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  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! & welcome back to our channel! what did you guys think of our amazon personal shopper haul? EDIT (for clarity) – although i eliminated most color options in the quiz, i did leave on every pattern except animal print, i said that i often wear edgy styles and i also liked boho styles, and said that i would try pretty much every trend except for animal print and cropped pants – so they had plenty of optionality!

  2. I'm here for safia's new saying. wam bam thank you ma'am the lady doesn't get any fulfillment. wam bam hand in the clam it's all about her fulfillment.

  3. Please don't support Amazon. Use your platform for good, not giving more visibility to one of the most unethical companies on the planet.

  4. Thank you for coming bsck Safiya, I've missed you so much.
    Now that PewDiePie is gone I really needed some of my others favorite youtubers videos

  5. Hi there! Amazon warehouse employee here! You’re not far off on the clothing vending machine thing. When in the warehouse there are vending machines with all the safety equipment we need. Safety vests, thermal glove liners, work gloves, neon orange ski masks, and neon orange freezer gloves. They also have our safety cutters, glove clips, Advil, ibuprofen, and hand warmers.

    So amazon is already doing that clothing vending machine thing! 😂

  6. I actually really liked how that wrap top looked on, but I can also see that its not really your style, I didn't think it was unflattering, it didn't fit like it did the model in the picture, but I kind of liked how it fit on YOU better. But overall yeah, it feel a bit business casual for you/your typical style.

  7. 🤣🤣 I thought she was thanking me but didnt pronounce my name properly. I really like the black dress with the stars.. it kinda gave me sabrina spellman vibes 🤔

  8. I wish you would have done it with 2 boxes, like, 1 with completely your style & other trying something new/you wouldn’t wear often! That would have been so fun because what if you ended up liking the box that it’s not your style lol!

  9. 3:55
    Saf- Wam bam hand in the glam, its usually said “wam bam hand in the clam”
    Ty- no it’s “wam bam thank you ma’am”
    Saf- quietly what?
    Ty- where did this clam reference come from?
    Saf- I don’t even know

    I don’t either Saf, I’ve never heard that before, just wam bam thank ya ma’am

  10. As a software engineer.. the algorithm thesis is 95% probably what's happening. Just another way for Amazon to leverage software for more money. Hiring people for this would make no actual sense, probably a team of 10-15 engineers for the product and call it good.

  11. "Mustard, hot sauce, coffee" YESSSS!!!!! I'm made of coffee and I put mustard on literally everything so I feel this!

  12. Amazon is going to monopolize and then another business is going compete with them.
    It’s a vicious cycle but it’s only temporary.

    Edit: Also not trying to be mean but you put the wrong body shape. Your hips are wider that your torso and the same for your shoulders. Like an hour glass.

  13. Like almost all of us woman.
    We ask for one thing, then say it’s rather plain or simple and then expect spontaneity, when we got exactly what we asked for….😋

  14. Yeah Im pretty sure there is no ACTUAL person picking out clothes, I think very much similar to how youtube recommends you videos, that is how Amazon gives you options to pick from (its an algorithm GUESSING). I can really see PAYING for the service beyond just having the option to try out clothes first before you buy them…but you can also just buy clothes and return them

  15. GOD DAMN IT. ofc I choose to take a drink from my coffee right as you say sack feels right in your mouth 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Honestly you would be better suited going to stitch fix. They have actually stylists that do give you interesting adventurous item and a personal note to boot!!

  17. Sofiya you should try a week with clothes from Amazon again and see if the seconds picks it's more accurate of your style! uwu

  18. Why does anyone shop with amazon? They are a disgusting company. Treat workers like shit and literally electrocute them if they head in the wrong direction, pay next to no tax (oh and free shipping is paid for by taxpayers) and not to mention, their scum ceo has enough money to end homelessness in America 7x’s over and still have 10bil left for himself. Stop shopping with amazon, ffs.

  19. Wasn’t expecting Matthias’ mug on the screen lol! My son loves “Dope or Nope” and a bunch of other Hi5 channels. And I’m gonna give this service a miss. Thanks for the hard work.

  20. Pretty sure they are using this to dump overstocks before they go on sale. It’s an algorithm to learn more about you not just for clothes for everything

  21. omg I'm super picky about shoes, and the ones they suggested in your initial suggestions were friggin HIDEOUS to me. I hate shoes. I can never find ones I like. I love hiking boots, western boots, and high ankled athletic shoes, but if toes are too pointy, or the shoes are too girly foo foo, or the heel is ugly…forget it. Hence, I am often barefoot.

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