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  1. My son got sucked into this. He bought, if I remember right, a 1TB flash drive from Wish real cheap. It looked great on Windows but when I tried to write to it, it would not take more than 32GB.

  2. Buying from chinese sellers and chinese sites like aliexpress? You all are so naive…all you can get from there is crap

  3. I bought a SanDisk 128Gb micro sd card for my dash-cam from Amazon – it was £30, and is totally legit. I saw one on there for £8 and I thought, "No way – that's got to be a scam". Looks like I was right.

  4. More than 10 years ago, when USB flash drives were in the MBs, the only bough 128~256MBs knowing larger capacities were scams. Nowadays, when flash drives are in the hundred GBs, I still only buy 32~64GB knowing larger capacities are scams. I dont need large large flash drives; I have NAS and or cloud storage! There are a multitude of scams most common is compression, and "write only" – yeah you can infinitely write to it but you wont be reading from them.

  5. Still a bargain. I remember when I bought my 386. I got it loaded with 8 Megabytes of RAM, at $100 a Meg. $800 for 8 megs. That much today can get you a pretty decent desktop computer with 8 Gigs of RAM.

  6. simple problem, MADE IN CHINA, where that country don't care about copy-right laws, corruption, scamming, criminal marketing, and fake products, because its how their culture lives. If the world cut off all imports from China until they complied with international laws and fair marketing their contry will crumble. but the nobody will listen, and still import their useless, dangerous, toxic, cheap, knockoff, garbage because if price.

  7. A few years ago, I bought some USB flash drives on eBay.
    I used H2testw on them, and they failed.
    So, I requested a refund on eBay (and mentioned they failed the test), and the seller did not put up any fight at all, just immediately refunded the money and did not ask for the flash drives to be sent back.

  8. Yep we got the same scam off of Ebay!
    In our situation we were recording on our video cam and found out the card wouldn't even hold half of what it said.
    Opened a return case with the seller. Time and hassle to wait for the seller to respond within 5 days per Ebay's terms n conditions. Like often times, seller never responded. Ebay then had to issue a refund. By this time, nearly two weeks have passed since we initially placed the order whereby taking 4 days till the seller shipped it out, 3 more days until it was actually delivered at our house, the 5 days of waiting for the seller to respond, and then a couple days until Ebay actually issued the refund and the money showed back up in our account.
    We tried again buying the same sd card but from another seller and got the exact same BS of it wouldn't hold even half of what it said. So had to go thru the whole thing AGAIN of opening a return case.
    After the garbage of this happening a second time, we said enough was enough and reported it to Ebay right on their website as well as calling to inquire why isn't anything getting done with the thousands upon thousands of fake items on their site especially when this isn't even close to the first time we have been ripped off by products with fake descriptions, but AGAIN we were only given their BS formatted reply of "thank you fo choosin Ebay. We value customers and are do everything make certain customer be assured to get real items" I said "THATS' A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT…please excuse my language and tone of voice mam but me n wife as well as COUNTLESS others have been reporting fake items for years whereby proving their fake without any doubt whatsoever but yet you're still allowing those exact same items listed all over your ebay site. We then got the other formatted reply that's adopted by countless companies including Ebay of "sowwy fo incovenience and we take note of situation. If that is all, thank you and have good day"
    Just look up blue watermelon seeds that the scam capital of the world, china, is still selling on Ebay after several years they have been UNCONDITIONALLY PROVEN fake! Can also look up the COUNTLESS other seeds n such sold by China that are PROVEN SCAM

  9. I don't doubt for one second that some of the fakes we see are actually put in place by the name brand companies to scare you into having to spend $$$ on their own items

  10. The sad thing is that eBay and AliBaba are havens for scammers, and the marketplaces will do nothing to shut them down, even when they are reported. They get their commission whether the item is real or fake, and PayPal provides the guarantee.

  11. Wow, I shop on Amazon all the time however, I always read the reviews on an item before I purchase it. When you mentioned these fake sd cards are on Amazon too I looked and found this link below… check out the 1 and only review. Yep, it's FAKE too and the LOW PRICE should be a dead give away.
    Cheers bud!

  12. Sorry, I'm confused. If Windows and your drive app both say that the drive is 512GB, right away you claim it's fake. Because it was "too cheap". How can you be so sure if everything is telling you that it's 512GB? (( before you get to the read/write test at 2:20 ))

  13. I ordered a Samsung 32 gig card off AliExpress for my camera and it wouldn't ever finish formatting. Ran out 2 full sets of batteries. So I tossed it in my phone, which formatted it and the card turned out to be a 64 gig, not a 32. I guess that's why my camera wouldn't accept it lol.

    EDIT: All of those sites will refund your money. AliExpress and Wish are faster to refund than Amazon.

  14. YUP! I ordered 4 chips via Ebay. 2 128Gig and 2 32Gig. Actually EXPECTED the 128 Gig to be fake, but the 32 Gig good. I bought 2 from each supplier to just prove it wasn't a random bad chip.
    ALL 4 were bad.
    As is shown in this video you can format and even write, it all seems to be OK, but the data isn't actually written. I feel bad for the people who THINK they are saving files for archive, taking pictures, recording sound, etc. They often will not discover the data they think they had isn't there until months later.

  15. Yep, I once got a fake high-capacity microSD as well on eBay. The price wasn't too unreasonably low, so I took a chance on it. Fortunately, I tested it before using it for anything important – because it also had less than 32GB of usable space.

  16. The only problem is the same cards can be sold on Amazon or Ebay for what we think is the right price of $100 + but turn out to be fakes. The only way is to buy from a local store and avoid online shopping for these items. Some stores will price match Amazon.

  17. I am not sure why many are so obsessed with Wish.
    Many items are scam and the rest has higher price comparing the eBay.

  18. Happened to me when I purchased a 128GB SD Card from eBay. In testing it stored about 64GB of files etc but after that no other files could be stored. The card showed it was storing the files but to when checking they could not be found.

  19. I bought 2 cheapo SD cards; 1 corrupted data after 25% of stated capacity and just like this video everything looked ok, 2nd 1 had full capacity but at a fraction of the speed it should be and it got slower the more you used it, like the first time I thought it was ok just a little slow, the second time I used it I was like wow this is slow, and the 3rd time I gave up. Update I just used H2testw stated in this video and the slow SD card has corrupted data too.

  20. all the items on Wish are rejects from the companies that make them, and there is really no way to truly contact Wish

  21. Where I live weekly night street markets are pretty common. I went to one and they were selling Kingston 32GB SD cards for 10 rm (2.38USD). I'm not sure what the average price was at that time but around 50 rm (11.92USD) is a safe bet. I bought one. When I used it in my phone, it just doesn't register the card. The card I was using at the time worked fine so it wasn't my phone problem. I tried it on another phone and it still didn't work. They were there the next week. But the week after, they were gone. So that sucks. Ever since then, I've always been super consious about SD cards. Like a year ago I got a 32 GB SD card from a shop in a mall. I have bought an HDMI cable from them in the past and their shop seems reputable. The price was about 70 rm(16.69USD). I asked him if I could test it on my phone first and he agreed. Everything seemed fine so I bought it. I used it until it was full. I had looked online and there were cheaper, a lot cheaper. I looked on Alibaba, Wish, and Shopee. There were a lot of mixed reviews. Some say it works perfectly, some say it works perfectly at first but data got corrupted, some say it's a scam, etc. What scares me the most is that it might work perfectly at first then it gets corrupted and I lose everything. And it's not like I can talk to the seller face to face if anything happens. I'd rather pay more and feel more safe. I found a seller on Shopee and the reviews seemed pretty good. The seller also seems reputable. I got a San Disc 64GB SD Card for 38.80 rm (9.25USD). I have about 44.07 GB left and so far it works fine. The shop that I bought my previous SD Card from told me they had an ongoing promotion. 99rm(23.61USD) for a 64GB SD card. I'm pretty sure the normal price was around 120rm(28.62USD). I think SD Cards are quite easy to scam people. They're small, quite expensive, and a lot of people need them. And you can't really tell if the SD card is authentic until you actually use the item. I've always wondered why it's very expensive? I guess a good rule of thumb is that if something is really cheap, there might be a bad reason why. 🤷

  22. Nice video! It is nice to see someone with your skill do these explanations. I especially like this one where you showed how it could pass a quick test.

  23. Wish, Ali express are the new ways that Chinese in China mainland cheating people. Trump banning Huawei is a right strategy as Huawei will steal all the online information as they can.

  24. Use your brain. How is it any different than some Mexican approaching you on vacation saying "Senior! I have $5000 usd gold chain to sell you! Only 65 peso!"

  25. Dont really understand the point of the scam. Isnt 25gb card for 1$ pretty good deal on its own? Why you have to scam people instead of selling it for what it is

  26. The lesson is not EVER to trust Chinese electronics sellers to be honest. Others may scam you as well but not to the same degree. I'd trust them with cables and other basic things but anything that requires quality, no.

  27. i bought 3 diferent types of cards from wish all were fake, instand FULL refund and i kept the usb and sd cards so i end it up with 2 100 gb good metal quality usb and i 65 bg sd card so yeah WORTH IT!!!

  28. Could it be that the real purpose of these fake memories is just to be delivery vectors for a devious chinese hardware virus? like those usb memories that can be damaged by a virus by reprograming or messing up their controllers rewritable memory…

    has anyone tested these little buggers to see if they don't carry a malware virus or something that could reprogram usb controllers on computer or other devices where they're used?

    just a thought… they're excedingly cheap to even cover even the plastics and hardware… even if it were a 4gb flash drive in my opinion… xD


  29. People wants to be fooled… And the Chinese people won't be punished for it. They just pay back the money to a few complaining customers and make a huge profit on these type of scams…

  30. I bought a 250gb Huawei sd card from wish to use in a nintendo switch, it pretty much crashed the switch and wouldn't load anything from the card. My bad for being a cheap ass

  31. THIS happened to me one time – bought a 128g SD card from Amazon…….it was a fake, it was only 8gb. Amazon would NOT refund my money.

  32. No problem geting cash back on WISH, got av broken 3D printer and cash back.. the crap works sometimes tho, but got it free (-ish)

  33. The sad thing about all these low cost cards are that many people would buy them anyway at the right price, as even though they are not particularly large in capacity they certainly are useful for small storage, but only at the right price of course.

  34. I stick with SanDisk for all my memory cards and check their website for what's available and if available always get them from B&H Photo Video Pro Audio

  35. Buy a scam to show how it is a scam Not every hero wears a cape, Also once I had a 64 gig sandisk drive hold 74 gig before lol

  36. I bought a USB stick from Wish.com, uploaded my music files to play in my csr. After 2 tracks the car was displaying an error when trying to read the USB. I formatted it and started again but the same issue occurred. Luckily after complaining Wish gave me a full refund!

  37. Would be great to show how they are doing this con. Not the selling but the tech behind how to show it’s 500gb when it’s really 25gb

  38. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07FCMBLV6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A2 App Performance + Rescue Pro Deluxe, Up to 160 MB/s, Class 10, UHS-I, U3, V30by SanDisk Is this real? or have I been scammed

  39. Luckily I got my money back. Was only 3 bucks with 5 dollar coupon but it says they sold over 4 thousand. if that's even true alot of people getting scammed and 4000 × 8 bucks listed price. They are making 32,000 off one brand of fake microSD cards.. amazing. At least I got my money refunded but I see reviews where other people are saying they didn't get their money back… Guess I was a lucky one..

  40. The problem is that if you have just the price as an indicator of a fake unit… they wil change this and sell their memory at a really high price ! What could you do then to distinguish between fake and real? (And you'll lose more money!)

  41. I just stumbled upon your channel by one of your scambaiting videos and I decided to check out what other types of videos you post. I am very impressed with the quality of all of your videos! I subscribed

  42. My is definitely legit because I ordered a 128gb huewei sd card 💳 I put 40 gb in it it isn't deleting the files so I will keep u updated

  43. Recently AliExpres, Alibaba, AliExpres case management team, ShenZhen CPU store stolen $121+returning item fee $21 I hate 100% AliExpress online shopping site.They are scammer in this world. I bought above 460 items.

  44. Wish is full of black market fake items. Another fake item is sorresto flea and tick collars from wish. No refund, and wish don't care their selling fake garbage

  45. Honestly if you buy electronics from china just expect it to be fake, i know my 512gb card is gonna be fake but im just hoping for a $4 16-32gb junk china card xD

  46. How I wish I had found this sooner. I bought 3 Huawei 2-512gb and 1-256gb sd cards. I needed to clear up.some space on my HDD's so I moved files and folders to these cards. The file structures made it look like all was well but all my data was missing! I was peeved! Some of the data I can't replace. What a scam people. Like the man says if it sounds too good to believe, don't believe. I learned the hard way.

  47. Curiosity got me and I purchased 2 units. Used the same program in Linux for testing. Purchased on Ebay, paid with PayPal. I easily got my money back. The seller tried to hold my refund hostage if I wouldn't take down my negative feedback. I tested first, left feedback and proceeded with refund.

  48. I bought four 256gb micro sd cards from Wish – all of them were faulty. They refunded my money immediately. They can actually be used up to about 64gigs and then they start to delete your data. I have one in my phone that i have re-formatted and so far so good. Not holding out too much hope though, don't ever put important data on them. Also, ive noticed that you can't use them to directly download onto sd, you have to dload to your phone first and then move it to sd, or it'll be corrupt.
    An old saying :
    If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

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