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  1. Looking forward to hearing more information coming from you and your thoughts primarily on Amazon. I'm also a 7 figure seller on Amazon so I'm definitely interested in hearing how you go about things and what to do moving forward. On a side note, I'll be in Washington in May, would love to meet up if you're interested. Thanks Chris.

  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Team work makes the dream work!

    I would like to see an in depth video series of you using Amasuite 5 (all 5 softwares).
    I purchased Amasuite 5 and have a general understanding but would appreciate the
    reinforcement of seeing you professionally do product research beyond the depth of
    your Amasuite tutorials. Please and thank you, Chris.

    Subscribed. Bell Hit. Liked.


  3. Hello Chris Guthrie and thank you for the video.I have a product that I developed and have made some sales on Ebay and the feedback have been great I need someone like you to partner with me to kick ass with this product and take a cut of the proceeds .Nobody is thinking this way will you work with me?It is a pet product that has accessories.

  4. If you want more reviews on Amazon, check out Salesbacker:
    https://www.salesbacker.com/start (I'm one of the co-founders)

  5. Chris – excellent material for someone like me just starting along the Amazon road! I would like some more information on how you make your product unique (product private label I think it's called). As far as I can ascertain, the product sold has to be different from the competition. I'm assuming just putting your own label on a product doesn't make it unique or am I wrong assuming that? Keep up the gr8 work!

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