How I Made $5000 Selling Sneakers On eBay In a Week!

How I Made $5000 Selling Sneakers On eBay In a Week!

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  1. Got faith you got this and I know your sentiment. You want that financial freedom without that strain of debt. Keep pushing you know I support it and am on the same path!! eBay is bae for steals and making money too

  2. Please keep pushing the content. I had to cleanse social media for my goals but very happy to see your content #debtfree !

  3. I really enjoy videos about different lifestyles things like cars apartments shoes clothing etc but I’ll watch regardless #debtfree

  4. I record myself putting my items in the packaging with the tracking number, and sealing it. All in one continuous video. Haven't been finessed yet, one weak attempt though.

  5. I love what your doing right now. I can just play your videos and listen to them while I do homework and get blessed with facts so keep it up.

  6. Great video, can you show us 1 step by step process on how you sell. I'm still sceptical, would like to know how shipping works, etc. 👍

  7. Been watching your videos and supporting for a minute now. I love the content overall, but something I’d like to see is more sit down videos giving advice to young adults about your opinion on going to college or doing something else in life. #debtfree

  8. love your vids my guy 🔥 as far as content goes I would love to see fitness video's and more of getting into the sneaker business.

  9. Hi pal! Can you check your IG DM’s. Sent you a DM about some Stone Island white cargos I’m sure you talked about in a video the other week!

  10. I wanna see the step by step like a vlog style of you selling your shoes like u taking pics listing then showing us what u make after everything then going to ship the shoes out like a day in the life of selling on eBay. #debtfree

  11. I like this man…. plus I am in the same boat… I actually dedicated 2.11.20 to trying to ensure I got all this debt under control… 100k in debt at least someone can relate… student loans a ***. #debtfree

  12. I like the content with sneakers sprinkled in there. I'm on the same mission so I understand what you are going through. Life talks with sneakers is perfect

  13. fan of the channel, like seeing the shoe reviews and the what would i wear with certain sneakers even tho i probably wouldnt wear it but enjoy the editing on those videos lol

  14. I’m proud of u Mike! I’m in college too, and I had to take out a $1500 loan this semester and it’s really daunting, so I feel ya on that. But appreciate the advice 🙏🏼

  15. Love what you doing man, best of luck. #debtfree I’d like to see an in depth analysis of what you put in your sneaker postings.

  16. Keep up in the eBay series. I’m in a very similar boat as you. I need someone to just yell at me to sell me shoes. I’m so low on money and I just need a wake up call…

  17. Is crazy the debt ofc u can pay it off! I would like to see a little more of why you like sneakers and why having so many?

  18. Been rocking with you since you was in college ballin. More Vlogs my dude, start collabing with more Youtubers again bro. Like when you was out here in LA. I believe in you bro. Videos never disappoint. Stay up bro

  19. Definitely more MikeVlogs type of uploads or just start back posting on that page🤷🏽‍♂️ also style vids. I mess with how you do men’s fashion tips not a lot of videos out there like that for us fellas. #DebtFree

  20. Hey Mike, I love the content. As for suggestions, I like when you mix it up and offer some real world advice and updates on life. I’m about to graduate college in May, so I’m right there with you on loan payments coming up. #debtfree

  21. Bro brought back the sketches! Glad to see it! And man as far as content goes it would be good to see more of the vlogs. Also videos about up and coming releases youre excited about and of course the outfits to go with them. I'm trying to be #DebtFree too bro! I hate it but it's getting better. Much love

  22. Owing money really puts on a lot off weight on you! That’s why when I buy stuff with my credit card I try to pay it off ASAP. I hate owing money

  23. Gonna gravitate 👍🏽… U already kno Compass 👊🏽👏🏽… How ‘bout an episode where you show an eBay transaction/sale cradle to grave. Starting at you listing the item, all the way through receiving your funds 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️… I realize it’s a “dated” concept, but I still find it interesting 👟💻📃📮💵

  24. Record the process of paying off your debut so when it’s paid off you can post it to motivate kids in the future #debt freed

  25. Proud of you bruh. Im on the same journey (last year in college), but im trynna work and hustle to be debt free and have some clean kicks! #debtfree

  26. Would love to see how to make more money besides just getting a job. Like how do you go through the process of actually selling and getting your item clicks to sell them.

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