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  1. Thank you for doing this video. Sometimes you want to just try something but not spend a ton of your money. I want the stamping industry to flourish but some of these companies are way over priced. I stay away from Ali Express but their prices are very tempting. Maybe USA companies can come together and sell gently used products like dies or stamps. Thanks again.

  2. Yes pls. make a tutorial video on that using those japanese (onion-skin like) paper, i have a lot of those but haven't tried using it cuz i don't wanna waste it 🤔😄

  3. No they sell clear gesso so they can coat the actual bible pages and so it doesn't bleed through. They are making pages in the bible that look like your sketchbook. They are stamping drawing and whatever on the onion skin type pages with the actual bible verses

  4. The paperpad idea works realy well, me and my mom does that and we get a lot more that way. It helps if you sort of like the same things aswell. Thank you for your videos, I always scroll thru my youtube notifications untill I see your name and watch your videos first. It always lifts my mood and makes my day just that much brighter 🤗🤗

  5. I buy used books off Amazon all the time. You can get them for just a few bucks where they'd normally be twenty or thirty dollars

  6. That was pretty cool. Lots of times I will buy the items that are open box type of items. Where it says package dented or something. My water filter was one of them. I saved over $50 and when it came it was all boxed and wrapped like new. Nothing had ever been opened. Score big time!

  7. May I ask when you purchased these? I just went through the entire warehouse watercolor stash…not one single thing that was anywhere near half of the original price, and none of the same type of palettes that you found.

  8. Hi Lindsay, I was wondering if you could do a video on how you grew your channel and how to get supplies sent to you for review. I am just starting out and would really use some advice 🙂

  9. I’m all for it. A friend of mine worked in a warehouse and she said they are mainly returns for cash cause folk got in a present and already had them etc. Anything that was really used and abused never gets taken back, or things that have been taken out of the packaging they will re sell, if they get a lot of returns for one thing they put them in those bulk boxes you can buy. I’m all for used, I’d have had nothing if I wasn’t lol xxxAnnxxx

  10. You've made me curious now. Alcohol markers and watercolor in trays are on my wish list. Anything to save a dollar or two – even if it is a Canadian dollar!

  11. They have the paper fashion line at my Joanne's I saw them but right…for the price I did not pick anything up. They do have such cute brush holders and stuff though 🙂

  12. I love you so much but I wish you would talk a little slower for us not English speaking audience to understand you better, on phone cannot speed down and the auto captions are a whole mess lol 😅❤️

  13. I buy lots of books on Amazon and usually they always have a used copy ranging from like new to fair, I try to find like new to good, always at a way cheaper price usually 50 to 75 even higher % off and I’m always pleasantly surprised at the condition they arrive in.

  14. I found the Paper Fashion line at Joann's. They do not have a large presence like Jane Davenport does at Michaels but they are there. I have the Metallic watercolor set and I purchased their 100% cotton watercolor paper both by sheets and in a "Watercolor Sketch Book" which has sewn in 100% cotton hot pressed paper and I am using that as a watercolor journal. Joann's had the whole line 40% off. I am excited to see your reviews.

  15. Bwahaha, that title surprised me a little because it did seem clickbait-y. Glad it was just a nice frugal tip and no drama. I has seen used art supplies on Amazon warehouse as well, but I’ve never dared to buy them. Glad to see that you have such wonderful luck with both of your purchases! I am curious about the Bible journaling watercolors.

  16. After one of your vlogs/reviews of the Paul Rubens paint and palette, I followed your link and was disappointed that the palette was unavailable. A week later, I found both the pink and blue palettes were in stock for $19.99 and the entire set for $68.99. I found a used set for $53.99 and figured: “Full price for the palette and $34 for 24 paints. If I don’t like them, I’ll send them back.” Two days later, they arrived, never opened, never used—one corner of the outer box was slightly dented. The outer box is so sturdy and the inside is so well padded that nothing inside was damaged. I’m pleased to have saved $15.

  17. I have purchased used for years and loved the bargains – especially for art books where the book is no longer in print. There IS a difference between a "Used" item and the Amazon Warehouse "used".

    Used items can be from an alternate vendor than Amazon and because of that its important, when you are considering that item, that you also look at the vendor's customer reviews as some are "iffy" sellers and you'll want to be careful.

    Amazon Warehouse deals can be items returned by customers but they can also be: 1) stock that hasn't moved as well as expected and the overstock is a waste of space so they have a "used" sale to clear it out, or the item has been updated by the manufacturer and the sale is to clear out the old for the new, etc.

    Bargains are lovely things and since we don't get a 40% off coupon, the warehouse and used sales are the next best thing. 🙂

  18. I thought to myself what? Lindsay NEEDS more watercolors? Now I understand why. Interesting info on buying used. I will need to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I read that the Paper Fashion line is being sold through Joann's, I think. There's just a small one near me and I couldn't find them on display anywhere in the store. 🙁 It's sad that they don't seem to be getting much of a push since the sketchbook they have is nice quality for a craft line, IMO… Also, great to learn about the benefits of buying through Amazon Warehouse!

  20. I have been doing Amazon warehouse for art supplies for years. Lots of times their tubes, like individual Daniel Smith's, are mislabeled. So be careful! I have also found excellent deals, so it's a mixed bag with the warehouse.

  21. I have also bought used from 2 youtubers. For a stampin up demonstrator that offered free shipping at a certain amount, I split the order with 2 friends.

  22. Great idea! I've bought used books before but never thought of paints, especially those whose price is out of my reach.
    Thanks 🎨❤

  23. Not every state recycles equally. After our cats took their turns with our boxes, for instance, we'd collapse the cardboard items and tie them in stacks for pickup. Now our boxes must be pristine (tape and sticker-free) to be recycled. Glass jars and bottles used to be eligible, but no more, not even sans lids. Plastics labeled 1 or 2 were always recyclable, but now it's ALL plastic bottles with openings narrower or smaller than the rest of the bottle, so straight bottles are no good. Caps are part of the regular trash. Office paper, toilet rolls, egg cartons, etc. all go together. I don't know about newspaper because we don't subscribe.

    We've bought used books from Amazon for years although I didn't realize that "used" merely meant "returned". Cool!

  24. Hey Lindsay! Fun little video. I was wondering if you had any tips about hosting a friend over for crafting? My friend just asked if she could make cards with me and I never thought the day would come!!! I have all the basic supplies but very few duplicates. This friend is new to crafting and doesn’t have her own stuff yet. Any suggestions so we aren’t trying to both use the same things at once? I’m very excited, I’ve just only crafted alone before.

  25. Nice! I buy a lot of used books and I always wonder where they've been, whether they were read (because some look as if they weren't), what the previous owner(s) thought of them… and so on. Unused "used" watercolors at half price is a very happy surprise. ~ Lisa

  26. SO I assume maybe these were misordered or when received the original person saw they did not have the colors etc they wanted…eh?

  27. Oh my gosh! You are always so very helpful. Did not know about Amazon Warehouse. Also, I got a set of Chinese watercolor as a gift and found out it was for rice paper. I do Bible journal and I will for sure try them instead of just sitting on the shelf. Thanks so much!

  28. I buy from Amazon warehouse since years and never had any issues with it.
    I can really recommend buying printer paper (laser jet for handlettering 😉 ) from there and there is ALWAYS paper in the warehouse because the package was damaged in the original transport and it's resealed. Nearly all my office supplies are from there, heck I even bought my vacuum cleaner from the warehouse with a huge discount, just because the original dust bag it usually comes with wasn't there anymore.

    There is always a description about the item, what condition it is in and what flaws it has, like maybe a scratch or whatnot. Often times it's just something about the packaging. The price depends mostly on the condition of the item and can vary from a very small dicount to half the price. It's always worth looking there and if you don't like the problem the item might have, just don't buy it. Also the warehouse has the same returt policy as the usual shop and if you don't like it or feel the description was wrong, you can sent it back as usual.

  29. Honestly I'm a bit shocked and confused reading the comments that so many people don't seem to know Amazon warehouse. Maybe that's why Amazon sent out those emails in the first place, because customers in the US don't use it that much? I can really recommend buying from the warehouse

  30. whenever i shop on Amazon, i ALWAYS check the "More Buying Choices" to see if it's offered at a lower price. the condition varies (used—like new, used—very good, etc.) but it's typically something very minor like packaging or a dent on the actual product. for the most part, the bulk of the product is perfectly usable. for instance, i got a hardcover watercolor sketchbook whose cover was severely scuffed, but the inside pages were perfect. on the other hand, i'd also received a 3-pack of the Pentel waterbrushes and one of the covers was crushed so bad i had to throw it out, but the bristles were perfectly fine. it's a gamble, but worth it to me to save some cash.

  31. I think this is fantastic second hand arts supplies that haven't even had one hand one to begin with lol what a bargain for you!!!
    I will be searching everywhere now you have started a trend and good for you. 👍👍👍👍

  32. I loved your excitement on your great buy. I am surprised that you had not discovered Amazon's used options; haven't you ever noticed on the product page you are looking at, underneath or to the right of the page you may see "14 new and used from $"? I always click on that before I buy anything. Get this: my prize of prizes was in 2017 when I bought a "used" set of 150 Prismacolor pencils…for $48! I expected a dented tin at the least and a few broken or missing pencils, which would have still been worth it. Nope…BRAND NEW! I do look at the seller's reputation because 3rd party sellers may charge a restocking fee or make you pay for return shipping if there's a problem. But I'd say I have 99% luck with used items. I save a fortune on books and supplies.

  33. I really enjoyed this video! Holy Cow half price?! My next stop is The Amazon app! Ps., would you consider making videos using older tools?

  34. Oh yeah. I buy stuff from Amazon warehouse all the time. Art and craft supplies, kitchen supplies, books and household stuff.

  35. I just went to Amazon Warehouse to see if they had art supplies, but only found stuff that was from their regular website…but on the warehouse website. I am happy for you though! 👍😉

  36. I believe it’s called Amazon Marketplace, you can select used item. My BIL works for them! 😁 also, the Paper Fashion paints are now $16.99 on Amazon New!

  37. BTW, lots of folks paint, collage, etc right in a regular Bible with regular thin pages. The paper usually takes watercolor well; however, does tend to wrinkle a bit.

  38. So cool! I buy used books on Amazon and they are always new. Now watercolor. Nice to have good news after another brutal week in news. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Wow, I never knew Amazon had that facility- will need to check it out. Locally we have a Scrapstore and most of what they sell is recycled materials, donations and shop closure items. I've had some amazing crafty bits from there- often brand new and for a fraction of the original price. I got all of my Zig Kuretake watercolour pens (still shrink wrapped), K&Co Christmas themed chipboard, beads, gems, felt, stickers, mediums, and even and an office storage tower for £2.50! I spray painted it white, it looks good as new and holds so much stuff. I use it for all my ink pads, scrap & good paper, plus my gelli plate which I like to store flat.

  40. You lucked out with the used, unused watercolors! Good for you. I’m not afraid to try used Amazon now for craft supplies. Thx for the idea.

  41. There are a few sellers/makers of handmade watercolors on Etsy that sell used paints. Usually newer paints they made and tested, tried, etc. I would have no problem buying used just about anything, including my clothes. EXCEPT bras, undies, socks, shoes. Poshmark sells awesome used often new with tags clothing deeply discounted. Great video! Thanks 😊👍

  42. So freaking excited! I'll 100% buy used art supplies, especially watercolors which are so expensive! Thanks a bunch Lindsey!

  43. "Used" frm Amazon usually means, "someone returned this and it's cheaper for us to sell it at a low price than to have one of our employees check them for quaity"

  44. Lindsay, once again you've inspired me to try something new…Amazon Warehouse art supplies! Thanks for enabling this old lady artist thats..-got-too-much-stuff-already ; ) And just a side note, I have tried reg. watercolor and some markers on the onion thin Bible pages and it works great, no bleed through. (Watercolor markers) thanks for your time!

  45. I buy used or brand new art supplies in macari app Lov it get things sooo cheap even copics sketch for 1.50 each 🙂it’s awesome

  46. Sandy Alnock has done some good tutorials on Bible Journaling. I believe she goes to various craft stores or church groups to teach this. The paper on most Bibles, even journaling Bibles, is very thin.

  47. I’ve known private sellers sell on Amazon for a long time but wasn’t sure how that worked till I watched an investigation on it. I have often bought used books and met many thrift hunters who sell books buying for this in particular. But I think the investigation was mostly about dumpster divers and food products. Worth watching.
    I am a lover of second hand craft supplies and it’s how I’ve been able to afford access early on and now to many crafts. We have a couple wonderful up cycles local craft thrift stores here in Nashville that are amazing, I was just at one today- anything from yarn & needle point and crafting supplies to an amazing selection of paper crafting and even lots of donated machines and other higher end supplies for a reasonable price.
    I’ve gotten great quality paints and watercolours from there as well as many other finds. Today I bought a 48ct set of stampin up’s watercolor crayons for $10, barely used.
    I am a frugal crafter for sure!
    If you live in Nashville folks- check out S.M.A.R.T Art Thrift and Turnip Green Creative Reuse
    SMART hires disabled and special needs employees and accepts donations and Turnip does too many great things for the community to list and is a get anything you want and offer a donation as you can setup.

  48. In my experience Amazon Warehouse are open box items that can no longer be sold as new. It's a great way to save money. I've bought many, many items this way. Sometimes it's brand new stuff. Other times, it's gently used or has a scratch/dent.

    *I work for Amazon, but am not commenting on Amazon's behalf.

  49. The prices from the warehouse are not always half off. I have purchased many things from there. They are mostly good. The product description usually tells what to look for. Congratulations on your great purchase!

  50. Wait…. do I see a book in that bookcase titled (still giggling) "Stitch and Bitch"? Sorry just had to ask. Delete if you'd like!

  51. Thanks SO much for sharing this Lindsay!! I've seen the "buy used" option but was skeptical….. I am going to remember to check for it next time i buy something. What a great find!!

  52. You're so cute in this video. Not to say you're not in your other videos, I just got a kick out of how you talked about receiving brand new, unused products that you expected to be used. Click bait!! Too funny!!😉😂

  53. I don’t know a lot about Bible journaling, but I know there are people who use surprising products on that onion skin style paper. The paper I hear people talk about a lot is Tomoe River paper. I’ve watercoloured on it and while it did wrinkle some, it didn’t pill or fray or anything like that that you might expect from thin paper. There’s an artist who uses Pitt pens on old ledgers with onion skin paper and gets neat effects smudging it with his fingers and stuff as well.

  54. Your very lucky. I've heard wild stories from x employees and buyers with returned cloths that seems to be a hygienic issue with the buyers. But I'm so happy you didnt get 2 cases that were ran over with an 18 wheel tractor trailer that had the paints inside a crushed case for you to spend the rest of your life trying to get the paint out of .Lol. this is how my life rolls sometimes. lol🤣❤❤

  55. There are so many Chinese sellers on Amazon these days, it makes me wonder….not that all the items are inferior, so I too look forward to seeing your reviews.
    Blessings y’all❣️🙏🏼

  56. If you want to buy ACTUAL used stuff you don't want to buy from warehouse deals. Those are usually returns and not used, though always read the description. You want to go to third party sellers to really see potential funky used products

  57. I bought a used out of print watercolor book on Amazon also used DVDs. I pay close attention to the % ranking of the sellers though. I've had no problems.

  58. Adorkable, still loving your videos, thanks for posting this , was watching this and found myself with a big smile, so thanks

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