? I don't think so. I don't want someone else picking out my groceries, as I shop, read labels, check price per ounce…. deals of the day.
    I just want to touch, feel and look at what I want.
    And I find it peaceful in away doing it myself, checking competitive products, without anyone with me late at night.

    I don't need a private shopper whose in a hurry, because they have other orders to fill.

    I'm not lazy…….

  16. I've used InstaCart with California based Rayles Markets and WalMart shopping service. Had good experiences with both, the InstaCart shopper will send you a message via their app if the item you want is out and they will suggest a replacement to which you can either approve or disapprove. A few dollars more with InstaCart home delivery and no charge with WalMart shopping and you pickup. I still like shopping myself but there are times it isn't convenient or I am unable to drive myself. I am 70, live alone with two cats and partially disabled.

  17. Oh and the days when there were no Sunday shopping and if you didn't get to the bank by 3 you were SOL ,,, How did we survive?

  18. As a disabled person with 3 kids who can't push a cart or carry things and walk at the same time, this is a great way for me to shop.

  19. It's very convenient for those of us without a car. Spend an extra couple of dollars to not spend 4-5 hours bringing it home? Sign me up.

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