100 Replies to “Interspecies Reviewers CANCELLED AGAIN by Amazon but now voted BEST ANIME by fans”

  1. I'm not gonna lie. This is the worse video you have ever made of 5 years, I'll been watching this channel.
    "MAL is inaccurate" Sure. But it's a place must people vote a score they think the show deserves and the show gets an avg score from these scores.
    What isn't cool is, when a person with an audience talks them to score a show just for the sake of it.
    So your bias to some shows saying "They deserve more than that" and more.
    For the first time watch your channel. I'll give you a dislike.
    I hope you do better

  2. I don't know what you're thinking, but it's true that these practices have reduced the reputation of "Ishuzoku Reviewers" in Japan. I use google translation.

  3. Well I do understand why people are upset creating fake accounts just to up vote a show is wrong. However if you genuinely love this anime and are willing to watch the entire first season and decide that it’s worthy of a 10/10 then go for it. I am currently watch some anime that I want to up vote after their first seasons have ended, some will be getting perfect 10s and others will probably be closer to 8s or 9s, but my goal is to give a fair and honest opinion about the shows that I am currently watching. I have also sometimes rewatch a show that I thought was a masterpiece or even pretty good only to lower my rating.

  4. I don't care cause this show is shit anyway I can't believe people actually like this low quality anime but again what would you expected from Tokyo ghoul and SAO generation

  5. While I get where fans are coming from, voting an anime best anime just in response to it being cancelled, and your disagreement with the streaming service for doing so, is stupid for anime fans to do. Because let’s go ahead and put this out there—it’s NOT “the best” anime, it’s basically hentai geared to 14-year-old hormonal boys.

  6. It appears that not being happy about the show being cancelled makes you a manbaby according to some peons on Funimation.
    It is now No. 1 for top airing anime.

  7. I'm sure IR is a fine anime, but better than Bubblegum Crisis (the original), Macross (not 7), Honneamise, Laputa, Akira, The Five Star Stories, Yotoden, Patlabor, Lodoss, Evangelion, Yamato, and Gunbuster?

    Not a chance. However, Funimation and Amazon can still kiss my lily-white ass.

  8. I wonder if having to censor words with fluff so much to avoid demonetization has effected Nobles everyday life as well. Like he just cant help but say fluff instead of dirty words no matter where he is.

  9. They're already kicking it out of the top spot. I just checked and it's already number 9. Those MAL weebs are ruining our fun

  10. I thought the only reason amazon did that was because they dont own the license for it. Unlike funimation? Or at least for north America that is. Am I mistaken?

  11. Amazon: literally sells sex toys and hentai products on their site

    Also Amazon: “Interspecies reviewers is a bit too risky”

  12. Amazon didn't drop interspecies reviewers. the reason its on amazon is because of their deal with funimation to show their anime. So when funi took down the show it also got removed from amazon because it was no longer in funimations library.

  13. Maybe I'm missing something… but isn't ISR a watered down version of, idk like, dozens of other lewd fantasy anime? And, to top it off, isn't ISR all about inclusion and understanding and "hey, nobody's perfect, so just enjoy where you can?" No wonder funimation canned it, it's too damned positive.

  14. Maybe juuuuuust maybe it was not the lewdness but that it's about frigging prostitutes that funimation decided to cancel it. Some people don't seem to use their brains but rather act all super salty and make a stupid ecchi anime the second most best rated anime on Mal. Smh. You are just degenerates. And it's sad that people act like this about perverted trash like this. Go watch some good anime instead.

  15. See it being this popular wont last, by the end of the year it will be just this weird show people memed about. and that probs the best thing about it

  16. What if we're looking at this wrong? By saying it's not up to their standards perhaps it's not up to the quality they want to uphold. Because they probably would need to censor or change a lot just to stream it. Still doesn't make sense to cancel it and hold the rights hostage.

  17. Hold on a minute Lost Pause, anime music videos are legible for a place in MAL as long as they're officially produced and not fan made AMV. Western cartoons like Arthur, Pengu, or High Guardian Spice, are nor legible for the site.

  18. My opinion on the matter.

    I disagree with interspecies reviewers being on the top of the list. Do i hate the anime? No, i just don't think it's deserves that spot. As an anime i think it's a really funny idea and have comedy potential, but for the most part it just fap material. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy NSFW content as well sometimes, but i don't think it's the greatest anime of all time. And it hurts the credibility of the site influencing people to go to Myanimelist and rating the top score like that. yes, i know that " there's a musical video in the site above naruto" and "pingu was number one the site", but you shouldn't use another person mistake or wrong actions to justify yours, two wrongs doesn't make a right, i also think that both of those situations hurt the credibility as well. Let me also ask you this. Do you seriously think, from the bottom of your heart and not joking, that interspicies reviewers to be such a good anime to even be above other works like Naruto, BNHA, FMA and many others? And if the NSFW parts of the work are really that important, so why this lewd anime deserves the spot and not others like Queen's blade or High school DXD?

  19. Plot twist: AnimeLab an Funimation are part of the same company.

    AnimeLab covers AU/NZ. Wakanim, the European arm, is still showing it on their main and RU platforms but Nordic dropped it

  20. Nux isn’t just flexing on his channel he’s now flexing on someone else’s channel and they’re doing the flexing for him which is the ultimate flex

  21. Now Funimation is acting like Miyamoto with the "Only good girls in smash" thing(then you see Bayonetta). What are the standards that they mentioned something about?

  22. Lol didn't knew anything about what's going on Mal. Now I too have to rate it 10. Seriously one of the few anime I m watching this season and they had the nerve to cancel it. I was like wtFu bra

  23. I thought this was just a hentai, I didn’t know it had the ability to be an anime but I probably should have noticed once I started laughing over the floor from the interaction of the characters. Still I thought it was a hentai

  24. Best day when they decide to cancel the #2 best anime just because they have hypocritical standards…and no balls.
    They should've realized this would happen, I remember when the news said something like Korea hacked Sony because of the movie The Interview and people shouldn't see it, a lot of people protest by seeing the movie.

  25. We all know "progressives" hate that we men have preferences. And interspecies reviewers is an expression of it. And we love for it.

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