The Lost City in the Amazon rainforest | O’Hanlon’s Heroes | VPRO Documentary

The Lost City in the Amazon rainforest | O’Hanlon’s Heroes | VPRO Documentary

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  1. Would be an even better documentary if it had appropriate subtitles. No Portuguese to English translation available on this video.

  2. Ik hou van julie allemaal en jullie zijn allen een stukje daarbij, en we zijn allemaal kinderen van God…van Hem zijn we allemaal….

  3. They have found a massive city in the jungles of Brazil . Whether it was because the fires revealed the city or it was satellite reveal I don’t remember but is that city close to the lost city of Z?

  4. I like these VPRO documentaries, but they never seem to have an English translation at the bottom of the screen when a person speaks in a different language. Am I missing something?

  5. Read, 1491 by Charles Mann to learn the cutting edge of what is known of these cities, including that the supposed was pristine primordial rainforest, replete with food, herbal medicines in such great diversity, was itself planted by hands of ancient humans. If they could plant all that way back when same and better could be done now, but only likely if Bernie Sanders gets elected in the USA. If you live in a state with closed primaries, please register to the Democratic Party to vote in the primary so Bernie gets the nomination. He's the only one with a coherent integrated platform that will benefit the world to the point making this said possible

  6. If these chaps want to go on a real expedition into dark and dangerous territory, they want to try being poor for a year or two.

  7. I now know why we Americans shrug our shoulders unimpressed by amazing stuff And why we called Native Americans Indians even after we knew they weren't Indian…It's our British part. This dude is funny but he needs to take sexual harassment training and maybe a cultural inclusion class as well. "It's a more sexy language"….and he didn't sell me on the fact that he understood any Brazilians who spoke their native tongue. He basically just grunted at them all lmao…

  8. Anyone else check their plus and wonder about their last concussion when the rock people FUCKING DOCTORS! showed up? And cancel their plane tickets to Brazil? Or was it just me…

  9. Elon Musk's Grandparents funded I believe nearly a dozen expeditions to find the lost city of Z.

    Many believe he succeeded in finding it and was killed the moment he gave the exact location to his backers.

    Of course this is just another heresay, but considering the supposed technology and riches on offer, it would make sense in human behavioural terms. Other rumours include an ancient cloning facility, utilising Monoatomic energy drawn from Gold. As Gold determines fertility in Human males and is used in Modern Cloning practices. This also has interesting links to the entire story.

    Fawcett seemed driven and fearless, with a military background and wanderlust, he may well have become the Elites of the time, perfect tool for the job. Painting him as a lunatic with a oougi board seems very par of the course for academia as a smear. No one will truly know the mans real character. Especially when he was employed on task, machete in hand, in a jungle, in 1907 surviving and literally fighting for his life. He would need to display narcissistic tendencies and a certain level of violence and sociopathy. Simply to overcome the conditions.

    Now with technology… We don't use these types so much, aside from as mercenaries.

    I believe he was a disposable tool. A willing one, but met a fate that matched his desire and maybe never saw coming.

    The Golden City of Z could sit alongside other fables and legends, the Golden Fleece, the Goose that lays Golden eggs, the Story of the Miser who buried his gold, etc etc yet there are ancient technologies on display all across our world, from temples to cities. The Lost City seems highly plausible, to me. Simply down to the written and spoken references.

    You've a new subscriber, really enjoyed this and hope to see more.


  10. Any date published yet on the pottery? I’m thinking maybe a couple thousand years ago someone who had been educated in Alexandria could have migrated to South America teaching the natives many things like sprouting, the golden rule, herbology, etc.

  11. His granddaughter as been a bit of a woman in her time and probably still is, she has got such a rucios laughter and intense eyes….

  12. Looking at all of the faces on the rocks that don’t look like man! Instead look like big hairless heads with big eyes/ Alien’s possibly! The mentioning of UFO’s makes perfect sense! They do need gold for there many uses!? Just like us gold is valued!?? Something to think on! Love the video, the myth and mysterious place!

  13. The library he’s been to in Rio de Janeiro burnt down recently. Pretty much everything was lost. 🙁

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