He Sold $10,000 Worth of Rare Pokemon Cards! (By Selling on Ebay!)

He Sold $10,000 Worth of Rare Pokemon Cards! (By Selling on Ebay!)

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  1. If you enjoy the sales videos make sure to check out this playlist of all my weekly sales! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10UjTiWdlrk&list=PLKrUpvaQv26Rg91qLlhFLj5GOtqCkl30P

  2. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Some amazing items you were able to sell!! Going to try to save up 💵💲💰💸 to get some items LOL Keep up with the great videos!!!

  3. I like the sales videos. Keeps me in the know of what things cost. A lot of it being in my price range. Except for that kakuna, got dang.

  4. You sound like you have a cold?? New mic?? Maybe my new headphones are making you sound different. But I love your sales vids they are best.

  5. Great video again very informative have you ever thought about doing what Rusty does and open up 30 spots to people at a fee that would like to learn the ins and outside of the business if so I would definitely be interested !

  6. $5'500 each for those first edition base set packs? You made $16,500 on just those 3 packs! I'm pretty sure you made over 20 grand here haha

  7. Yea you definitely have amazing stuff for sale for a great price I mentor the hell out of you watch the moves you make and I’m trying to build a collection hopefully at least half the size of yours got to dream big to achieve big thank you for all the training videos

  8. Do you actually make much profit margins on the cards? I know they sell for a lot, but does that counteract the price theyre bought for

  9. I use eBay for a majority of my trading card purchases. I highly recommend checking out PokeRevs store. He has an awesome selection even outside of Pokémon. Cool video as always thanks again!

  10. Hey PokeRev! I've been watching you for a few weeks now and you've inspired me to start collecting again. I'm going to start with sword and shield, but if you have any tips for a new collector that would be awesome!

  11. Just started Pokemon opening channel on YouTube nothing as good as yours but just wanted to say you inspired me to actually start creating videos love the channel keep it up

  12. Come on guys let’s get PokeRev to 10k subs hit that subscribe and like button and even share the video so it can go farther in the world!!!

  13. Do you have any Primeape graded cards for sale brother? He’s my favorite of all time.
    He got me through yellow, and as a kid you grind with one Pokémon without knowing how to play and he holds a place in my heart and he gets almost zero love.

    Interested to know some of your favorite Pokémon?
    Also I have a huge shaymin collection. Really wanting to send in a few for getting graded. Do you send in people’s cards too for a fee? If not it’s okay. It would just be cool if that’s something you did do, and then show off people’s cards you send in along with yours. May not be something you’re into just a thought.

    As always. You’re one of the ONLY people I have with notifications on, always watching the videos 10-20 minutes after they drop.

    The knowledge, accessibility, and humbleness is admirable.

  14. You have really good production values and marketing skills. It's something you kinda need to become a big youtuber. I love this channel and many others but I believe other channels should really take note of how you present yourself and your channel. Good stuff as always!

  15. That nidoking was not a 10 …the right border was thicker than the left …kinda feel like you should of told seller ….I would grade it at a high 9 but not no 10

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