100 Replies to “TOP 5 Amazon River Monsters”

  1. What about the lalaw fish !!! It's an actually big catfish( 2m or more in length) that can swallow a small child or a dog

  2. Guys if you’re planning on going to the amazon and catching a arapaima watch out because they can hit hard (Jeremy Wade found that out the hard way)

  3. Predatory fins

    If you want one of these awesome monsters and have A 1,000 GALLON tank
    than you know who to call.

  4. no one will probably read my comment but there's a mistake in this video! The left picture at 2:20 isn't actually a red belly piranha but a red belly pacu. pacu's are the family of the piranha but they dont eat meat!

  5. Wow,cuba skuba tengok besar mana yang ada lagi…jangan tidak muncul kena telan sudah la…Hahaha:-) ada yang berani berenang tak disana?..

  6. Oh sure catfish are not dangerous yeah u know a piraiba correct me if i am wrong but it swallows people whole and eats arapaimas

  7. Its called the Dog fish in Brazil, not the Vampire , and they attack like dogs if you eg. happen to stumble upon their eggs! Divers be aware! With those fangs they can attack downwards!

  8. This is the first video I ever liked and i'm coming back from years ahead to say thanks for entertaining me three years ago.

  9. They obviously never watched river monsters Jeremy wade because catfish are dangerous they swallow humans whole

  10. president Amazon river monter fish monter scarry fish electric EL fish monters vampire fish zombie monter fish big fish Amazon river monter anyway have nice day"

  11. The pariba or lau lau can grow up to 12 foot and is well known for eating humans the people fear them because they eat their children

  12. Hey Bill I’ve been looking at pictures of people in the Amazon and seeing a Monster called Zilla

  13. Explorers made this documentary. It has both advantages and disadvantages. 1. Make people have knowledge. 2. When the information is published People who lack knowledge, low education, lack of consciousness will come to seek benefits by visiting these animals. Equal to you helping to promote the destruction of natural resources.

  14. Actually once a fisherman was showing off his huge pairiiba/big cat fish when someone at the fish market pointed our that the belly of the fish looked full. So the fisherman that caught it cut open the stomach and he reached in and felt something round on the top of what ever he was holding and after pulling it out found out it was the remains of a human skull and as he dug deeper, he found the rest of the body inside. Also the lau lau is pretty dangerous too because once one started choking to death cause it tryed to swallow a human being and half of his body was sticking out of its mouth.

    Also also the arapaima has another nickname now, you ready? The water mama or the siren mermaid. For a long time when people disappeared with a trace they blamed it on the water mama but later Jeremy wade found out that the water mama was actually a mother arapaima that attacks people to defend her nest and the reason why there was no trace was because the scavengers in the water would destroy any evidence except for maybe a neat pile of clothes that on of the victims left on his boat when he tryed to cool off

  15. you actually have that wrong with the anaconda their body weight so heavy they actually spend 90% of their life in the water that's pretty much living in it.

  16. Again you guys forgot the silver piranha if you guys don't know about it then you haven't been to the Amazon I live there so I know anyways to that research for me and the next episode please have it the present

  17. your wrong about catfish they can eat you whole just like the pariba they aggressive quite to human they sometimes shallow people in amozon

  18. fun fact: a amazon catfish was ounce 500 pounds and althought did die the catfish ate someone but not fully as the legs were out of its mouth but they think its just a fake tale

  19. I’d rather swim with sharks than arapaima to be honest. I highly doubt human skulls and bones can survive many hits from one of them, cute as they are.

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