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  1. I honestly had zero interests in health and fitness but when I started making money with it the more I became interested in it. Now I'm obsessed with the science of it all. Tell me your interests and let's see what can be made from them!

  2. You rock as a teacher Scrivs. Loved the video! My interests: faith (in God); health; fitness; maximizing human potential; psychology; career change (especially medical doctors who are burned out); dogs; business, relationships, black hair care,and travel.

  3. DTC videos are great Scrivs. My interest (and passion) is in the sobriety sub-niche of self help :-). So I’m looking forward to learning along side your journey.

  4. I am planning on making a business selling pregnancy journals and baby memory books that are more personal. Can’t wait to follow along and learn from your experience!

  5. Making money online 🙂 Seems to be my recurring theme and what I research. I love scrapbooking, design, colors, elementary lesson ideas, paper crafts, yoga, and illustration. Thanks for another great video!

  6. My interests are: my Christian faith, intentional living, parenting, finance. But then I have an entrepreneurial brain and NON STOP ideas always. I recently started a faith based blog but then I want to jump to 642 if the other ideas I have lol. The time I have to put into biz is severely limited so that’s the biggest factor in all of this. Love your videos BTW and your no nonsense teaching style is the best!

  7. enjoyed your video and it got me thinking, even though I am building my blog on lifestyle and travel. Might have to think about another one! Did I just say it out loud? 🙂

  8. Love the videos Scrivs! I'm a fellow personal development/self-help junkie, and my interests include simplicity, intentional living and all things Scandi, – all to be included in my new, (hopefully soon to be launched) blog 🙂

  9. My interests are with health and nutrition, but I have not completed my Holistic Nutrition course, so I thought I would start a blog about blogging to learn the ins and outs so that it would be easier to set up the Holistic site and hopefully have quicker success, if that makes sense.
    I want to be successful with the blog about blogging site because it is important to me to be successful with it. So I hope that some of the teaching will apply to my current website.
    Thank you for doing this Scrivs. This is amazing!

  10. I'm interested in crafts and making things from scratch 🙂 I also like to save money but I guess it all bundles together with making things from scratch

  11. Hey Scrivs – Would love to know you're thoughts on creating separate brands for each of our interests. I noticed you build out several niche brands. Is there any benefits to keeping everything as one brand? Currently my youtube channel has mostly marketing content on it but I want to begin posting on other aspects of my life too. Any thoughts on this?

  12. Hey Scrivs, that was great, very educative. l love natural remedies. that's one thing, but I'm not a visual person so I'm trying to figure out how to create an online biz on that and not go visual.

  13. I am a student of your courses Building A Brand and Building A Audience. I have a question: Do I build out my blog first ( 10 or 12 post) and then start building brand and audience? Thanks for the great training!

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