12 Replies to “How to Publish a Book on Amazon in 7 Minutes or Less | How to Publish a Book on the Kindle Platform”

  1. I'll follow your advice and put FreedomFunGenius – Turning Learning into Adventure (currently in print) up as an ebook. Thanks!

  2. Great presentation. The same information is available elsewhere – but – this is the best all inclusive, concise description. I wish this had been my first read, because a couple of them got so bogged down in details you want to throw up your hands and quit. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the info, very helpful and I "liked" your video. You got a new subscriber.

    I was wondering if you could answer a question: is there a rating on the types of books that could be published on Amazon? Such as soft and steamy novels?


  4. Do you know a UK site that deals with books from the UK?  I had a bad experience from a self publishing website where they ignored me because I didn't pay the big bucks.  They didn't really want to publish my book and waited until I got annoyed and lost my temper with them, then they had a reason to refuse to publish it.  Can anyone help me?  Please?

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