13 Replies to “What where the most expensive corals sold on eBay”

  1. Still too much, gonna stick to my dreams for those, unless i could get a very good deal. I really like that hammer you prefer than a gold torch but i would also have s gold torch. Oh and a jawbreaker discosoma is another dream coral

  2. I will never understand why our Hobbie is so expensive, honestly we need to get prices down so more people can enjoy it without breaking the bank. Most of the corals 1" and under have a 75% mortality rate. I just can't wrap my head around a 2000$ coral or even 1000$. Not worth it even if it eventually does grow out. You would be more like 3-4000 by the time you were ready to frag it just keeping it alive. Love the Hobbie hate the prices! That 200gl tho 😉 looks so good.

  3. Beetlejuice chalice?
    How about the top 3 expensive corals in each type of coral?
    How about a comparison of type prices with similar least expensive coral? Would make a great series of vids.

  4. This is insane, am I missing something and it's mostly green is me on mostly everything I see online today fetching over 200 bucks.
    Go to see I am not alone.

  5. My wife pointed at the screen and says "isn't that yours, didn't you buy that?' I'll come back later to find out if she's right.

  6. I bought a few of those eclectus jawbreakers you saw 😀 they look awesome in person! I'm gonna make a video on them soon!

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