Million Dollar Online Business Model Revealed

Million Dollar Online Business Model Revealed

I’m excited to share with
you this overarching strategy
that I’ve used multiple times over with my wife to
generate millions of dollars
online and many members like you are building the lifestyle
businesses of their dream. They’re creating the kinds of income
that’s allowing to leave their jobs and support themselves and their families
full time with this strategy. Okay, it works. Now, here’s
the unique part, right? You’re a unique human being and you
are at a different phase than the next member who’s going to
watch this training video. You’ve probably had a certain
series of experiences. You maybe have already started building
things. You may be already have a list. You may be are brand new and that’s
why this training is required. You need to self assess where are you
within this strategy. With that said, we’re going to jump on the computer and
I’m going to map out in a new way the ATM philosophy, the ATM strategy. Now, even if you’ve heard
me explain this before, you need to watch the rest of this
video. I’ll keep it as brief as I can, but I’m going to explain it in a new way
with some visual help that’s going to make this make perfect sense.
You’re going to have an aha moment. So first and foremost, a T M K audience trust monetization. You have to have, these are the
three systems you have to have. You have to have an audience growth
system in place and it needs to be growing at all times. Then you need to
have a trust system in place. This is your email list growth. Okay? You need to have some sort of a mechanism
that’s going to allow you to build trust and ultimately likability with
your audience. We do that through emails, so that’s part two and then
number three is the monetization. It’s what you’re selling. It’s the
front end sale, it’s the funnel, it’s the backend sale,
it’s the one click upsells. It’s the customer Ascension path. And we’ll talk about each
of these individually. So right now I want to go
onto the computer and show
you and break down how this works so you understand how and why all
three of these systems are required and how they work together. And then you’re going to need to
figure out where you are on the path. So in the next video I’ll show you
exactly what aligns with each phase. Let’s jump right in. It’ll make
even more sense here in a moment. So we’re going to draw this out and I
want you to understand again that this is a kind of a new way of thinking
about this process. So first we have, let me get my pen here. So first
system we have is the audience system. Then we have the trust system, then
we have the monetization system. Now if you know much about my story, you probably know that I did nothing
but focus on the audience system for six months for a total of
about 200 videos. Okay? Now I went all in on the path of giving
great content for my audience in order to grow said audience. I spent the time required to
partner with a search engine. Okay. I chose YouTube cause I prefer making
videos and I went all into the tune of 200 videos in six months before I ever
even started on my trust mechanism. Now, do you have to wait six months? No. Did I not do anything to make money
in those first six months? Actually, I put out some affiliate links and I
made some money in those early days. But what you’re learning here is a
proven system. Okay? The trust mechanism, I put out my first email autoresponder, my first opt in report came out a six
months in and it failed pretty bad. It took me three tries in order to really
truly get this right and it took me about one year to get to that point where
I really felt like I had this system dialed in. Now I want to run
this through a quick filter. I started making money online in 2003 I
went full time online in 2010 and I made my very first video in 2016 so I brought
over six years of full time experience digital marketing experience to the table. I brought about 13 years of experience
making money online to the table when I began and it still took me six months. So I encourage you to be
patient with yourself. The odds are it might take you
even longer and that’s okay. You’re building an asset and you’re
building a business that can care for you and your family for the rest
of your life. And guess what? Building a startup takes time.
That’s what you’re doing here. Okay. And then the monetization
path, really, it took me about, I would say 18 months to consistently
hit that $10,000 per month Mark. And we’ll talk a little bit
about how that work and, and how that kind of manifest for
me. So let’s go deeper into this. I want to apply this to you specifically
and I want you to understand and see how this is going to work together. So
first and foremost, we have the blue pen. Now the audience engine is including
everything from your YouTube videos, your blog posts, your Pinterest pins, your Instagram, everything
that you’re doing, okay? Everything that gets you the attention
and awareness of new members of the audience, okay? And you put out
these content. Now, you know, I prefer to work with
search engines, okay? We’ll put podcasts up here
for good measure because I
think YouTube blogging or podcasting is one of the
core things required. We can put Facebook up here and we
can put Facebook ads also. Okay? Ultimately, you’re going to use
some combination of these things. And what happens is over time,
through publishing great, helpful content that
attracts in the right people. The search engines will start to deliver
audience members into your ecosystem or the social media algorithms. K. so what happens is human beings and every
little dash that we’re putting up here is representative of a human being who
works their way into your ecosystem. And maybe they subscribe to your channel. Maybe they click like maybe
they follow your fan page. Maybe they follow you on Instagram.
They might follow you on Pinterest. They might repin something you’re doing. They enter your world and
they begin to connect. So I spent six months doing nothing
but growing this audience. Okay. To bring in a very large group of people
to the tune of something around 5,000 to 7,000 subscribers. Then I started
working on the trust mechanism. Now I’m going to draw a little
email up here. I want to get this. So I’m going to put the email symbol
just to make sure it’s super clear that we’re talking about an opt in page here
and this is what we’re doing and what happens is once your
opt in page is dialed, individuals from your main audience
work their way to the next level. So what happens is you start to
collect individuals here. Now for me, the numbers were about 10 to
one and they’re still very, very close to 10 to one. What I mean by that is right now at this
moment I have about 113,000 subscribers on YouTube and you probably know
I’m still all in on YouTube. I really don’t spend any
time on social media at all. I’m all in on YouTube.
I’m in the comments. I’m really trying to connect with people
deeply on YouTube. Then out of that, I have literally 11,300 subscribers on
my email list and this is what I mean when a 10 to one ratio appears for me. Now in the beginning I had a zero ratio
because I had zero as I was growing my audience. So I want you to think about
this user behavior, right? So YouTube, I’m going to take the green path here now. So YouTube today sends me new
visitors from all of my path videos, videos I made a year ago, and on average for about every 10
people that come in and subscribe, one person makes it over here and then
again every 10 people who come in and subscribe, another one person makes it here and then
out of the next 10 people who come in and subscribe, one person
comes in over here. So what I’m trying to show you here
is that this machine must always stay running your audience. Growth engine is literally one of the
most important pieces because it’s out of this audience that continues to grow
from the platform and the content that you’re using. That is where your email
list subscribers come from. Okay? And there’s a ratio that will appear
for you and it will be different for you than it is for me and it’s irrelevant
what that ratio actually is. People just like to know that I have
about a 10 to one ratio here. Okay. Are you following along so far? So we are using search engines and social
media to get our messages are helpful pieces of content in front
of other individuals. We have calls to action inside of our
content. So on YouTube I have end screens, I have cards and I verbally speak
out the opportunity to join my list. So as YouTube delivers me people, and right now today when I’m posting
about two or so videos per week, at this point a YouTube is
bringing something to the
tune of 13,000 people into my ecosystem every 48 hours. The byproduct of this are
lots of subscriptions here. People signing up to hear more and a few
more email subscribers each and every day. Then what happens from here? Well, we start to work on offers. Okay? For
me, it started with affiliate offers. I didn’t make my first actual offer of
something that I personally was offering for two and a half years.
Literally 2.5 years. I did nothing but affiliate marketing
and I made hundreds of thousands of dollars, literally 20 to $30,000 per month from
just affiliate marketing at the early days, which is why I didn’t feel
a need to build out a product, but I wanted to help my audience.
I wanted to help you go deeper, which is why I’ve built out the product. Now what’s happening well out
of this trust mechanism? Okay, so I’m emailing my list every single
day, let’s say five times a week, so I’m emailing them and every once in
awhile somebody decides to join up here as a content and conversion member or
every once in a while I mentioned an affiliate product and I
get a few sales from that. Every once in awhile I’m melting
something else sometimes, and actually I’ll say most of the time
I would say it’s an average of five helpful, valuable emails with no specific calls
to action for every one email that actually has an offer. Now, this is the moment when you can see
how all three of these systems work together. Okay? I’m going to clear the screen and I want
to do a cleaner version of this to help you really get it. And
ultimately I think I, I think at some point I need to
make a an animation of this somehow. So what happens is we have the ATM case. So you’ve got your audience growth
engine, you’ve got your trust mechanism, and you’ve got your monetization system.
So this right here could be a blog. If you love writing, this is your blog and you go all in
and you write hundreds of posts and you follow the trainings. I’m going to show you that you’re
going to build your roadmap for which trainings are going to help
you. That’s in the next video. Right now we’re in the theory
phase. We’ll get ground, we’ll ground this theory in reality
in the forums here in a second. So number one, you’re doing your blogging,
whatever it is that you’re doing, okay? So you’re growing your blog through
content and the blog serves to attract people from the search engines. Eventually you get your opt in
page dialed in and what happens, a certain number of those people will
go through your pop-up and your opt in page and these individuals start
to make their way over here. You’re going to see a lot more people
visiting your website than are joining your list. It’s very common for a
popup to have a 1% conversion rate. A pop up that does a 5% conversion
rate is quite large. Okay? A 5% means one in 20 people. 1% means one in a hundred are
going to make it over here. So you just keep putting
out great content. You keep working on search engine
optimization and keyword research and what happens, you get more and more subscribers on
your list and then you send them helpful value again in the form of emails and
you’re sending them more value and that’s building the trust. Every once
in a while you make an offer. Whether that’s your coaching program, whether that is an affiliate
product that you love and use, whether that’s your membership, your
services, it does not actually matter. So what the process is is people come
into your ecosystem here as audience members, they work their way over into the trust
mechanism and eventually when they trust you enough and the messaging and
the timing and the offer is right, they turn into income for
you within your business. And the biggest mistake I see people
making here in the forums and everywhere online is they’re 100%
focused on the money. They can’t think of anything other than
miles. I need to make money fast miles, I need to make money fast.
And it’s like, great. I hope you have a large audience of
people who know you like you and trust you because it’s quite simple to make money
when you send a targeted offer with urgency to a large group of people
who know you like you and trust you. And for those people, they’re like, well,
I don’t have a big email list miles. And I was like, great. Well I hope you’ve been publishing super
helpful content and focused on growing either a podcast, a YouTube channel,
or a blog for the last several months. Because if you have a large audience
of people who know you and like you and trust you, then you’re able to make them an offer
for something free in order to join your list and then you build trust and you
make them an offer for something to buy. This is how you earn
money online, quickly, efficiently on demand. It
becomes a tap. Just like an ATM. You can make a withdrawal through
a quick email, sending an offer, a special offer, but here’s the key with how ATM is work
and if you’re not from the United States and ATM, that’s what we
call the cash machines, where you’re putting your debit card and
you get out money from the bank, right? You will only be able to earn
income from your debit card. You’ll be only be able to withdraw money
from the ATM if you’ve made deposits and what are the deposits? The deposits
are our helpful. Videos are helpful. Blog posts are helpful, podcasts are
helpful, social media, pieces of content. Then it’s about giving even more value
in the trust and it’s not until we get all of that value, all of that trust lept built up
that we can then expect some sort of reciprocation and we get
the right to make offers. We don’t get the right to make money, but we get the right to make
offers at that point in time. And then you just got to get
good at the process, right? So what do you need to learn
ultimately and where are you? You need to ask yourself right now, what
systems do you actually have in place? Do you have an audience growth
engine in place yet? If so, you can then consider if it’s cranking
and you’re connecting with hundreds of new people per day from the search
engines or from social, great. You might be ready to work on
the monetization side. Excuse me. You might be able to work on, let
me clear that up here if I may, but I’m going to keep that in
because look, we all make mistakes. You might be ready to work on the
trust mechanism at that point in time. And I am out of control. There we go. You might be ready to work on the trust
mechanism. Okay, so question number one, do you have an audience engine?
Okay, question number two, is your email list growing?
Do you have a trust engine? And then question number three
would be do you have a monetization? That’s where you need to figure out
where do you fit within this path. And honestly, I would say 98%
of members are right here. They’re probably 80 20 rule is going on. 80% of you are probably going to fall
into not a strong enough audience growth engine in place. I would say the other 20% of you are kind
of really missing on the opportunities from having a higher
quality opt-in report, a higher quality lead magnet that’s
going to attract more people to you. Um, and the small few of you who are focused
on the monetization side of things. Um, we could talk about that specifically.
And really wherever you are in the game, that’s what we’re going to talk
about next. So at this point in time, just kind of get self aware of where you
are and make sure you understand this path requires three
systems that work together. Your audience growth system helps you
get the attention of people and it brings people into your ecosystem.
By partnering with a platform, the byproduct of this is growing
trust through your email list. That’s the second system you have
to have is that trust system. And then once you get that
going through the emails, through growing your list and sending
out helpful emails in your autoresponder, that’s when you start
the monetization system, which is actually bringing in
the income. And final note, your income is directly tied to the
amount of value you send out and to the number of people who receive
that value. Therefore, if you want to earn more income, you need
to reach more people with more value. That’s the key to the game.

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