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  1. Marketing your website and getting clients is one of the hardest tasks of web design. In this video, ill show you several ways on how you can market your web design business and get more clients, good luck everyone and make sure to push the thumbs up!!! ( Make sure to check out my checklist in the description!!)

  2. Regarding those hole-in-the-wall restaurants, I actually came across a company when I lived on Long Island that specialized in building websites for those types of businesses in the local area. They basically just had a few templates, those businesses could choose a template, and he'd do some graphics, add in their content and set them up on Beyond Menu. It was only like $500 plus $20/month for hosting, and probably only took the developer a couple of hours to set up each site. It was kind of a brilliant strategy.

  3. My issue is I'm grappling with what to charge small business's a month. For maintenance, hosting, SEO and updates. Anybody have any suggestions?

  4. hi Darrel… could you please make a video how we can pricing our work in case we work as web designer.thanks in Advance.

  5. Great information. Nice to see that there are people that want to help without a hand in your wallet. Being a Senior citizen wanting to have a second trade, I get a lot of information from you. I am a Divi user, so I really enjoy your guide there. Keep up your good work and I will keep watching.

  6. Great job again. Darrel. Gretruly was the main reason for me to learn building websites. Even on Udemy courses. I took it because you said it in one of your channels. I really do trust your channel. I don't make any money yet. Now i will try this video out. Keep doing the great work brother.

  7. BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE KNAWLEDGE. Darrel is always a legend. Man I made a whole website for someone in advance thinking they would buy it because it was so good haha what a fool I was, they shot me down!

  8. Love the honest bro. Like you said youtube has become just a bunch of fake people making fake videos to sell fake courses with fake promises.

  9. Good video, but you should suggest people to actually study web design first. Knowing WordPress and Divi isn't enough, I see it all the time. Most free lancers don't even know basic HTML or CSS. Today's world is very competitive and you need to know the basics before starting your own web design business. Then you can do what you suggest and hope you get somewhere.

  10. Don't like or trust "testimonials" etc too easily manufactured and false, and very surprised you endorse doing this, which proves my point they are not necessarily true.

  11. Hi Daren. About freelancer.com you have mentioned to make contract with SEO guy. But how? Is it possible to include contracts with job on freelancer.com? Thank you

  12. I like alot of these ideas, but cold-calling or cold-emailing businesses with lousy websites usually is a waste of time: They don't care, don't understand what SEO is or why it matters, tried to do it themselves with Wix or Weebly so are emotionally attached to it. You can run it through GTMetrix and they won't know what you're talking about. So it's better to go to Chamber and Council events and talk about the value you bring and how you solve problems.

  13. Hey Darrel! I have been watcing your videos for the past 1,5 year and I just want to thank you for all the free and truly helpful information you give us. It is much appreciated!

  14. Great Video, but I would seriously avoid cold calling and being dishonest period! Pick a niche based on business models that use the web for marketing, then study your market and send them a letter with your analytics and suggestions, along with what it will cost to implement. Be professional and NEVER be a car salesman, also learn local SEO or don't bother doing it.

  15. Excellent Content! Need a video page ad, footer ad, block ad, or pop-up ad and website pricing suggestions!

  16. Hey guys, I'd like to work with anyone here who would want to outsource web design jobs. I'm a college student and I kinda don't have time for getting clients. You get the clients, outsource the work to me and boom! we design an Industry standard responsive website. Reply this if you're interested, I'll be happy to build a very happy relationship with you.

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  18. what do you think is best for a web designer creating a website that looks like a company or personalize

  19. Bro this video has done something really really amazing for me… thank you sooooo much for the contents you are producing

  20. Great video. Really helped, I am one of those Indians he is referring too. Do let me know if you need website or web services such as SEO or even digital marketing [email protected]

  21. Thank you Darrel. Great tips for Web Designers. We also design websites for people and logos. We also do SEO management and social media management. Visit our Website for more information.
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  22. Hey Darrel, this is a great video to get people successful in web design business. You talk about getting past the front person and being nice, exactly. I agree.

  23. Hi Darrell, I want to ask, what theme would you recommend to buy now(cost& quality). I think to buy between massive dynamic by your recommendation and Brizy.

  24. Hi Darren, do you have a tutorial on how to build your own portfolio website? I have a list of business leads I want to outreach for Webdesign and SEO

  25. I typed my first comment in the first minute & a half. By the end I was astounded by how much more I enjoyed how valid this content is

  26. Hi Darrel, Can I start web design business with free themes astra and free link builder elementor? I got lot of prospect in construction industry.

  27. Great Video Bro. God bless. But I have challenge when it comes to pricing. I once created my first web site for a certain man and what he did he just paid me the money for hosting and from then he went quite when he saw that his site was now published. I was pissed with him. So I need some help when it comes to pricing.

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  29. Most genuine educator here on a YouTube. I appreciate you keeping it real in every video! Ive literally learned so much from Darrel. Thanks man.

  30. A great way when cold calling to find out who the owner is of a business is to use your state's Secretary of State website. Just type in the name of the business in the business search field and it pulls all their business fillings including the owners.

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  32. I think this is the most realistic video. Thanks for being generous of your time in sharing this. God Bless You!!

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