My Amazon Must Haves! | Health, Beauty, Eco Friendly, Favourite Products

My Amazon Must Haves! | Health, Beauty, Eco Friendly, Favourite Products

34 Replies to “My Amazon Must Haves! | Health, Beauty, Eco Friendly, Favourite Products”

  1. Be careful buying PTR products on Amazon. They're not an authorized seller

  2. I’ve recently stacked up on some eco friendly stuff and I also bought mesh reusable bags and metal straws 🙂 I also found reusable biodegradable sillicon covers for containers and I’m obsessed 🙂

  3. Can we get a doggie routine video? Like how you plan your days/walks/meals with them and how you find balancing having two pups! I just adore them!

  4. I find amazon is so expensive 90% of the time you get a better deal buying it in the store. I only use amazon if it’s something I can’t get in store here.

  5. Love this style of video! Do you ever shop on I'd love to know if you do/what you order. It's one of my fav sites 🙂

  6. I have metal straws and I'm honestly not a fan, I prefer my silicon reusable ones. I need to look into bamboo straws though I think.

  7. I love this even though I've never shopped on Amazon, do you know if it's easy to do from Australia? Xx
    You look gorgeous 💕 🌟 💕
    Tikka makes me want to get another Aussie ♥ cute!!

  8. Unless you know you’re buying from the brand itself or an approved third party, you’re actually doing brands like Peter Thomas Roth a lot of harm buying on amazon. And most of the time if it is legit it won’t be that much cheaper. There’s a lot of gray marker skincare that does a lot of harm. You also don’t know if what you’re buying is expired.

  9. Just a heads up with the mesh produce bags, I bought similar ones from Choices and I noticed if I store my veggies in those bags in the fridge (in them but the bag not tied closed) they shrivel and wilt really fast. :/

  10. i have those exact same home slippers 😀 i bought them in a Tesco like 2 years ago.. or maybe 3ish and i like them 😀
    ( Just don't wear them with black socks lol )

  11. Yes girl amazon kills me! 😂 but I’m definitely in love with everything I get. My favorite thing has been the levoit air purifier! It’s new one is so modern and white, and makes my rooms air feel cleaner. It’s good if you have pups too!

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