How Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery Helped Chandler Bolt Scale His Online Business to 7-Figures

How Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery Helped Chandler Bolt Scale His Online Business to 7-Figures

– Hi, my name’s Chandler Bolt. I run a company called
Self-Publishing School. We’re an online education program. We teach people how to write
and publish their first book. Around the time that I did
my first virtual summit, I had written a few books. I had started a business. The business had done, I’d say, a couple hundred thousand dollars. But at that point, it
hadn’t really taken off. I had I think, a list
of about 10,000 people and we had been working at that, building it from our books, building it off of ads,
launches, things like that. I was introduced to Navid through a friend and they told me about these summits, which I had kind of heard of, not really. But it was this concept
that was kinda foreign but then I started talking to Navid and found out how successful
these things were. So I decided to do my first virtual summit for a couple of reasons. Number one, because I felt
like it was a great way to meet really smart people. Number two, I felt like it was a great way to talk to those people
and learn from them. Not only just meet them
but learn from them. And then number three,
and the obvious one, I saw it as a really good business model to not only bring in a lot of subscribers, but to ultimately bring
in purchasers and buyers for my program, for my company. So the original goal of the
Self-Publishing Success Summit was to bring in 10,000 leads. It was really to do a
summit the way I felt like no one else had done it. So we wanted to reset the bar and raise the quality bar
on summits in general. And my goal was to get 10,000 leads. And I can’t even remember the revenue goal but I wanna say it was like
$100,000 or something like that. And ultimately, at the end of the day, we ended up bringing in over 30,000 leads and bringing in over $330,000 in revenue. And not only that, but
I really think that it established me and my company as the go-to person for publishing and for writing your first book, as well as it just kind of let people know that we were serious. I say the most unexpected thing for me and the process of doing summits was that I was able to meet people that I never though I would get to meet. And I was able to get
people to say yes that, quite frankly, I thought was
just way out of my league. I was able to meet a ton of really smart, really successful people that I would have never known them, much less them promote my program or my company or us be friends. You know, like one of my favorite examples is Jay Papasan from The One Thing. I go to Austin and we have dinner, or we have drinks or whatever. Like he came in and did a talk for my team about The One Thing. We did that as a book club. Then he came in and did a Q&A with them. So just crazy cool things that never would have happened if I wouldn’t have done a summit, cause it just really opened
a lot of doors for me into those relationships. I’m a firm believer that if
you wanna do something well you need to go from the person who’s done what you wanna do and
learn directly from them. If you’re considering
Virtual Summit Mastery, I’d say that it’s a proven system you can follow to grow your business. The first time it was
obviously such a big success that we decided to do another one and basically replicated
the results again. So we did another summit
the following year, brought in another 30,000 leads, brought in another $300,000 plus. So from that point if I would
have just stopped measuring the ROI at that point, it
would have been $6-700,000. But obviously since then we’ve
had hundreds of thousands of dollars more in business. If not over a million dollars in business that has come as a result of either leads that originally opted
in through the summit or affiliate partner relationships that were built during that summit, both in the first year
and in the second year. I think a huge part of doing a summit is not only just the initial
pop that you’re gonna get both in subscribers and in revenue, but in the long term lifetime value of the subscribers and of the customers. I mean, people loved the summit so much that that brand loyalty
came to my business and in all things that we’ve done. And even lifetime value in one way that I think not a lot
of people are doing it is we were able to
successfully turn the summit into a podcast. So I have a really successful podcast now. We just passed 100,000
downloads with that podcast. And those are all
repurposing of interviews I did in the summit. So now we’re 30-something episodes in. I’m booked out trough middle of next year, all because I did 40
interviews the first summit, 40 interviews the second summit. So now, we just have this road map. I don’t have to do anything
but promote the interviews. So the long term value there, now we have the podcast, which
I just found out two days ago got approved in the Spotify store, which is really cool cause
they’re really selective. With this growing and thriving podcast, all because we were strategic about the way that we did the summit. We were able to repurpose that. I hope to have been able to impact thousands of lives
through Self-Publishing School and help thousands of thousands of people publish their first book. And really to revolutionize
the publishing industry so that it’s not just
the publishers anymore. Our goal is to legitimize
self-publishing as an industry. And make it not only so it’s a option, but it’s the best option. And it’s better than
going with a publisher. So that’s my ultimate goal in the mission of Self-Publishing School is to help people through that. So our goal is to help 100,000 people publish a book through the program and through the company. Long term vision for me is
that at the end of my life that I’m able to look back at my life and I feel like I A, made
the world a better place. And B, I left it all out on the field. Now what that specifically
that means for me, I feel like I have specific
gifts, talents, and abilities that I was given that I need to use in the avenue of business. Because I’m a firm believer
business is the avenue to create the most change in human beings. So not only in my employees,
but in my customers, and the world at large so that not only can I
make people’s lives better through the business itself but also we can do a lot of good. So I see my life kind of in two phases. The first phase to make a lot of money, the second phase is to give it all away. Kinda like a Johnny
Rockefeller, Bill Gates, there’s a ton of great examples of this. But to be able to
positively impact the world so that I know that long
after I’m off this Earth, that the world’s a better
place because I was here.

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