57 Replies to “How to Create Ecommerce Website HTML CSS with Slider Part-1”

  1. @LearnDesign im having problems getting the icons to resize they won't resize to be small and to be on the top bar i got the icons images from the google images. could you please send me your png icons images to my email [email protected],com

  2. Awesome tutorial bro, how about the database bro? are you going to do that project to? or its only front end?
    I Make tutorial to, how to create ecommerce website with php, jquery, bootstrap, and some ajax. Maybe i will create tutorial how to connect that website with Paypall bill to.
    I just wanna se how you do connection between the project and the database, so maybe i can find another why to connect it.

  3. Hey, this looks like a very good tutorial, but I recommend you use your voice instead of notepad. It makes it much worse, because there are some typos, and you have to switch back and forth which gets annoying fast.

  4. I copied it exactly but why does it now still show on the browser? I double checked many times but it still does'nt work, May I know what Im still missing? Iam encountering lots of errors 🙁

  5. Nice one but for clarity and new-programmers you should have included the other languages you used and maybe libraries like jquery

  6. Plz agr kisi ko css or html dono ka ek saath project bnaanaa hai. Website project. Agr kisi ko pta hai name to plz msg me

  7. please upload next video , can u please tell me what to do for making e -commerce website , i dont know programming ,can you please help me out . i am very thank full to you if you help me . please reply to my querie.

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