100 Replies to “Ocasio-Cortez celebrates Amazon’s NYC pullout”

  1. All the complete IDIOTS who believed Amazon was going to bring 25000 jobs…its was less than 3000 and many of those very jobs would have been relocated employees from other areas of the country…

  2. She is so horrifically ignorant of reality, mathematics, and how taxes and tax breaks works, it's not even funny any more.

    Admittedly, it was a laugh when she was running…but nobody in their right mind would have ever voted for such an imbecile, so there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that anyone so amazingly stupid could have EVER gotten into the position she somehow got into…


  3. on earth,only foxconn can easily employ over 20,000. others total nonsense.😁moreover, jack ma ever bragged that he would create 1million jobs in us,when trump met jack ma

  4. I'm not sure she realizes that the 3 billion dollars is not a lump sum of money that is lying about waiting to be spent. Perhaps a valley-girl-esque bartender was not a good choice……

  5. Oh, so AOC found a minute to talk about Amazon, but had no time to spare to talk about Venezuela when reporter Max Blumenthal tried to ask her. Nor she had a second, to stand for her fellow congresswoman Ilham Omar, when she was smeared and attacked unfairly for speaking truth.

  6. She is such a dim 💡. She doesn’t even understand the 💵. And yet they keep giving her a 🎤 to spout drivel. Amazing.

  7. Judging by the number of trolls in the comments Ocasio-Cortez must be doing something right. You can smell a funded attack campaign a mile off these days and there sure is one being paid for against her! The question is who is funding it? I wonder if it is the billionaires who have grown used to raping the public finances with corporate welfare tax breaks?

  8. Know-noting moron with a mind of achild: i just want this & this & this & this and no idea how to pay for it.
    Resources have to be economized because they are scarce. if you spend x on education you got that much less to spend on schools for example and your "dignified" life goes out of the window

  9. NY does have 3 billion to put towards other projects!! Amazon was paying 30 billion in taxes over a 10-year span and getting a 3 billion dollar incentive. She has no clue what she is talking about!! Now New York is getting nothing!!

  10. The city wasn't going to give $3 billion to Amazon. AOC is a complete moron. It was simply a "discount" on the taxes Amazon would have paid. So no, you don't get to fix your subways, help teachers, and whatever else you can dream up. How can you tax the rich if you don't want them to produce. How stupid can a person be? She's about one comment away from having to wear a helmet full time.

  11. You idiots just lost tens of thousands of jobs and billions in tax revenue… And they celebrate. NY just lost, and they celebrate. Truly deranged people on the left. Happy I left this cancerous party!!!

  12. Lets assume that there are going to be +25k jobs, those +25k to NYC of 8M+ is not the same as +25K to a small town. The additional costs of living those jobs (ie. more people) bring to the already cramped space of NYC would outweigh the economic benefits. Paying 3B in tax rebate to subsidize Amazon for using the infrastructures on top of increasing population density is just crazy stupid.

  13. Anyone saying this is a bad move must also agree that WalMart was great for states they moved into. This is the same. If anyone wants to argue in WalMart's case…..please I am all ears.

  14. People need to educate themselves on this deal. Wapo and NYT said there was 325-500 million in upfront grants that were also part of the deal. So, yes, that is money the city could reinvest in other areas.

  15. JFK, look what they have done to our party. LOL, a few more like her and Western Society is doomed. I love how this site and Leftists absolutely loved Bezos just last week. Your handle Real News Network is rich indeed. John would have joined 3rd party or did like me subscribe to no party. Have a nice Antifa day.

  16. I wish all members of Congress understood economics the way AOC does. Things would be considerably different in this country if they did. Please learn mmt AOC already k n o w this. Professor Stephanie Kelton learn mmt please

  17. One more point for homelessness. She Could reinvest that $3billion elsewhere but she doesn’t say how much money they lost by not taxing the wages from the new employees long term, or the new markets created by the additional revenue coming into the city. I’m excited as well, that means another city…. probably less Democrats, can pull those Extra resources in and do something positive for the Whole community. Besides, it’s one less building the mayor can threaten to “take” from private business. New York is completely crazy. Build a wall around THEM. For the sake of national security keep them together in one place and make them live with each other

  18. I'm pretty sure progressives like AOC are just improvising their talking points. When a company receives an incentives package, progressives go insane, but when those same progressives later find out that those incentives cover things like healthcare and $150k wages for their staff, they have to crawl out of the hole the dug themselves out of with reasoning like "oh…. well…. $150k is too much" or "Amazon is just bribing their staff"….
    This all coming from people who wanted $15/hr federal minimum wage. It is really sad what AOC has done to your party….

  19. Congratulations! This is what socialism & the green new deal gets you.
    Lost jobs, billions of dollars in lost taxes on the economic activity, & a
    reputation for NOT being business friendly, something that entrepreneurs &
    businesses across the country LOVE! They’ll just be lining up to do business
    with you now. Yes, yes, congratulations are in order.

  20. She's happy for what . Now you start seeing the real GND FROM AOC , socialism at its best , the jobs would have kept the mom and pops places open . Again cats out of the bag came right out of her mouth , for this to work the government would take over the country. She is running businesses off so that the government can take over. Redistricting will remove her. I feel sorry for the folks there that were getting ready to start interviewing for jobs , to find out a politician ran the work off. Shame.

  21. It's sad to see the rank and file of the far right has been successfully taught to hate exactly the sort of politician who works to make their lives better.

    You poor, abject fools.

  22. Sing along! We got the AOC, as dumb as can be. We got the AOC, as dumb as can be. Clearly a plant by the Russians to bring the destruction of socialism to the United States. Long Island City is a dump and will continue to remain a dump now.

  23. It's priceless comedy to see the same people that happily bashed Bezos and joined the haters now act as if they're on his side or see his company as a good thing.
    Whichever way the wind blows…

  24. Give the over $2 billion to an already filthy rich billionaire to provide jobs???
    Thank God that it didn't go thru.
    Give that same amount to the people of NYC earning less than 150k and that'll solve any and every $$ issue.

  25. It's funny how even The Real News comment section gets overrun by MAGA zombies when AOC is in the title/thumbnail. She's scaring them; good. She's the future of the country, all polls show the majority of Americans agree with her positions.

  26. 25000 to 40000 jobs lost. Amazon would have revitalized Queens. Idiot Junior congressman & graft hungry city councilmen wrecked the deal.

  27. This woman is a complete fool. And anyone that supports what she is saying in this soundbite is another complete fool. It boggles the mind how 25,000 jobs (not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of indirect jobs created as a consequence) in the western part of Queens (anyone that has been there understands) have vanished. She is Thanos.

  28. AOC is right again. Amazon DOUBLED its profit in one year from 5 billion to 11 billion. The City should ABSOLUTELY not give them any tax break! This is VULTURE CAPITALISM! you cut your nose spite your face! is it fair that corporations not pay anything? and suck the life blood out of their employees? Have any of you read reviews on how Amazon treats its staff? Those people talk about killing themselves! It is AWFUL! How about Amazon be a decent company and pay a fair wage? They already are Government cyber security contractors.. that's why they wanted to be in NYC and DC area anyway! It mind boggles me how people struggling to make it.. working hard everyday just to pay their bills get vehemently mad if you say anything about a corporation making to much money! crazy! WTH?

  29. You weren't paying Amazon 3 billion dollars. That was a tax break. Not a payment. Your tax revenue would have been larger than 3 billion. Imbecile. Now you will have $0.00. Does this woman ever think before she speaks? She is a brainless set of teeth.

  30. I think Democrats are waking up and seeing what a bunch of fools their leaders are (Womens march loosing support because of anti semetic influences a good example). Democrats want to tax the rich so that it is no longer viable to do business, they want late term abortion where they are even talking about murdering the child when it is born, they want open borders so that we can no longer decide who to accept into the country, they reject Christianity, the building block of healthy Western Democratic society and are in bed with Islam which is the destroyer of Democratic society, they support Socialism which any study of history will show does not work, they want to and are legalising drugs like marijuana which damages the mental health of society and to top it all off it operate like a collective cult where they do not want to engage in intelligent debate. Democrats today are just a bunch of indoctrinated FOOLS who envy successful hard working people in society.

  31. It shows that everyday americans that need jobs to put food on the table get fucked over by 1 politician so she can stick it to the richest man alive! GREAT RESPONSE

  32. She's like the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going and going and going….and going and going and going….LMAO!!!

  33. With more sophisticated jobs come more sophisticated voters, who in turn tend to elect more sophisticated leaders. Why not keeping the bums still around so they can vote her back to office next term?

  34. Lmao

    She really thinks we can “use that 3 billion elsewhere”

    I didn’t graduate college and I understand how tax breaks work.

    This woman has an economics degree and thinks tax breaks are usable capital.

    She needs go back to making appletinis and margaritas.

  35. Hey,Congress,please remove lunatic Osacio-Cruz out that she ruined Amazon that help hire 26,000 jobs NYC then why Cant u boot her out of Congress!!!!!!!

  36. I call BS on the post below. It would have ultimately generated over 100,000 jobs for the New York area. About 30 to 40,000 Amazon jobs and 60000 support jobs. You know them people working that get paid and they have to pay taxes yeah and when they buy things they pay taxes and when they call an Uber and going to a restaurant and their bikes and their landlord and the electric company in the water company and the gas company lot more to it than just what you're talkin about. You just got a thing for that old witch! Amazon's future of retail people are going to have their things delivered they already are who do you think's going to keep pushing that future forward the biggest company in the world that does it you really think they're planning on just stopping there? Of course New York won't have no part in that future they don't sent it somewhere else. They predicted over 25 billion generated in less than 5 years. Why do you think the New York city planners in the governor and everybody talked for up she don't care she's in DC. oh and by the way she told all the Congress people not to take their check during the government shutdown she took her check. That's y'all's hero!!!!!

  37. 25000 jobs at a minimum of $150000 per year per job and New York don't want scraps. Lol she's acting like it's a victory everybody in New York knows they just got creamed. she tells the Bronx to keep fighting pretty easy for her to keep fighting making $140,000 a year how much do you make in the Bronx?

  38. Interesting is how many those who are caught f.c.ing own sister and forced to be troll for republicans, how many of them are on this topics, attacking enemies of "leftist" Bezos. Wonderful.

  39. Please don't vote for this woman again. She is too ignorant. There is NOT 3 billion dollars the city and state were giving Amazon that can now be invested in a social agenda in that part of the city. We needed those jobs and all the economic benefits. Please understand if the Governor and Mayor were for it, it wasn't some 1% operation trying to make a money grab. Please do not vote for this woman again!

  40. The only beneficiaries of Amazon would have been the owners of real estate nearby who's property value skyrocketed overnight. Everybody else just gets gentrification.

  41. Corporate welfare, we need to buy local and support local investment. You wanna see America die?Keep buying from "no tax paying" Amamonster

  42. HaHa, Amazon. You would have probably been OK, if you didn't try to get over with a tax break. Whah. You need to look into Detroit or Mississippi, they might entertain your sob story. Like in the Wizard of Oz "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" Keep going AOC!!!!

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