Perks in Rivian’s AMAZON Van You Wish Your Car Had

Perks in Rivian’s AMAZON Van You Wish Your Car Had

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  1. Great attention to detail, Alex. I don't know if they are going to support the Right to Repair movement just because the bumper will be modular. I think that they just designed it that way so their centers/dealers & Certified Repair Shops can repair it easier & quicker.

    I like the modular aspect of it & the Fiat Centoventi Concept. Such ability to customize & modify vehicles will allow drivers to change their vehicles when their lives change unexpectedly when events like a pregnancy, caring for an ill relative, moving from one place to another, etc. happen.

    By the way, mods are why I use and love my Moto Z3 Play. They sort of transform my average phone into a better & sometimes different device (especially when the Polaroid printer mod is attached). While I may not always use every mod, but at least the option is there.

    It would be a good thing for vehicle makers to offer such modifiable/customizable designs. Not only for self driving, but also for changes that can happen in one's life over 5+ years of ownership.

  2. Configure as a dwelling you mean…. #vanlife ….. whoever brings out the Sprinter-killer, us vandwelleres are going to want to be able to install a bed, kitchen area etc. Most of us stick solar panels on our Sprinter/Transit roofs and leisure battery inside to power a bridge etc. And we'll use diesel heaters and a propane hob. An all-electric van with a meaty battery will presumably allow us to use induction hobs and electric heaters. We'll probably still insist on sticking solar on the roof to power the house area but maybe we'll not need to so we can use the whole roof space as a deck to sit on when it's sunny.
    Anyway, a dwelling is a serious use-case for these sorts of vans, and my guess is that EVs will come along that'll do the trick for us.

  3. A screen that goes with you would probably be great for delivery personnel. But for the average Joe I'd worry about it breaking or getting lost

  4. Me being a truck driver. I love the design of rivians delivery vans for Amazon. The center screen that rotates is a great idea and can be removed. With Electric Logs "ELD" Ive been using a removable tablet since 2010 to do my deliveries and other communications with my company. I love the configuration of the dash of the delivery van. Great job Rivian πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. The last car I owned that had a real bumper was my 74 Cadillac DeVille. I remember hitting a deer once at about 40 MPH after breaking from 60 MPH. I expected the front of my car to be demolished. I literally could not find a scratch.

  6. regarding the bumper, many bumpers may be damaged but no one can see the damage because the hard foam under the exterior is crushed and will no longer be a robust and safe bumper…how will these new designs address that (can I say) shortcoming?

  7. Did you ask him about his battery suppliers? That is my only question about Rivian. The have the most potential outside of Tesla I see.

  8. Surely they will be producing more of these for the general market as well? Doing less than a thousand a month doesn't seem that exciting but if they can do fleet sales as a transit for airport shuttles and a general people or delivery vehicle in addition to the Amazon order then it makes sense

  9. I worked as a amazon driver for a year and they treat there drivers like shit. There van suck they track every thing they do. People don't understand what these drivers have to go through.I did get bit once and all most multiple times by peoples dog's. The Vans sucks. And FYI i would like to see these vans last for 10 hour runs…HAHA good luck.Just a normal gasoline van would eat half a tank on a full 10 hour run.And still have gas to spare on the way back.

  10. I would love an electric van with decent range to convert to an RV. Most other electric vans come with 100-150 mile range, so this would likely be longer since the smallest Rivian battery takes their truck 230 miles. 300 would be awesome if it was affordable. Throw a lot of solar on the roof and we are all good.
    As a delivery van I have zero interest in it beyond believing that all buses and vans for short haul routes that return to a base at night should have been electric by now, so happy to see a few moving towards that. When companies realize how much they save in maintenance and fuel they short have a very full order book.

  11. You may be "ready" but RIVIAN is as virtual as it can get. "apparently" in business sine 2009 but NO EPA, NO CARB, NO WMI, NO VIN, NO NHTSA "paperwork" or any registration, not even a business license as "vehicle manufacturer" with any DMV in any State. SO go figure ??? The only "license" they have in ANY location is in Irvine, CA : [AUTOMOTIVE AND BATTERY RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND RELATED ACTIVITIES]

  12. Not to get off topic but ok so cars are finally starting to catch up with actual technology now. When are homes going to? We are still building with wooden sticks. smart devices help but smart devices give me a retrofit type vibe.

  13. Rivian will be a viable car company… Big believer in their management and expect things will ramp on plan starting late this year. Should be fun to watch!

  14. Maybe, I'm missing something here. What about charging infrastructure? All the EVs news is great! No matter how good and great the car or truck is if you can't charge it. What good is it!!! Tesla is light years ahead of anyone else!! And they are charging even further ahead! Pardon the pun!

  15. Congratulations, you managed to turn a 2min video inte a +10 minute video for added commersial space and more money to you, but it was painful to listen to you trying to fill out the space with nonsens.

  16. Tesla has them all opening their EYEs,
    They should thank Elon for showing them all how to do it
    There is plenty of market for all new comers to building true EV's
    CYBRTRK will make Tesla billions and all who can match what
    Tesla has done and is doing. Will make it.

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