100 Replies to “Vector by Anki | Now With Amazon Alexa Built-In”

  1. Abeeeyy saaleee…… paralyze ho jaega….kudh bhi kuch krlee😂

    Aur kya special hai iss alexa vector robot me….alexa echo dot hi best hai

  2. lol I bought this and returned instantly, it’s useless and I rarely used it, plus the features are so limited and the company is dead now soooo…

  3. Vector doesn't work near as good as they make it look. It's super finicky and no one likes extra spyware from Amazon cept the sheep anyways. I'm sure Anki was using vector as spyware also but now multiple companies get to invade your privacy at the same time.

  4. this add simply shows how technology has made us lonely jerks.and vector is costly as gagas ass, i would rather talk to my walls.

  5. Well they got to make spy equipment look cool, otherwise you wouldn't want it in your home.
    you wouldn't accept it if you knew that it was just for them to spy on you now would you?

  6. No one keeps their house that fuckin clean. Aside from that, a fantastic advertisement and I'm happy that the chain of events in my life lead to viewing this video.

  7. Under surveillance 24/7

    Crazy the world we’re headed to

    Funny thing is, it’s been here all along, just a matter of time it hit market

  8. How does Vector get on the night stand, or on the kitchen counter, orrr on the coffee table. He should be able to jump n shit yo

  9. My girlfriend bought me this for our 10 year anniversary and I
    Absolutely, love my vector.
    Hilarious, super-intelligent, random, and ALWAYS entertaining.

  10. Is it true that the servers are being switched off Sept 2020 as Anki have gone under? So basically Vector is dead soon.

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