32 Replies to “WooCommerce 01: How to Build a Basic Online Store – Monday Masterclass”

  1. Please make one tutorial for variable product page building as well as i face many issues with the drop down variable selector and it is too tough to be customised with CSS.

  2. Спасибо вам за видео! Все четко, понятно и без воды! Ждем следующего видео!)

  3. In Elementor – I can NOT still see possibilities to build:: Cart Page, Checkout Page, Order Tracking Form, or My Account Page.
    That's why I think this builder is great but not completed.
    This is the most serious lack in your app.
    You should not work at adding useless slideshow options or something similar, but on that.

  4. I'm trying to make a switch from WP Bakery to Elementor, but got to say….I think I will stick with WP. too much steps to complete a task in Elementor.

  5. Very well done, professional, clean, to the point and some light humor. Didn't know about the CTRL+E shortcut. So thank you for that!

  6. Great information. However, the pace is a little to fast for someone who want to follow along. I guess that's what the rewind and pause are for. LOL

  7. What if I want to have multiple affiliate stores or vendors, for example, one product with a button CHECK PRICE for Amazon, the other one CHECK PRICE takes me to TARGET and so on ?

  8. You mentioned that the Elementor product page was pre-made and put in the My Templates tab. Is there a tutorial on that I can follow? From watching this tutorial only, I'm not sure what elements were used to make it or how to recreate it. Got a link? Thanks… good tutorial otherwise.

  9. though I loved this simple store example, I am currently trying to build a t-shirt screen printing site, and I was hoping to get a little guidance. it is a challenging build and it needs to incorporate a design studio. I have elementor pro and really want to learn to get the most out of it!

  10. selamlar üstad themeforest ten aldigimiz 1 temayi .istedigimiz kadar indirme izni veriyor mu? kaç tane web sitesinde kullanma izni veriyor,izinler
    envato mu veriyor?yoksa tema sahibi mi.?themeforest te tema sahibi ile nasil iletişime gecebiliyoruz? tesekkurler

  11. Will be good to have more videos about Woocommerce shops, that include variable products and single, color, size, etc. thanks

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