100 Replies to ““You’re Just Disposable”: Former Amazon Workers Speak Out | “Amazon Empire” | FRONTLINE”

  1. They are though…just because it's the truth – doesn't mean it's not fair. Lol
    You know who never gets replaced? Skilled workers.
    You never really see a heart surgeon on the unemployment line…you don't want to be replaced? Maybe you should seek a more skilled position that: "Box packer" or "Tape checker"
    Yep….that's the way the world works. You're disposable until you develop an indisposable skill or asset…boo fucking hoo.

  2. "You can't even talk! They expect you to do your job all day long!"
    OH YOU POOR BABY! They don't pay you to talk to your friends!? How do you make it through! You are JUST like the Soviets, slaving away in Gulag coal mines. You precious little victim!

  3. you cant poop, pee, or small talk without getting written up. you cant say hi to one another in passing, you break better be exactly 10 minutes not a second more. you better not be sick or have diarrhea or you will be terminated. amazon doesn't care about your physical or mental health. they don't care if your parent or grandparents die you just better show up to work .

  4. And if 30m mostly poor immigrants from the south hadn’t come in the generation since mass asylum? No one on the left wants to talk about that honestly.

  5. Amazon is a hell hole! Would NEVER recommend anyone to work there. I quit 7+ years at UPS to go to Amazon….I lasted there 8 months. Rate went from 180 pieces per hours to 220 in those 8 months. Got a job at FedEx, been there 2 years now.

  6. I boycotted amazon years ago when I heard the workers were sleeping in their cars and being hurt at work! This ceo is full of shit! Go UNION!

  7. My personal testimony:

    I deliver for Amazon using my own vehicle: that means I have to pay for my own fuel and pay taxes at the end of the year. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and the freedom that this job has to offer. The people working inside are amazing as well: if it was not for them the ease of my job would not be possible; for that I am also grateful. There is so much work because everyone is buying online nowadays; you cannot blame Bezos for having an "empire". This empire will only keep growing as long as people continue to buy online. It is business, folks. However, I have never felt more at peace pulling up, picking up packages, and driving away, listening to my own tunes, to deliver, in the comfort of my own vehicle. The pay is generous and sometimes way better than a regular minimum wage job. Sometimes I get to meet cool people when I am on the road as well. Working inside may seem stressful but honestly everyone looks very chill when I go there. So if you are wondering about the pay: in southern California the typical rate for a 3-hour route delivery is $57. I can deliver easily those packages in 2 hours since I am a professional driver: I was a driving instructor for a bit over 3 years, so I am very chill when I am on the road; no stress at all, even in high traffic; extremely expedient, you can count on me. Sometimes 3-hour routes can go as high as $80 for last minute deliveries. Now for me it is enough, honestly, and Bezos is making way more cheese than I, but I value my freedom above all; and I have my curly hair. And money should be EARNED by actual work: no phony scam monetizing YouTube videos and trying to get millions off subscribers so you can have easy-no-work-cash-flow, nor by any other no-work schemes. (Listen up YouTube and other cyber scam artists!) I only go out daily for a 3-hour route or sometimes for a 4-hour route. The rest of the day I can chill at the park playing basketball or video games, which I do a lot. I am also working on my own video game. If there is anything negative said by other people is because they do not know how to balance their checkbook or even their lives. And since I know math and what days my bills are due, I know how many routes I have to focus on and how to calculate the MPG per route as well. Now my only concern is knowing that tons of paper is used for packaging: that means that God's trees suffer. So if you are going to order something that can easily be attained by driving yourself to a store, please slap yourself really hard 3 times. Thank you Bezos and congrats on your multi-million house. Maybe one day I will have my castle. According to my calculations that is more than 200 years of work. I will be patient. 🌿

  8. Listen to that smug douche talk about how well they pay as if they didn't have to be strong-armed into it by Bernie & friends.

  9. These poor human workers. Amazon should replace them with happy robots. Actually this is more of a union thing than a happy safe worker thing. Unionizing workers would do more harm than good, as always. All Democrat ideas are based on communism.

  10. It's pretty impressive. Amazon out Walmart'ed Walmart. Tagline: "Just when employees thought employment couldn't get any worse…."

  11. I work for the best place ever mohegan sun casino they treat us so good free food lots of pto I really wish other companies treated people like the mohegan tribe does

  12. As long as you're an employee, you will always be replaceable. Doesnt matter if its a big company or a small one, you as an employee are just a cog in the machine, not necessarily a bad thing I've seen just how easily replaceable people are. At a former company(16 people including the owner) as soon as you got to a certain level of knowledge, the boss was already making preps to replace you if you asked for more money(in my area the company payed the most for the skill set) so unless ypu wanted to move out of the county or drive 3hrs round trip, you just stayed and didnt ask for a raise. I left before I was let go and found another company and have been for 2 years now, but like i stated prior i now make a 150 mile round trip but have double my income. However many of the former coworkers didnt have that luxury so they stayed.

  13. WAHHHHHHHH! I work a mindless job that I chose and anybody can do and I'm unhappy with it! WAHHHHHH!

    It's true that these workers are disposable. It doesn't take any special skills or level of education to do these jobs.

  14. This is why Unions sprang up at the turn of the 20th Century. And why UNFETTERED & UNREGULATED capitalism destroys itself & the society around it. And why FDR got re-elected 4x, giving SS & Healthcare via employers. It’s just history. It hasn’t changed much. Any why the 1950’s were most productive: balance.
    Amazon does the same <40 hours/ week model that McD’s & Wal-Mart have used for decades; no bennies saves money.
    Then rigs the rules via politicians to skirt paying taxes.
    Haven’t we had enough of this “Cheating Model”?

  15. As far as unions go, I think the company is within their rights to say no to unions, whether people/employees/customers agree.
    If you look at the history of unions, they basically pushed for so much more than the going rate that companies just decided to contract the jobs into another country. It might be hard work, but in most situations Amazon is paying above the going rate, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be able to attract the volumes of employees they do.

  16. "You're Just Disposable" Yeah that's usually the case with low skill work that pays well when there is a glut of workers. No one is forcing anyone to work there. If the work conditions are that bad, leave. If it really is that bad, they will eventually be forced to change to be able to keep their warehouses staffed.

  17. Along with the working wage came employees being monitored by henry fords morality teams. You either shipped up or shaped out. This is only my opinion.

  18. walk out…period..I bet they have a high turn over…because of the higher "standard"…injuries must be really high if it is the case…

  19. This is stupid if you have ever worked in a factory you will know that we are all disposable. Thank you Gorden Geko. Wallstreet.

  20. I love hearing exes tell me how to do my job, how safe lt is. I would like to see them on the floor of the warehouse guaranteed they could not last a week.

  21. These people sound like PBS cherry picked the weak links in some centers and gave them a space to complain about their lives. I mean every person has complaints about their job, I didn't hear anything distinctive here

    I've worked in warehouses before and I do know there's some corners cut here and there, but to put out the impression that Amazon is like endangering workers is probably more fiction than truth.

    I think these workers need to take some hard looks in the mirror and address their issues. Overall I doubt they're gonna garner much sympathy from the greater society for change

  22. Social justice warriors, this is the future you are pushing for. Like it?
    Meanwhile Jeff Bezos continues to buy mega-million estates and pocket more money per day than most of his workers will see in a lifetime. Not cool.

  23. You’re forgetting the jobs also created by the company that makes the robots. It’s like complaining about the loss of pay phone jobs and not considering the entire cell phone industry. Derp.

  24. I cannot believe this CEO is bragging about all the "benefits" his employees get when that is peanuts compared to the dividends his shareholders are getting for literally doing nothing but owning stock.

  25. I have had so many friends to work for Amazon in the USA and UK and had nothing good to say about their system. Said it was the hardest job they ever had.

  26. Well there’s the problem, right there! The work rate computers are set way too high and shouldn’t be raised on the workers week to week! That’s naked greed from the mangers and Bezos! !

  27. Taking a job is a voluntary transaction that either party is free to end the relationship. You don’t like the job ? Cool, you’re free to leave. Employees are not powerless and neither is the company. It either works for both parties or it doesn’t. Nobody is forcing each other.

  28. Once I see PBS in the corner of the screen I start looking at the methods of the left…. There must be many more employees happy with a job at Amazon then unhappy. But they went and looked for the most unhappy the ex employees that quit voluntarily. The ones that couldn't or wouldn't do the work. I worked all my life for someone else and there are always this type in the workforce. One of the largest employers was the military and you will find this type very prevalent there.

  29. I hate the whole amazon thing. (I'm sure they refer to it as their "culture"). I would lose my mind like Charlie Chaplin did in "Modern Times". These people who do this to a fellow human is a rotten sadist. Don't buy their stuff. I don't. Boycotting is the only way

  30. Sweatshop 4.0. And you have interviewed folks “hoping to make a career at Amazon”. You and other 600.000 hopefuls. Workers ( fresh bodies ) don’t know much about their own history. Unless you are programming and fixing robots ( that is a trade ) , if you are on the line, you are no better off than your grandpa at the factory floor.

    If Amazon is the only game in town, then you are screwed.

  31. I do everything I can to avoid buying anything on Amazon. That's becoming increasingly difficult.

    BTW, I wonder if that jackass who set up this system has ever worked in it for some length of time.

  32. Love Amazon. Jobs are not our friends. We need to stop thinking a job owes us. We are only there to exchange our time for a wage. They are not our friends. Everyone has a job to do. These people think Jeff Bezos is rich enough to pay them more. He is already paying above average pay. If you don't like your job, quit and find another one.
    I believe they need to pay more taxes, but Amazon is changing how we shop. Less time around sick people is a good thing. Nobody washed their hands anymore apparently. I say let robotics take over jobs people hate and complain to do.

  33. Amazon paid ZERO corporate federal taxes in 2017 and ZERO taxes in 2018. They haven't reported 2019 taxes yet but I'm betting it's ZERO. Jeff Bezos wants to replace ALL the warehouse workers with robots.

  34. Yes, Amazon has no respect for their low end employees. They even have an app where they force a stupid competition among workers whether they want it or not.

  35. Amazon didn't create some fascinating future warehouse operation. They are capitalizing on the ever increasing amount of unskilled workers and just counting on a high turn over. It is literally why we moved most of the manufacturing jobs to China. China was doing this long before Amazon. The U.S. is just becoming more like China.

  36. Well, I know that my comments won't be popular, but….hey, go build your own mousetrap. Otherwise, if you've already decided that it's too late for you, then warn your kids: Don't want a nightmare lifetime of (pseudo)slavery? Then study hard, work hard, and don't end up in a place where your only perceived option is unskilled/semiskilled warehouse labor. Like what I have to say or not, my life experience has been that more often than not, people rise or fall to the level of their own commitment to themselves and their families. This includes not partying in high school or college, recognizing the difference between what you want versus what you actually need in life, etc. Like I said, I know that I'll be pilloried here for my views, but being in the minority doesn't make one wrong….I'll see myself out, now…

  37. Years ago, I stopped patronizing Amazon. Anything sold on Amazon can be ordered through another company, even if you have to pay a little more.

  38. I consider myself a pretty good packer and I've got enough work now but I'm almost inclined to take a job with Amazon as a packer to see how hard or crazy it is.

  39. Lucrative career opportunities for MAGA workers. They make up the employment numbers Trump delivered and brags about. What are they whining about?

  40. Amazon paying close zero in taxes last year 2019, laying off countless workers to be replaced by Robots. And the whole world is worried about immigrants taking our jobs? Andrew Yang is the only former Democratic Presidential candidate to address this topic.

  41. Business structuring has changed and even though these hotshot companies claim to have the employees in mind, it's really just an illusion! They really only care about the stockholders, and the numbers associated with growth. They create a work environment where you may as well BE a robot! It's not rewarding, it depletes your self worth.

  42. Seems like some of these folks should take their labor elsewhere. I work at a small manufacturing shop. They are hiring anyone they can get their hands on as the orders are flying in faster than we can make them. There are no performance reviews, no one has ever told me to "hurry up", it's just good old-fashioned work. I get $1k/month towards healthcare and it's a supportive, fun atmosphere.

  43. If the conditions were so terrible, people wouldn't be taking all those jobs. And before you scream that there are little other opportunities, we are currently living in a time of some of the lowest unemployment rates in history. You couldn't throw a stick without hitting a help wanted sign.

    Success does not equate evil… unless you're not successful.

  44. I like how billioenres pretend like they are only adding automation to make their workers lives better but in reality they will automate the workers as soon as they can to boost profits

  45. Of course the people employed at fulfillment centers go back to work everyday. They've got to make rent, put food on the table & pay for utilities.
    Fulfillment center employees aren't going to work everyday to put their kids in a Ivy League university, or to add another wing to their ever-expanding luxurious mansion. That's the type of work you take when you're trying to dog paddle your family & yourself into a "safety zone".. a zone where a roof is over your head and the kids are fed.
    It blows my mind how many people don't get what it's like at the needier & overlooked end of the humanity spectrum. They think they've had it so fucking rough, but they don't know what it does to the spirit of a person, being broke & broken.

  46. Amazon has the best customer service, so I thought, they must be a great company to work for. Typically, that is true, happy workers treat customers well, and it's a perfect cycle. I've researched it because I thought I might like working there, but I've been told repeatedly that the way they treat workers is the opposite of how they treat customers. It's really too bad, because as a customer, I love everything about them. I used to say that when Amazon creates it's first city, all services provided by Amazon, internet, public transport, filling grocery orders and delivering orders, etc, I'd say, sign me up! I'd live there. I've been an Audible member for 21 years, I've had Prime since it was introduced, so I hate to hear that people working there aren't happy, and aren't treated well.

  47. What a huge multinational corporation whose founder is a multibillionaire treats workers like crap?
    Such a unique story…

  48. Never forget that Amazon is owned and operated buy all the players that play on numbers allow. Also, PBS is owned by these monsters.

  49. I'm sorry, but when I hear the narrator's voice I still can't help thinking of Dave Chapelle's Frontline sketch with the black white supremacist lmao

  50. In 2004 I worked at Publix Warehouse as a Selector. They had me racing against a computer. At that time, top pay as a Selector was about $18.75. In 3 months I was done, burnt out. Amazon is just following in there footsteps… It was back breaking work.

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